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How to pass an interview at Svyaznoy: tips
How to pass an interview at Svyaznoy: tips

Many young people, especially students and university graduates, want to start their career by working in well-known retail chains. Some of them, in this regard, are actively interested in how to pass an interview at Svyaznoy.

What attracts this place of work?

This network selling cell phones and other electronics is one of the largest in Russia and has been operating on the market for many years. Accordingly, potential job seekers are attracted primarily by stability and confidence that they will not become victims of fraudulent employers.

How to pass a job interview

Naturally, most of them understand what "Connected" means financially. The salary in such places, especially for beginners, will not be too high. But even this does not stop young men and women from becoming part of a large company. Moreover, most of them had previously been her clients and were satisfied with the service.

Where to start?

So, how can you get a job at Svyaznoy? Go to the nearest cell phone store and contact the seniortell the manager that you want to be interviewed. After that, you should be provided with a questionnaire to fill out, where you should specify data such as:

  • first and last name;
  • phone;
  • your address.
liaison salesman

The manager will also give you a phone number to call. You will be invited to an interview and will be given a date and time for the interview. Anyone who has expressed such a desire can get on it.

Training center visit and introductions

As already mentioned, over the phone, the company's HR manager sets the date, time and place for the interview. As a rule, it is held in training centers, on the facades of which there is a sign with the inscription "Svyaznoy". Work in the company is provided only after a long interview. According to feedback, a large number of people gather in the audience for the first meeting.

How does a communication interview work?

Before the event, employees play videos about the company to guests. Then the lecturer comes and talks about what the meeting will consist of. The interview at Svyaznoy is preceded by a story about existing vacancies in the company and a film screening. Then the applicants will be given test questionnaires, and after that, each of them will have to tell about himself in a motivational form.

What is reported at the meeting

When looking for a job, a lot of people are interested in how the interview goes at Svyaznoy. Reviews on the Internet are often very frightening, but a number of those whoattended an introductory meeting, they note that there is nothing wrong there.

The story includes information about the following items:

  • duties of an employee;
  • work schedule;
  • wage level;
  • how is the process of "infusion" into the team.
Connected work

Of course, the duties of an employee depend on his position. What should the seller do? Svyaznoy provides the following list of tasks for him:

  • consulting shop visitors;
  • signing of contracts;
  • cash work;
  • cash and bank transfer;
  • inventory;
  • providing additional services to customers (setting up a phone or tablet, sticking a protective film on the screen of a gadget);
  • offering insurance and lending services;
  • window dressing and more.
  • participation in the design of shop windows and so on.

The list is quite long, it is worth noting that the direct sale takes about 10 percent of the total work.

How long is the event

Many people, answering the question about how the interview goes at Svyaznoy, note that it lasts a very long time - about five hours. The manager of the company, as a rule, warns about this immediately. Although there are reviews noting that this is not the case at all, and the speaker kept within about 60 minutes or less.

Communication interview reviews

Reviews of secret applicants indicate thatinformation about the lengthy interview is provided upon arrival. Moreover, the manager assures those present that they should have been notified of this by phone.

Naturally, not everyone is ready to spend such a long time on an interview, many leave. If you want to know how to pass an interview at Svyaznoy, then be patient. This is the key to your future success.

However, based on feedback, the data outlined could have been provided much faster.

Video presentation

How is the interview going at Svyaznoy? It all starts with the joint viewing of a video presenting the company. It deals with staff training, corporate culture, career opportunities and employee motivation.

After watching, the employee answers questions about the content of the film. He also asks what position each applicant is looking for.

Working conditions

The speaker talks about the benefits of working in this company, the requirements for future employees, training and internship time.

He says that the training lasts a little over a week and is not paid from either side. You will have to go full-time to the sales salon every day, but you will not have to receive a salary for this.

It is very important to consider not only how to pass an interview at Svyaznoy, but also successfully pass the training period. When it is over, the person goes on an internship. For two weeks, excluding weekends, you will need to visit the office for 10 hours a day. In the future, the work schedule will remain the same.

Messenger salary

As for free time, the recruiter says that during the day a person has the right to rest, which includes:

  • 40-minute lunch break;
  • 8 "smoke breaks" lasting 10 minutes.

Possible earnings

What else does an interview at Svyaznoy imply? Feedback suggests that it also includes a conversation about a financial issue. The sales manager receives a fixed salary, it is not too high.

But an additional bonus can be obtained thanks to the following:

  • successful collective sales in a single salon;
  • high turnover;
  • quality of service;
  • technical knowledge base;
  • interior decoration and more.

It should also be noted that there are no cleaners at the points. All the work of this plan is carried out by the manager himself. How clean the salon is depends on whether he gets a bonus or is fined.

How to behave in a communication interview

Know how to pass an interview at Svyaznoy: you need to be a team player, and the manager must see this quality in the applicant. The bonus is shared by everyone, liability in the absence of identifying the culprit of the situation is also collective.

Regardless of how much a manager earns per month, including all bonuses, all funds received are taxable.


How to get an interview at Svyaznoy? After the applicant has listened to allinformation, he is invited to fill out a questionnaire and take a test.

