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Hackathon – what is it?

Hackathon – what is it?
Hackathon – what is it?

In today's world there are many new terms that are incomprehensible to people. What is a hackathon? This is an event that has become very common not only in other countries, but also in Russia. Therefore, you need to know how a hackathon is held, what it is, what is needed for it. There are also rules for the successful organization of this event.


The words "hacker" and "marathon" formed a new concept "hackathon". What it is? Today, this term does not refer to hacking, it is the so-called marathon of programmers.

hackathon what is it

The event involves the gathering of a team from various areas of software development. They are working on a task. Programmers, designers, managers can participate in the event. Hackathons last from 1 day to a week.


This event is important to create a complete software, but some of them are for educational and social purposes. It is customary to develop web services that will solve socially significant tasks.

Creates mobile apps, web apps, infographics too hackathon. What it is? Through this event, there will beready to run the first version of the application. With it, it will be possible to test the work of the idea. Events vary in focus and theme.

How are they doing?

First, there is a presentation that starts the hackathon. What does it give? This allows you to familiarize yourself with the event, as well as learn about the tasks. Then the participants propose ideas, and teams are formed based on interests and skills. Then work on projects follows.

what is a hackathon

Participants at such events reinforce their strength with ready-made food, such as pizza, energy drinks. At the end, a presentation of projects is shown. Teams also share the results of their activities. Often hackathons are held in the form of a competition. Then the jury evaluates the participants and determines the winners who are given prizes.

Why do we need events?

They are suitable for designers, programmers and other professionals who are ready to get together to develop a new project. This is the purpose of the hackathon. Moscow offers a large number of events, as many companies are concentrated in this city.

hackathon moscow

Hackathons are required for:

  • acquaintance - many specialists can find each other to further share knowledge and work on joint projects;
  • creating a community - events are needed for active people who are interested in a specific issue;
  • creative process - there is an opportunity to work in a free format;
  • getting newknowledge - at the event you have to face those tasks that were not there before;
  • show talent - an opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism;
  • embodiment of new ideas - the event allows you to implement projects;
  • startup projects - companies are interested in such events, choosing interesting projects for their further implementation.

Hackathon organization rules

If the hackathon has social goals, then this is a great method to attract talented specialists. The event is necessary for the implementation of new methods of solving problems. To organize a hackathon, you need to use the following tips:

  • Defining the goal: you need to establish what is important to solve at this event. Developers should be involved in it, because they know everything about creating applications. Experts and students will also be required. The more specialists from different fields will be, the more creative solutions will appear.
  • Planning: It will take 3-6 weeks to prepare.
  • Choosing a venue for the event: it can be organized at the office of an IT corporation or in a local cafe. It is advisable to choose the weekend for this.
  • Attracting sponsors: the most expensive things in a hackathon are food, prizes and a platform. Need to attract sponsors in exchange for support.
  • Tell about the hackathon: Participants are required to give a detailed account of the event. It is also necessary to disseminate information about the event using all modern means. Social media, the press will come in handy for this.
  • Food ordering: the event must haveenough food and drink.
  • Preparing Prizes: There should be prizes for the winners as this affects the quality of the event.
  • You should think about what could be critical situations. You need to use proven methods to prevent them.

Event at Sberbank

Many companies hold an event. Sberbank Hackathon is also organized regularly. Specialists from various fields are developing a web service or mobile application. Financial institutions require new features in mobile payments, transfers. Security features and the development of financial assistants are also needed. The winners will be awarded cash prizes.

sberbank hackathon

Thus, the organization of a hackathon is considered not such a difficult process. You just need to use all the tips presented, then the event will be successful. Thanks to him, new ideas and projects will appear that will be very useful for society.

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