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How to make money on deposits: ways and tips for beginners
How to make money on deposits: ways and tips for beginners

From our favorite American series, we know that you can live well without working, receiving only interest on deposits. Many people who have free, so-called extra money, do not want to immediately part with them. After all, you really want to invest these funds so that they subsequently bring income … The simplest and most reliable way of such investments are deposits. However, not everyone can live on the interest offered by banks.

people flirting with question marks
people flirting with question marks

Is it possible to earn on deposits so that they bring a significant and stable income? This question is asked by many new investors. In order to find the best option for yourself, you will need to study in detail all the possible ways to receive money from deposits.

Interest on bank accounts

It often happens thatwhen people dream of quitting an unloved and boring job that does not allow them to escape from the daily routine. At the same time, they dream of living on the interest received from a bank deposit. How possible is that?

coins are in jars
coins are in jars

How to make money on bank deposits? First of all, for this you need to have an impressive amount of money on hand. Otherwise, the constant inflation will devalue all savings, and interest to boot. Is the life of a rentier, that is, a person who lives on the income from his investments in a financial institution, so carefree?

Bank deposits are the simplest method of investment. At the same time, a person practically does not participate in the process of increasing his capital. Financial institutions themselves manage the received finances in order to increase them.

How do banks make money on deposits? As long as the money received from the public is in their deposit accounts, these organizations use various methods to generate income. Among them:

  1. Lending. How can banks make money with it? Initially, funds are raised from the population with a small percentage offer. Further, the same money is issued as loans to those who need it. The percentage is already set higher. And the difference is quite noticeable. That is why the deposits of the population are so beneficial for banks. If the term of the contract is long, then the financial institution manages to use the capital of its client several times.
  2. Money transfers. One of the functionsbank is to receive and issue money through various systems. These are, for example, Western Union, Hummingbird and others. When transferring from the sender, and sometimes from the recipient, a commission is taken, which is a certain percentage of the transferred amount. If the bank is popular and large, then within a certain period the profit can become quite significant.
  3. Various services. Banks carry out currency conversion, interbank transfers, etc. All of these services come with a fee. Their total amount allows you to get a solid income.
  4. Exits to trading floors where shares are sold and purchased. The bank also charges a fee for the purchase of these securities.
  5. Cards. Not all of them are free. In the vast majority, a certain cost is charged for the maintenance of cards with which users receive money and make payments. It serves as income for the financial institution.

Thus, banks are able to make money using many directions.

men connect two gears
men connect two gears

However, before they can do this, they need to raise money for their deposits. For both parties, they are beneficial. However, when deciding how to make money on deposits in banks, you should be careful. After all, sometimes there are various seductive and tempting offers coming from unscrupulous financial institutions. In this case, there is a high risk of losing savings along with interest.

Return on deposits

How to make money on Sberbank deposits? To do this, first of all, it is necessary to understand their varieties. For individuals in banks, there are both regular and multi-currency deposits. Moreover, they are available both in rubles and in foreign currency. When setting the percentage on deposits, all financial institutions are guided by the information of the Central Bank of Russia, which reviews the size of the key rate on a quarterly basis. Its value is also taken into account by credit organizations.

How to make money on bank deposits? To do this, you need to look at the most advantageous offers. The higher the interest on the deposit, the greater the monthly income.

Amount to invest

How to make money on deposits in Sberbank? To obtain a tangible amount from such an investment project, approximately 3-4 million rubles will be needed. Only in this case it will be possible to become the owner of a good monthly income. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that you should not work constantly with the same bank.

man looking at charts
man looking at charts

The economic situation in the world and in the country is constantly changing. Financial structures put forward new proposals, or even announce their insolvency. How to earn money on deposits in banks in such conditions? To do this, you will need to constantly monitor interest rates and be sensitive to their changes.

Income from deposits

How to make money on deposits in the Savings Bank? Before putting your money into the account, you should soberly assess the situation, deciding which investment moments will be the mostimportant to you. To do this, follow:

  • determine the amount to be allocated for investment;
  • choose the most optimal period during which the money will be used by the bank.

In this case, you will need to decide on:

  • will interest be charged every month;
  • is it necessary to capitalize the deposit;
  • whether to consider a deposit option with the possibility of replenishment or partial withdrawal.

Terms of deposits

It is beneficial for banks to attract customer funds for the longest possible time. And this rule remains even in times of economic crisis.

drawing with steps and money bags
drawing with steps and money bags

The most profitable offers for deposits can be found in the list of deposits, the average term of which is from 0.5 to 1 year, as well as 1-3 years. Demand deposits, which can be withdrawn at any time, have the lowest interest rates.

Accrual of dividends

The most important issue that should be considered by the investor concerns the amount of interest on investments, as well as the principle of their calculation. To date, banks use three approaches:

  1. Interest is accrued at the end of the term of the deposit at the time of termination of the contract. The amount of income is given to the investor simultaneously with the principal amount.
  2. Interest is calculated monthly and paid at the same frequency. This method is called simple.
  3. Interest is accrued at the end of each billing period andadded to the principal amount of the deposit. This option is difficult.


