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LCD "Nevsky": reviews, description, layout, pros and cons

LCD "Nevsky": reviews, description, layout, pros and cons
LCD "Nevsky": reviews, description, layout, pros and cons

Think about what each of us needs to be happy. In this case, we are not talking about simple spiritual values. Agree, it is difficult to enjoy every day, look into the future with enthusiasm, without having your own corner. The housing issue has always been a problem for the inhabitants of our country, but at present it is particularly acute for the majority. The market economy excludes the possibility of receiving square meters as a reward for many years of work in favor of the state, respectively, you will have to earn money for your apartment on your own.

If we talk about the real estate market of the capital, there are really a lot of offers here, all districts of Moscow and the region are being built up. Modern residential complexes are distinguished by thoughtful layouts, excellent location, but the apartments in them are godlessly expensive. That is why Muscovites are so exacting and attentive to the choice of the complex, considering all options without exception. This time, a rather interesting project came into our field of vision - the residential complex "Nevsky". Reviews about him are ambiguous, contradictory, so dothe review gets even more interesting.

About the project

LCD "Nevsky" (Moscow) - a unique comfort-class project in the north-west of the capital. Connoisseurs of modern architecture will definitely appreciate the concept that the developer took as a basis: the buildings are finished in the best traditions of the marine style. White walls made of durable and spectacular porcelain stoneware are harmoniously combined with stained-glass windows of slightly curved walls, creating the illusion of a sailboat rushing through the waves. At one glance at the complex, there is a feeling of proximity to the sea, the sun: you really want to stay here for a long time.

lcd nevsky reviews

The project provides for the construction of 8 multi-storey residential buildings on an area of ​​4.5 hectares. For construction, a brick-monolithic technology was chosen, which guarantees strength, reliability and external aesthetics at the same time. The commissioning of the facility is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2019, thousands of qualified specialists will work on it.


Photos of the residential complex "Nevsky" clearly demonstrate the magnificence of the project, its exclusivity. But for the objectivity of the review, I would like to say a few words about the technologies that formed the basis of construction, increasing the level of comfort for each resident. High-speed low-noise elevators will be installed in each building, as well as a single air conditioning system. The territory of the complex will be fenced, equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system, and entry and exit to it will be carried out using an electronic pass system. All communications and equipment will bework in automatic mode, being under the control of the dispatcher.

In the decoration it is planned to use modern materials and technologies that provide external aesthetics and durability of the coating at the same time.


When choosing a new building for yourself and your family, be sure to pay attention to the company that leads the project, because it depends on its reputation whether your expectations will be justified. So, the developer of the residential complex "Nevsky" is the concern "KROST". This construction company is known to all Muscovites, it has hundreds of successfully implemented projects. Attention to detail, the use of advanced technologies and innovations is what is characteristic of the complexes from this developer. Reviews confirm that at the moment this is one of the largest companies in the capital, which you can really trust.

residential complex nevsky developer


The success of construction largely depends not only on technology, concept, but also on the chosen location. What interesting things can offer residential complex "Nevsky"? The reviews emphasize how successful the location of the project is: it is being built within walking distance from the Vodny Stadion metro station, just 600 meters from Leningradskoye Highway. You will be pleasantly surprised by the internal, already formed infrastructure of the area, represented by commercial and sports grounds, social facilities and even the beach. Thus, living on the territory of Moscow, everyone will receive the delights of country life. In general, the Voikovsky district is the dream of many, it is literally immersed in greeneryparks, squares, it is quite quiet and calm here, while, if necessary, you can get to any point of the capital in the shortest possible time.

lcd nevsky progress of construction

SZAO was chosen for construction not by chance: at present, there are quite large, even huge areas are empty. And all because in the Soviet years there was a huge industrial zone with enterprises and factories. Today, due to modern materials, unique technologies, it is possible to make this territory habitable. Yes, and attracts the accessibility of the area, its proximity to the central part of the city and the simultaneous remoteness from it. If you had the opportunity to live in the Voikovsky district, you visit here, you probably managed to appreciate all its advantages. And now you can buy your dream apartment here.


