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RC "Rumyantsevo-Park": location, description, developer

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RC "Rumyantsevo-Park": location, description, developer
RC "Rumyantsevo-Park": location, description, developer

Moscow is a huge metropolis. But even he is not able to accommodate everyone who wants to live in it, who come here to work and permanent residence from all over Russia. In 2012, the territory of the capital was officially expanded by joining the Moscow region to its western part. New Moscow included the city of Moskovsky and the village of Rumyantsevo, where the construction of the Rumyantsevo-Park residential complex is currently underway.

Location of the residential complex

A little more than two kilometers separate the residential complex under construction from the Moscow Ring Road. In a few minutes by private car along the Kievskoe highway, you can reach the village of Rumyantsevo, where the construction of the Rumyantsevo-Park residential complex is launched on Rodnikova Street.

And those future residents who are used to getting to their homes by public transport will be able to use the Rumyantsevo and Salaryevo metro stations, located at a distance of just over a kilometer from the complex. This location makes the residential complex very promising for living, combining the possibility of living in the open air, comfortabletransport accessibility and urban living conditions.

Residential complex Rumyantsevo Park project


After the completion of construction, the Rumyantsevo-Park residential complex will consist of three multi-section residential buildings with a total area of ​​386,000 square meters. The project provides for up to 21 sections in each house. The number of storeys of houses will also be different: from 13 to 22 floors. In the residential complex, 4246 apartments will be put up for sale, in which approximately five and a half thousand residents will be able to move in.

residential complex layout

Since the construction of buildings is carried out in several stages, the first of them is being prepared for delivery in the second quarter of 2020. There is a lot of time before the completion of construction, and sales of apartments have not yet begun. On the official website of the developer, there is no information about the planned completion date for the construction of the entire facility. They will be provided later.


Thanks to such a good location of the land allocated for the development of the Rumyantsevo-Park residential complex, its residents will not experience inconvenience due to the lack of necessary infrastructure. So, within walking distance from the complex is the Solntsevo district of the capital, where there are schools, kindergartens, hospitals, clinics and other social infrastructure facilities. In the village of Rumyantsevo itself, shopping centers, shops, cafes are abundant.

Residential complex Rumyantsevo Park upon completion

As for the internal infrastructure of the complex, for residents who own personal vehicles, aunderground parking for 1748 cars. In addition, 597 guests or residents of the complex will be able to park their cars in surface parking lots.

Children's playgrounds and sports grounds will be built for children. Adults will be able to walk and relax in specially designated and equipped areas. The first floors of residential buildings are allocated for non-residential premises and the placement of infrastructure facilities in them later.

The developer of the residential complex "Rumyantsevo-Park" also provided in his project a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. They will be able to freely enter the entrance groups located at ground level.

The progress of the construction of residential complex Rumyantsevo Park


The developer of the Rumyantsevo-Park residential complex is Lexion Development. This is an organization that not only develops construction projects, but also implements them, subsequently managing ready-made facilities. Being engaged in the implementation of large-scale projects in the capital and its region, the company sets itself the goal of timeliness and quality of work. The efforts of highly qualified specialists working in the company are aimed at fulfilling these tasks.

For the period 2011-2016 the organization built the Nekrasovka-Park microdistrict for 25 residential buildings, located in the south-east of Moscow. And in 2017, a new project was launched - the residential complex "Rumyantsevo-Park", the layout of which will be presented by a non-standard architectural solution. This makes the project a business-class complex.

Described residential complex is ideal for those who are tiredfrom the hustle and bustle of the city, who wants to live in the fresh air and at the same time not experience any inconvenience, being cut off from the big world. Perfectly developed infrastructure, excellent transport accessibility, good location - all this makes the project promising for future residents of the complex.

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