The sheet to fill out was more like a security check. Also remember that previous work experience and the merits of a person are of no interest to anyone here. There is an emphasis on the fact that you will be taught everything anew. If you want to know how to pass an interview at Svyaznoy, then you need to be prepared for anything.

The provided test is very interesting. It presents more than 10 situations that can occur at the point in the course of work. Opposite each situation there are several answers, you must choose the most optimal for yourself.Papers after filling are handed over to the reception.

Business games

The next stage of the interview is special games. A little less than an hour passes between filling out the paperwork and their start. In their feedback, applicants note that such gaps are an indicator of disrespect for the applicant's time.

During the break, you are invited to familiarize yourself with the list of documents that you will need to bring if the candidacy is approved.How is the interview going at Svyaznoy at this stage? Those present are offered to divide into two groups and pay off for the “first” and “second”.

There are a number of situations that need to be collectively discussed and a decision made that would suit everyone. Many people ask how to pass an interview at Svyaznoy. So: you need to be active, proactive and communicative, not stay away from the discussion.

The situations are as follows: the manager incorrectly replenished the number (not the client's phone, but another), the person asksdescribe the characteristics of the device, and many others.

Then the recruiters offer to switch places. New people should appear in each group, then a new task is proposed for discussion. Some of the situations proposed for discussion do not relate to communication with customers, but to corporate culture. For example, making decisions regarding the allocation of a day off to a particular employee or the issue of dismissal due to poor performance of their duties and impartial behavior. In addition, the distribution of lunch breaks is relevant. After all, if you do not learn this in advance, then there may be problems in communicating with employees in the future, which will provoke poor-quality work of the staff at the point of sale.

Last step

When the business games are over, job seekers are left alone again and asked to wait a bit until a leader is released who can influence whether they work for the company or not. You have to wait about half an hour.

How to behave at an interview in Svyaznoy? This stage is the most difficult, because we are talking about individual communication. Employees offer to queue for a personal conversation with management.Approximately five minutes per applicant. Each of them, leaving the office, tells the others that there is nothing wrong with the interview, and there are no difficulties in communication.

A person who was interviewed for the Mystery Job Seeker says the following questions are asked in person:

  • person's first and last name, list search;
  • why chose this particular company;
  • how much time is planned to spend on the road;
  • what a person chooses - the nearest or profitable point, if he has such a choice;
  • salary expectations.

Some questions have a somewhat provocative continuation. For example, when a person voices his wishes regarding wages, he is asked if he will agree to work further if he is paid half as much.

At the end of the conversation, the head of the recruiting department reports that they will call back with the decision in the evening on the same day, regardless of whether the answer is positive or negative.

They call late - at about 21 o'clock. What could be the reasons for the refusal, the secret applicant does not say, because he does not have this information. In his case, he received an offer to start unpaid training from the next day.

Negative sides of the interview

Despite the abundance of jobs of this kind in chain stores and food outlets, there are a huge number of people, including students with no experience, who want to work in this particular cell phone store. How to pass an interview at Svyaznoy is a topic that is quite relevant for them.

It left both a positive and a negative impression for the secret applicant. According to him, the description of the vacancy is set out very specifically and does not contain anything that could somehow humiliate some category of the population or someone's rights. The social package, availability of motivational programs, work schedule and much more are indicated.

But inamong the unpleasant experiences - the fact that applicants are forced to wait for recruiters for a long time; the presence of provocative questions at the interview.

Incorrect work of employees in terms of informing about the time of the interview is also noted. A case is described when a person (a secret job seeker) signed up for an interview for the vacancy of a sales manager. He was given a date and time. He came, waited a long time, watched a film about working at Svyaznoy. But after watching it, it turned out that this interview was intended for applicants for another position.

He was told that he came at the wrong time and offered to reschedule for another date. At the same time, the person lost about an hour and a half of time, but none of the employees took responsibility for incorrectly provided data. As a result, he had to watch a video about the company and listen to a lecture about the benefits of working in the second round.Perhaps students in need of a job are ready for this, as well as waiting for five hours. But many adults with experience are unlikely to agree to this and consider such an attitude disrespectful.

Secret Applicant Independent Opinion

In this role, many bloggers or journalists were interviewed in Svyaznoy, who then were able to evaluate all the opportunities provided by the company to future employees.

The location of the office where the interview takes place is not always convenient for the applicant. If it is far from the metro, then this may cause a delay, for example, due to traffic jams.

Waiting for an interview -obvious downside. Most of the time, applicants just sit and wait for the next stage of the meeting. Many can't stand it and leave. Based on this, we can conclude that the representatives of the company are not too interested in the selection of specialists. Although, most likely, they are counting on a large number of stakeholders in this work. This practice is widespread in many chain stores and establishments.

It is noted that the requirements for future employees are quite adequate. The social package offered by him is also highly appreciated. It includes the following:

  • VHI in 6 months;
  • significant holiday discounts for employees' children;
  • corporate holidays and events;
  • sports.

Getting a job in the Svyaznoy network is not so difficult. Work experience and age are not so important. The main thing is to want to earn money and be able to be a team player. This can be a great start for a future successful career and teach many nuances of corporate culture in the future.

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