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How to track a parcel of Belpochta: instructions
How to track a parcel of Belpochta: instructions

Today there are a huge number of foreign online portals where you can order various goods. Many have already appreciated the advantages of the Chinese online store Aliexpress. It has a wide range of products from all over the world, from clothing to kitchenware at very affordable prices. In order to make purchases on this site, it is enough to register, select a product, make a payment and wait for the parcel to be delivered to the post office. However, it also happens that the departure does not arrive for a very long time. In this review, we will look at how to track the package of Belpochta.

Features of parcel delivery from China

Belpochta belarus track the package

On average, parcels from Aliexpress to Belarus go within 35-40 days. Sometimes it's faster, sometimes it's longer. The online store allows you to track the position of the shipment in real time from the moment of ordering to the moment of delivery to the post office.

Track number

What is it and why is it needed?A few days after the formation of the order, the seller will have to assign a track number to the shipment. This is a special postal identifier that allows you to track the location of the package. It usually consists of 4 capital letters and 9 numbers. The last two define the sending country. By this number, you can determine which postal service the seller used to send the goods. Usually China Post, Singapore Post or Hong Kong Post (CN, SG and HK respectively) are used. How to track the parcel on the track in Belpochta? To check the location of the parcel, you need to go to the "My orders" tab. After that, next to the desired product, click on the "Details" button and select the "Check tracking" item. Experienced users recommend tracking the product every week.


track the package of Belpochta in Belarus

Depending on the selected delivery method, there are several options to track the location of the parcel. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

  1. Tracking Free Shipping. If the goods are still in the territory of the sender's country, then it will be easiest to track it on the website of the national postal service. Here, information is usually updated more accurately and faster than on the sender's website. To check the location of the parcel, just go to the delivery service portal, dial the track number and press the Enter button. For China Post, tracking is easiest at intmail.183.com, for Singapore - signpost.com, for Hong Kong - hongkongpost.hk. Afterafter the shipment passes through customs and is accepted by Belpochta of Belarus, it will be possible to track the parcel on the website of this organization.
  2. Tracking packages sent using the Sellers Shipping Method. This method means that the seller sends the goods by an alternative transport service. To find out where the package is currently located, you must use the "Check Tracking" section. Here, in addition to the status, the company that the seller used to send you the order will also be indicated. On the company's website, you can independently check the location of the parcel. You can also use alternative verification methods, for example, the websites gdeposylka.ru or 17track.net.
  3. Tracking postal items with paid delivery. Only a few services offer this service. These are USPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS. You can track the shipment directly on the websites of these postal services.

Inoperative track number

What do you need to know about this? Sometimes it is impossible to track a Belpochta package in Belarus using a barcode. With what it can be connected? Quite often, when sending cheap goods that cost less than $ 20, sellers send a non-working track number or do not provide it at all. In this case, the buyer is deprived of the opportunity to track the shipment. This should immediately alert. In the event of such a situation, ask the seller what caused such a decision. If you wish, you can always open a dispute and cancel your order.

The parcel is notcame

track the parcel on the track Belpochta

Let's take a closer look at this. Sometimes there are situations when the Belpochta of Belarus does not allow tracking the parcel, and the shipment does not arrive at the department for a long time. The reasons for this can be very different. Firstly, your package could simply get lost in the mail. Secondly, an unscrupulous seller simply did not send you the goods. Either way, the truth will be on your side. As a rule, foreign online stores give their customers the opportunity, if necessary, to open a dispute and return the funds paid for the goods.

It is worth clarifying one principle of online services: despite the fact that you paid for the goods, the seller does not receive it immediately. They are frozen on the account of the online store. The seller will receive the transfer only after the buyer confirms that the order is in his hands. To do this, use the special tab "Confirm receipt of goods". Until you click on it, the transaction is considered incomplete and you can easily enter into a dispute.

If the buyer protection period is running out and the package still hasn't arrived at the post office, you can write directly to the seller and demand an explanation from him. At the same time, ask the site administration to extend the protection period. The same applies to those cases when the seller sends the goods without a track number: contact the seller and ask to send you an identifier. Only with him you can track the parcel. Belpochta in Belarus allows you to find a shipment by number.

How to open a dispute?

track the parcel of Belpochta by barcode

This aspect should be given special attention. In all the cases described above, it is required to carry out such a procedure as opening a dispute. How it's done? The user needs to go to the "My Orders" section, select the product that has not been received by mail for a long time, and click on the "Open Dispute" button opposite it. Next, a window will appear where you will need to describe in detail the essence of the problem. If the package has not yet been received by mail, and you accidentally confirmed its receipt or the product protection period has expired, try writing to the support service of the online store. Usually such problems are resolved in favor of the buyer.

Protection period

Now you know how to track the parcel of Belpochta and enter into correspondence with the sender of the goods. Foreign online stores also have another important function: for each transaction, a product protection period is set. This feature allows you to return the money if the package did not arrive to you or if you received the wrong product that you ordered. If you see that the protection period is expiring, you can extend it. To do this, the menu has a special tab. However, there is one point here: the seller must also confirm the renewal. The protection time usually depends on the delivery time of the goods specified by the seller. Usually it is about 60 days. To see the protection period, you need to go to the "My orders" section, select one of the expected products and click on the "Details" button. As a result, next to the departure number and its status, you cansee how long buyer protection ends.

What if the parcel is not tracked?

Belpochta track the parcel in Belarus from China

In this review, we examined in detail how you can track a parcel in Belpochta using a barcode. But what to do if the shipment is not visible at the specified track number? The easiest way is to wait 40-45 days. Perhaps after this time the parcel will still arrive at the department. Please make sure that the Buyer Protection period has not expired. If the protection time is already running out, and you still have not received the ordered goods, you need to open a dispute with the seller. As a rule, the discussion starts a couple of days before the expiration of the protection period. Here you will need to indicate that you never received the parcel, and at the same time you did not have the opportunity to track the goods. After considering your appeal, the administration of the online store can take your side and return the money you paid.

Contact the seller directly

track the parcel of Belpochta in Belarus by stroke

Let's take a closer look at this aspect. Now that you have a rough idea of ​​how Belpochta works, it will not be difficult to track a package from China. If you suspect that something is wrong with the shipment, then immediately write to the seller. Try to find out the causes of the problem. You can create an appeal in your personal account. To do this, you will again need to use the "My Orders" tab. Here you need to select the desired product and click on the "Details" button. ATIn the window that opens, there is a button "Message to the seller". Click on it and describe the problem in detail. It is better to create an appeal in English, since the sites are international. In addition, it will be possible to contact the seller by opening a dispute. He will be obliged to agree with your terms or offer his own. If the seller ignores the dispute within a certain time, the money will automatically be returned to you. Well, in cases where the sender and the buyer could not reach a compromise, the decision remains with the administration of the online store. If the case is considered in your favor, the money will be returned to the account within 7-10 days.


In this review, we examined in detail how to track a Belpochta package from China, how to use the track number and how to enter into correspondence with the seller in case of a dispute. Today, there are many ways to locate a mail item.

Belpochta track the package from China

Belpochta itself gives the opportunity to find a postal item. You can track a parcel across Belarus from China using a special identifier. This number can also be used on the websites of various postal services. If the seller did not send you an ID to track the postal item, you must contact him and describe the problem.

It often happens that the parcel does not arrive at all. If such a situation arises, you should open a dispute on the website of the online store. Usually such issues are resolved in favor of the buyer.

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