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Job description of an electrical engineer, rights and obligations
Job description of an electrical engineer, rights and obligations

The most important provision of the job description of an electrical engineer is a clearly defined requirement for the qualifications of a future employee, and specifically the item that concerns the employee's safety team. A good specialist in his field is able to think flexibly and broadly, using a solid foundation of knowledge that was obtained at the institute. The main task in the job responsibilities of an electrical engineer is to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of serviced electrical equipment and devices, as well as strict adherence to labor protection rules during the operation of electrical installations.

Electrical engineer profession

electrical engineer job description

The profession of an energy engineer is based on a solid knowledge of a number of specialized sciences: mathematics, electrical engineering, physics, computer science and engineering. You can get trained as an electrician in specialized professional lyceums and colleges. An electrical engineer diploma can be obtained at many universities in Russia. In addition, as you know, scientific and technological progress is constantlyimproves equipment, technology, so it will not be superfluous for a specialist to attend specialized courses. It is important to be able to be creative in solving critical problems and think lightning fast in difficult situations.

In the work of a power engineer, unexpected problems can arise that require immediate decision-making. Therefore, when considering a resume of an electrical engineer, the employer prefers highly qualified and experienced specialists who are well versed in all electrical equipment of the station, installation of equipment, rules for its operation, as well as safety.

General provisions in the power engineer's manual

labor protection rules for the operation of electrical installations

An electrical engineer can design power supply systems or construct electrical machines and apparatus, as well as individual parts of industrial installations. This profession is in demand to a greater extent in construction. The specialist must be able to competently develop a project for the energy supply of structures and buildings, as well as further manage the implementation of his project and maintain current documentation. The work of an electrical engineer is necessary in the services for the operation of structures and buildings. In these services, a specialist must monitor the operation of power supply systems, carry out corrective work and be responsible for preventing accidents and necessary repairs.

Electrical engineer education can be professional engineering and the required work experience is at least 3 years.

Necessary requirements for an engineer-energy

installation of electrical equipment

The job description of an electrical engineer usually includes the following duties:

  • Study of resolutions, orders, instructions, regulatory and methodological materials for the operation of power equipment.
  • Energy management.
  • Studying the prospects for the technical development of the company.
  • To study the technical characteristics, design features, operating modes and rules for the operation of power equipment.
  • Perform scheduled preventive maintenance and rational operation of equipment.
  • Select the best methods of installation, adjustment, adjustment of power equipment.
  • Install electrical equipment.
  • Competently and timely draw up applications for energy resources, materials, equipment, tools, spare parts.
  • Observe the rules for returning defective equipment for repair.
  • Know the basic elements of an organization's production technology.
  • Organization of labor not only during operation, but also modernization and repair of power equipment.
  • Welcome domestic and foreign experience in the correct operation of power equipment.
  • Be aware of electricity tariffs.
  • Clearly know and follow the rules of the internal labor order.
  • To have the basics of organizing work in an enterprise, economics.
  • Study the basics of labor law.

In the absence of an electrical engineerthe job description is executed by a person appointed in the manner prescribed by the employer. He acquires all his duties and rights, and is also responsible for his activities.

Energy Engineer - job responsibilities

duties electrical engineer

Responsibilities of an Electrical Engineer:

  1. Should ensure competent work, as well as modernization and timely repairs of power equipment, electrical networks, gas pipelines and air pipelines.
  2. Determine the amount of fuel and energy resources necessary for production activities. Develop justifications for technical modernization, reconstruction and development of energy facilities.
  3. Make requests for the purchase of the necessary equipment, spare parts, materials. Perform calculations that are designed to carry out a set of measures to save resources. Study the organization's needs for thermal and electrical resources.
  4. Make schedules to reduce energy loads that occur during peak hours on power systems and monitor the implementation of these schedules.
  5. To take part in the acceptance, testing of power plants and networks, installation of electrical equipment. Consider the causes of accidents in power equipment and develop measures to avoid such situations, create safe working conditions.
  6. Organizes testing and verification of relay protection.
  7. Performs technical supervision, as well as control over electrical, control and measuringand heat engineering devices that are used in the organization.
  8. Control and supervise compliance with the instructions for the operation of electrical equipment.
  9. Prepare and draw up the necessary documentation for concluding contracts with various organizations.
  10. Ensures compliance with all norms and rules for labor protection during the operation of electrical installations and networks.
  11. Prepares all types of reporting according to approved indicators and forms.
  12. Perform official assignments of the immediate superior.

Power engineer: rights

electrical engineer job

The job description of an electrical engineer usually prescribes the following rights:

  1. Familiarization with projects about the decisions of the management of the organization that relate to its activities.
  2. Explain and submit to the management of the organization their proposals for improving work.
  3. Identify and inform your immediate supervisor about all identified shortcomings in the activities of the organization that have arisen in the course of the performance of official duties, as well as develop and introduce solutions to eliminate them.
  4. Independently request documents and information that are necessary for the performance of official duties.
  5. Independently involve specialists in solving the tasks assigned to them.
  6. Demand from the authorities to assist him in the performance of his official rights and duties.

What is the engineer responsible for-electrician?

The power engineer must have a technical mindset, have well-developed fine motor skills, have attentiveness, excellent vision, responsibility.

The job description of an electrical engineer usually prescribes responsibility for:

  • Failure, negligent performance of direct work duties.
  • Partial or complete non-compliance with existing orders, instructions and orders of the organization's management.
  • Violation or failure to comply with the internal regulations of the organization, non-compliance with labor discipline.
  • Failure to comply with safety regulations.
  • Causing material damage to the enterprise.
  • Offenses arising in the course of work.

If desired, the employer may expand the list of employee responsibilities within the limits defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


electrical engineer resume

Electrical engineer is currently in demand and properly paid job. Specialists of this kind are required in any construction company, in the areas of housing and communal services, in various organizations and enterprises, and, finally, in any locality there is an organization that is responsible for urban or rural electricity. Where there is electricity, you need an electrician. The salary of a specialist of this kind of work averages 25-70 thousand rubles, depending on his category, work experience and organization.

Prospects for the profession

Prospects for the future of this professionquite stable. This is due to the fact that the amount of electrical energy consumed by mankind is growing every year. This will be the case until people switch to another type of energy, which is very unlikely in the coming decades. From this follows the conclusion that electricians will not have less work for a long time to come.

Features of the profession of an energy engineer

electrical engineer education

Assume that the power engineer on duty is on shift at the station control panel. He controls the mode of operation of electrical equipment, orders, if necessary, to stop equipment or operational switches in the circuit, etc. At this moment, information comes that an important and most complex device has failed, for example, a high-voltage switch. In this case, a professional in his field will make sure that this breakdown does not disrupt the normal operation of the station as a whole. The duty engineer needs to quickly make the only right decision. It will make the necessary switches that will localize the accident.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

In order to cope with such complex tasks, a power engineer must perfectly know how the electrical circuit of an object works, and also be able to imagine the possible consequences that may result from his incompetent actions.

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