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How to earn 2000 rubles in a day: ways, types of earnings, tips and tricks
How to earn 2000 rubles in a day: ways, types of earnings, tips and tricks

Today it's not a secret for anyone: our country is going through an economic crisis. As a result, many people are in a difficult financial situation. But this should not be taken as a global problem. The lack of money should push a person to master a new profession, find additional income and all sorts of ways to solve financial troubles. This article will help you learn how to earn 2000 rubles in a day, often without leaving your home.

earn 2000 rubles without investments

"Crazy hands", or How to earn extra money if you are talented

One way to make extra money requires you to have talent, so don't rush to bury your talent deep in the ground. If you have certain skills or abilities, try to put them to good use. itmaybe a great idea where to earn 2000 rubles a day. The most profitable ways to earn "from talent" are as follows.

Working with material

If you know how to create masterpieces from ceramics, wood or metal, try to make money on it. However, in order to solve financial issues in this way, you need to learn how to present your product on the market in a favorable light, to advertise it. Otherwise, you will not succeed in this business: the competition is very high. Have you still decided to master the craft and become a successful craftsman? Do not expect that the first steps to fame will be simple and money will fall from the sky. But if you try hard and invest, income up to $1,000 a month is quite real.

If you sell your products constantly, you can earn 2000 rubles on the Internet per day by posting ads on specialized resources or in groups on social networks.

Working with text

If you love the word, feel it, then you may well earn income through literary work. This is a very good idea, how to earn 2000 rubles in a day. The work of a typesetter, transcription of audio recordings, copywriting, rewriting - everything that requires you to know the language and can bring you a pretty penny. There are two ways to make money on the text, and here the choice is yours.

where to earn 2000 rubles a day

The first way is a low-paid job that does not require certain knowledge, skills and abilities. It takes about three hours to translate an hour-long audio recording into a text version. For such work you will receive 500-1000 rubles.If you "sweat" and complete at least two such orders daily, you can earn 2,000 rubles a day without investment.

The second way is suitable for those who can compose and create - writing various texts to order. At the same time, having a diploma in philology does not give you a 100% guarantee that you will be in demand in the market and earn a lot. The main task is to find the topic in which you will feel confident. This will bring you the coveted earnings on the Internet 2000 rubles a day.

How to do it?

To avoid fraud by unscrupulous customers, you should use the services of specialized exchanges. In this case, you will have a guarantee that your work will be accepted and paid for, and in case of a dispute, you can contact the moderators of the service.

Among the best platforms for a copywriter, Etxt, Advego and Text.ru are the most profitable. If you do not want to fulfill orders on exchanges, but write articles for free sale, you can use the services of the Textsale service.


It doesn't matter if it's live or virtual. The main rule that allows you not to lose face is the ability to correctly present the material. High communication skills, responsibility, love for the subject will not be superfluous. There are sites that will help a tutor find his student and vice versa. A highly qualified specialist can earn up to $1,200 per month teaching. This means that a tutor may well earn 2,000 rubles per day without investment.

earn 2000 rubles online

Participation in marketing promotions

Participation in surveys and testing of finished products is another easy way to make money with an average income per month. Surveys often recruit people of a specific profession, not related to advertising and journalism. Besides, one company won't want to see you more than once every six months. To get a tangible income in this area, you will have to apply in parallel to various companies offering their services.

Organization, responsibility, professionalism are the three pillars of successful and profitable work at home. You do not have these qualities - alas, you will not be able to earn big money.


As people say, "if you don't take risks, you won't drink champagne." It is proved that excitement + some money=earnings! With a little money, you can take a chance and try to make money on the game. At the same time, you do not need to spend large sums on a flight to Monte Carlo, and you do not even need a taxi to the gambling house. From the comfort of your home, you can access casinos online, domestic and international. Without ever taking the cards in hand, you can earn money by playing poker online. How can you earn 2000 rubles a day in this way?

make money online daily

Find one of the online resources with such services and follow these steps:

  • register;
  • take the tutorial using demo games;
  • read casino reviews;
  • train for at least a year with little investment;
  • make money playing poker online.

It all depends on you and fortune, but you need to remember that, according to the law of the gambling business, the casino always wins in the end. Therefore, do not get too carried away and do not strive to invest all the winnings in the further game - with a high probability you will lose it.

There is a widespread myth that you can earn 12-15 thousand rubles a month on roulette. In fact, the percentage of earnings on it is one of the lowest compared to other gambling.

Sports betting

How to earn 2000 rubles in 1 day? Betting can help with this, it is also known as sports betting, which can be done using online bookmakers. Understanding sports strategies and statistics, you will watch the next match on TV with a special passion.