Reviews about the residential complex "Nevsky" could not but touch on the topic of ecology, which is so relevant for all new buildings in the capital. Many are frightened by the proximity to industrial enterprises, city dumps, the concentration of which in the North-West Administrative District is over the top, but all the measurements and studies carried out did not reveal any deviations from the norm. Residents of the areas adjacent to the construction site indicate the absence of industrial enterprises, respectively, of harmful emissions, extraneous odors. In addition, the complex is surrounded by parks, squares, the developer has provided for the improvement and landscaping of the surrounding area, so fresh air is guaranteed to every resident.

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Transport accessibility

If yourthe family does not have a personal car, you get to all points of the capital by public transport, the issue of its availability rises to a rather significant place. What can boast LCD "Nevsky"? Feedback from residents and those who personally managed to visit the object, focus on the good location. Indeed, the nearest metro station is only 10 minutes at a calm pace. In close proximity to the new building lies one of the main highways of the capital - Leningradskoe shosse, which guarantees an abundance of land transport routes: minibuses, buses and even trams. Not all residents of the capital can boast of such a variety of options for moving.


If you want to buy an apartment in an area with existing infrastructure, definitely take a closer look at the Nevsky residential complex. Reviews confirm that social facilities are within walking distance from the complex: kindergartens, schools and even the best universities in the country. Medical services can be obtained at the district polyclinic of a fairly high level.

The developer has made every effort to increase the level of comfort for residents by thinking through the project's own infrastructure. The first floors of all eight buildings will be reserved for restaurants, shops, bank branches, and service organizations. A fairly large shopping and entertainment complex will appear on the territory of the complex, where you can spend the weekend in the company of friends and relatives.

Of course, every potential buyer of an apartment in the residential complex "Nevsky" is interested in the question of the availability of parkingplaces. So, the construction company managed to provide for this feature: it offered an underground parking for 288 cars, which should fully satisfy the existing need.

Apartments, layouts

lcd nevsky layout

Modern residential complexes impress with their scope and attention to detail: finally, during the design, great attention is paid to layouts. Agree, some time ago, most of us lived in standard apartments, small and completely uncomfortable. Today, everyone can buy a dream apartment, where every square meter of space can be used and organized.

The layouts of the residential complex "Nevsky" are represented by a sufficient variety of options. Here you will find a small cozy studio and a spacious four-room apartment for a large friendly family. Especially popular are the so-called European layouts, which combine the kitchen and living areas into a single space. Spacious bathrooms are impressive, as are walk-in closets to store your belongings and household utensils.

residential complex nevsky reviews of residents

Customer opinions

The progress of the construction of the residential complex "Nevsky" is a rather relevant topic, because everyone wants to move into their new apartment right on time, without the slightest delay. So, the developer not only regularly informs its residents about all stages of work, but also offers the opportunity to personally visit the facility and evaluate the efficiency and quality of the materials used. If you believe the reviews, the work is going onsmoothly, consistently, do not cause any complaints and claims.

residential complex nevsky moscow

Architecture is the feature of the project, its main distinguishing feature, feature. The appearance of the cases is really breathtaking, I want to consider every little thing, every element, as the reviews testify. You can be sure: you will not find anything like it in all of Moscow. The buyers also attributed the picturesque surroundings of the territory to the advantages of the project. From the windows of the apartments of the residential complex "Nevsky" there is a stunning view of the Khimki reservoir and numerous parks of the area. There is a complete feeling that you live in the middle of the forest, surrounded by juicy, fresh greenery.

Terms of Purchase

At the moment, construction is in full swing, so there is still an opportunity to purchase the long-awaited square meters with significant savings. The developer cooperates with the largest banks, so that a mortgage can be issued on the most favorable terms. Moreover, only now you can make a purchase in installments, excluding overpayments. If you are still in doubt, be sure to visit the property in order to personally evaluate it and make sure of the set of clear advantages.

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