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What is ePacket delivery? ePacket Parcel Tracking

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What is ePacket delivery? ePacket Parcel Tracking
What is ePacket delivery? ePacket Parcel Tracking

EPacket delivery, which is known to regular buyers of Aliexpress and eBay, is requested when ordering in Chinese online stores. It is a convenient and well-known mail service that you can definitely rely on when shopping online in China.

What is ePacket

Already accustomed to various other means of receiving packages, online shoppers sometimes wonder what some stores and resellers offer for ePacket delivery.

What is epacket shipping

The ePacket delivery service was created jointly by private Chinese Internet giants and the state postal service to transport small packages with low value, its main purpose was determined precisely for international online purchases.

Sizes of parcels sent by this service are limited. Length cannot exceed 60 cm and weight 2 kg. However, the assessed value must not exceed $400.

"Aliexpress" and "Ibei"

Online platforms for the sale of goods "Aliexpress" and "Ibey" concludedan agreement with the Russian Post on sending parcels via an electronic package. This gives an undeniable advantage over other types of delivery, since now the waiting time for a package has been reduced from two weeks to several days.

Reducing the delivery time of ePacket was achieved thanks to special marks of priority delivery. Now they are processed in the first place in the places of international mail exchange.

The main pleasant surprise in cooperation was the connection of "Aliexpress" to the postal service. Previously, only Ibey worked with the delivery service. Fans of the famous Chinese online giant in the world of shopping have positively assessed the innovations that have taken place. Many sellers from his site offer buyers to arrange delivery by this service for free.

History of Creation

Initially, the e-packet delivery service was tested in America, and after their successful experience, other countries decided to start joining. So, Russia and Ukraine are already participating in this program.

When creating the service, there were doubts about the demand for the service on the territory of Russia, because the priority use implies an increase in the cost of delivery. Russian Post tariffs are already considered too high, and the addition of a priority commission to the standard cost can remove the service from budget buyers.

epacket delivery service

Nevertheless, many people use the ePacket service. Today it is a popular type of delivery for goods ordered inonline stores in China. The adoption of a successful American experience with the service turned out to be successful and working in Russia.

Package tracking

EPacket delivery from China to Russia is always tracked by the delivery track number, for which many people fell in love with ePacket. This service is assigned the Latin letter L at the beginning of the tracker. For example, a track number might look like this:

LMRU, where instead of asterisks there will be an individual number from numbers.

You can track the parcel already from its registration on the sender's mail. You need to do this through the Russian Post. This way you can also identify an unscrupulous seller, if the parcel is not tracked, then the seller most likely did not send it. In this case, you should open a dispute and return the funds.

Delivery time

If earlier parcels by Chinese mail arrived in 2-3 months, now, thanks to the new service, delivery can be reduced to a few days. At the same time, it is recommended to plan a wait of 14 to 23 days, although the electronic package is considered a priority in sorting.

epacket delivery from China to Russia

Two to three weeks is the recommended average waiting time for a package. However, many recipients report faster turnaround times, up to 4 days. Users of the service are satisfied with the time savings.

Shipping cost

ePacket shipping costs vary by package weight. A package of 100 grams will cost 25 yuan, a package of 200 grams will cost 35 yuan, a half-kilogram package will cost 65 yuan. The maximum possible weight of the shipment, 1.99 kg will cost 210yuan.

epacket delivery time

The price is higher than the regular state mail, but not by much. At the same time, priority delivery speed becomes available to the recipient.

Sellers often already include in the price of the parcel the postage for delivery by the ePacket service, for which a separate line is allocated by China and Russia Post.


The ePacket delivery service has an agreement with the state postal service, separates its parcels into separate directions and gives them priority marking. Each package is assigned its own track number, which allows you to discard dishonest sellers at the initial stage.

epacket shipping reviews

The ePacket service is a reliable logistics project created by the association of the largest companies and postal organizations. With tracking capability and fast service, it has become one of the leaders in shipping parcels from China to all over the world. The service is used by more than 30 countries, and work is constantly underway to create new partnerships with other countries. It is used in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Hungary and most of the rest of Europe.

ePacket delivery reviews

Regular buyers of online goods report positive dynamics of the service. If a few years ago, users often asked what kind of ePacket delivery is offered by the seller, now they choose it themselves.

On the net there are both good and bad reviews on the work of the service, but negativereviews are mainly due to the poor performance of Chinese sellers sending an invalid tracking number or intentionally or even accidentally forgetting to send the package.

In general, delivery inspires confidence. In the absence of holidays in China and Russia, packages arrive at the recipient's post office in just a week. Compared to delivery by regular mail without priority, e-packet certainly wins. Previously, buyers had to wait a month or two for the package to reach its destination. Service packages are quickly sorted at international exchange points and can be in the hands of the recipient in a few days.

epacket shipping cost

According to reviews from the US and Europe, small packages almost always arrive a few days after the seller sends the order. Christmas holidays are no exception, before the new year you can safely order gifts for family and friends with ePacket.

How to use e-packet delivery

To use ePacket, online shopping sites simply select ePacket as the shipping method when adding an item to your shopping cart. The price for the service will be included in the price of the goods or paid separately, depending on the seller.

Next, the seller registers the shipment by ePacket service, he is given a special track number for tracking, which is already transmitted directly to the buyer. On Internet sites, the track number is attached to each product separately.


Using an electronic package is definitely worth it, today it is the best service for delivering goods from China in terms of price-quality ratio. Fast and reliable, ePacket won't let you down.

Of course, you should always remember about force majeure, it is better to make purchases a little in advance. And it must be remembered that the seller himself may also not be the most pious person in the world, so if the ePacket-a track number (it starts with the Latin letter L) did not begin to be determined about ten days after the seller sent it, then it makes sense to open the dispute is already at this initial stage, since there is a huge chance that the purchase will no longer reach the final address.

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