You need to keep in mind that pro players are well versed in the sports that bet on at bookmakers. This is an excellent chance to apply years of knowledge, unless, of course, you are an ordinary fan who not only does not earn, but also loses. If you treat betting with skill, you can earn from 2000 rubles a day.

Selling and buying currencies

Internet trading - it is also a game outside the exchange on the currency market. Beginners and experienced traders who are interested in stock quotes, oil prices and exchange rates have the opportunity to make money in an exciting and intellectual way.

how to earn 2000 rubles

Benefits of playing on the stock exchange:

  • legality(legitimate) business;
  • opportunity to engage in stock trading for both individuals and financial institutions;
  • brokers are solid companies with a reputation and experience that have been developing for over a decade, and they are responsible for their work (will not disappear overnight);
  • brokers' own training programs that allow you to learn the basics of trading on the stock exchange in 2-3 weeks;
  • easy accessibility, easy to analyze information about fluctuations in exchange rates in the public domain. Forecasting is carried out by world-renowned experts;
  • you only need one dollar to start playing, plus you will have the opportunity to practice with demo accounts (before risking with real money);
  • real monthly earnings of at least $2-3 thousand

The dependence of gaming success directly on the correct choice of the provider (intermediary) of services. It can be either a casino or a bookmaker's office, or a stock broker. Success in any kind of such business will directly depend on the right choice of company. Remember that getting reliable information about a stock broker is easier than finding an honest casino. If you resort to the service of a company that has a long-term recommendation in the market for such services, you can get quite a tangible income. Over time, this will allow you to earn 2,000 rubles a day online.

Remember that any contract or financial instrument proposed for conclusion has a high degree of risk. This can lead to the loss of deposited funds in full. When makingany financial transactions should be familiar with the likely risks and make a wise choice.

how to make money in a day for a student

Working with video

Video editing is another worthwhile option for a part-time job at home. Income can exceed $ 2000 per month. If you have done this before and have a portfolio of completed work, you can earn more. The advantage is that payments are made every day and you do not need to invest money. You must be able to think outside the box and have good taste, be able to work with video editors, and be able to:

  • Improve sound and picture quality.
  • "Blind" a beautiful and high-quality video from various frames.
  • Make video intros (intro, outro).
  • Add effects.

Can you do all of the above? You can safely make money on video editing at home. No need to go somewhere and look for something. Everything you need to work will be sent to you via the Internet or you will be asked to find the necessary personnel yourself. You can earn money by creating a video presentation, screensavers or advertising. If you are a "green" beginner, you will have to put in a lot of effort and take inexpensive orders at first. Jobs can be found on freelance sites, wedding and advertising agencies - in short, anywhere where video work is needed. This is a very real way to earn 2000 rubles in a day.

Writing term papers and theses

Try to solve various student problems if you are not far from this topic. Students will not only say thank you, but also replenish your wallet.Writing essays, term papers, theses, tests is a good way to earn money without investment. Complete tasks on a topic close to you every day and get daily profit.

how to make money in 1 day

Completing assignments on YouDo.com

How to earn 2000 rubles a day for a schoolboy? An option for quick and inexpensive earnings is completing tasks on Youdo.com. This service receives various job offers: for a short time, for a day, remote, on-site, etc.

And at the same time, tasks can be found completely different: repair and construction, design, cleaning, cargo transportation, beauty and he alth, and many others. Almost all of them will not require much time to complete, and payment can be received daily. The cost of the task, depending on the complexity, ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of rubles. This means that everyone can find a part-time job according to their skills and knowledge. And this will allow you to earn 2000 rubles per day without investments.

So, a student may be interested in cleaning and courier services, a student can write tests or do some part-time job related to a future speci alty. For people with skills in any field, it's even easier. For example, a professional builder or computer scientist might regularly find high-paying jobs.

How not to run into scammers and save your time and effort?

When it comes to how to earn 2000 rubles a day from home, the following arisedifficulties. Many refuse to earn money on the Internet because of the fear of being deceived. There are several rules that will allow you to protect yourself and not get into trouble:

  • Search for work through specialized exchanges and services. This is a guarantee that you will be paid for the work done.
  • Read the reviews of the site you plan to earn money on. Do not be lazy, be sure to ask for reviews and information about the reputation. It is very easy to find this through the browser's search engine - on the right request, it will give you any information you need.
  • Do not send money. Never transfer money supposedly for some kind of guarantee. An honest employer won't ask you for this. When you feel that you have gained experience, do not be afraid to start working directly. Only in this case, you should ask for an advance payment and do not send the finished work if you are not sure that you will be paid for it.

Remember that the "right" moment will never come. You will remain sitting with nothing while others conquer the peaks. Therefore, do not be afraid, but try to earn your first money. Even if you managed to get only 100-200 rubles, this is a great start, which will be an incentive to earn even more in the future. Do not waste time on the Internet, but try to improve your financial situation.

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