How can I earn on deposits? The capitalization of the money deposited into the account allows you to quickly increase the amount of investments. With such an offer, interest on the deposit is added to the existing investments. In the future, income is already accrued for an increased amount. Each time, interest is accrued on more and more capital.

Possibility of replenishment

A deposit with such an offer should be considered by someone who wants to manage money at their own discretion. In this case, you can replenish the account or withdraw the necessary amounts from it. But at the same time, it should be borne in mind that under such a program, the annual interest will be significantly lower than for other deposits. This is due to the fact that financial institutions thus seek to reduce their risks in case the client wishes to receive significant funds from the deposit.

Remote account opening

How to make money on deposits? For this, it is worth considering the option of opening a deposit remotely. In this case, the investor does not need to personally come to the bank to draw up an agreement. You can apply online with just a few clicks. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that banks encourage the opening of deposits online and offer higher interest rates on them.

Reliability of a financial institution

When considering the question of how to make money on deposits, it is necessary to clarify some information about the bank to which the money is planned to be transferred. Every financial structure that workswith individuals or legal entities, is required to have a license from the Central Bank of Russia, allowing her to such activities. Such a document cannot be issued to a bank if it does not have an agreement with the DIA - a deposit insurance agency. All this removes the risks of investors from a possible loss of capital. Investments are insured up to 1.4 million rubles.

You shouldn't deposit your savings into the accounts of those structures that do not have a license from the Central Bank of Russia, even though they offer higher interest rates on deposits. Indeed, in this case, there is a high probability of losing all available finances.

Earn on loans

How to carry out such a financial transaction? It turns out that you can earn money with a bank credit card. Moreover, such operations are completely legal. The banks themselves are aware of them.

Money Tree
Money Tree

Financial institutions benefit if customers actively use cashless payments. In this case, trade organizations transfer to banks the commission percentage established by the agreement. Some of these funds also go to buyers in the form of cashback. That is why, having decided to get a credit card, you should clarify all the bonuses offered on it, as well as the amount of interest on the return money.

The scheme of earning money on a credit card is quite simple. At the same time, the user needs to know the amount of his monthly income and determine the amount of free money. Let's give an example of such earnings. The monthly income of a credit card user is 30 thousand rubles. For household needs, he needs 15 thousand rubles. The remaining amount should be put on deposit. In the interval before receiving a salary, you must use the limit on the card. It should be closed on the date set by the bank. By this time, the salary will be transferred to the card again, and the money on deposit will bring interest income.

A user who has not completely spent his limit funds can additionally replenish his open deposit account with them. Earnings for the year at the same time can result in a decent amount. But in order to receive additional money, you will need to pay off debts on the loan on time. Otherwise, the bank will issue a debt for delay.

Using the power of the Internet

Knowing how to make money on loans and deposits, let's consider other possibilities. To do this, you should turn to the Internet, on the pages of which there are many offers for quick and easy income generation by investing in various projects.

money near the computer
money near the computer

Unlike banks, the World Wide Web offers fairly high dividends. Sometimes their size reaches 400% per annum. However, it should be borne in mind that when implementing such a project, there are high risks of encountering scammers and being left without savings. And yet, how to make money on deposits on the Internet?

PAMM accounts

What is this way of earning? In this case, the user will need to open an account with a brokerage firm that specializes in trading on currency exchanges.

Deposits are used by the trader. He uses them asinvestments in any highly profitable projects. The income received is divided between the broker, the intermediary site and the client, based on a previously concluded agreement. A significant advantage of this direction is the absence of the need to trade on your own.

How to make money on deposits on the Internet, getting as large sums as possible? To do this, it is recommended to register simultaneously on different sites by opening several PAMM accounts. The return on investment in this case is fast. At the same time, the yield is quite high.

It should be borne in mind that not all traders can be considered conscientious participants in this market. There are also scammers among them. There is a chance that the broker will disappear, taking the investor's money with him. An honest trader can also “burn out” if he invests the amount provided to him in unprofitable projects. In this regard, such investments are considered unstable and risky.

Binary options

How to make money on deposits? You can use binary options for this. They are a tool with which attempts are made to determine the exchange rate of currencies, stocks, gold, indices of various funds, as well as other financial indicators.

If the trader makes the correct guess, he will receive up to 75 percent of the invested funds. If the attempts made to determine the course turn out to be incorrect, then the investment will be lost. The advantages of such deposits are that the investor knows in advance the degree of risk from his actions and how much he can lose. Exceptof this, the amount of the transaction can be declared any, even the smallest. Cons - high probability of losing savings.

Deposits in mutual funds

Many reputable banking structures have such tools. A mutual fund, or mutual fund, is a portfolio that holds clients' savings. Such deposits are placed by a credit institution in shares or assets for the purpose of making a profit. In this case, the investor is en titled to a predetermined percentage of income.

Earnings on mutual funds have their own advantages. Such instruments offer more favorable conditions than ruble deposits. However, there is a possibility that the investment will not bring profit, and therefore the investor will not have any income.

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