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Tomatoes Grushovka: variety description with photo, characteristics, reviews

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Tomatoes Grushovka: variety description with photo, characteristics, reviews
Tomatoes Grushovka: variety description with photo, characteristics, reviews

Gardeners annually try to find new varieties so that they not only have an attractive appearance, but also delight in taste, have a variety of subspecies. One of these varieties is the Grushovka tomato of domestic selection. It has several subspecies: black, red, yellow. This variety is a real decoration of the beds and tables. This is due to its special pear-like appearance.

Tomato Grushovka reviews

Variety description

Tomato Grushovka belongs to self-regulating varieties. As soon as 5-7 brushes form on the bush, they stop growing.

Tomato Grushovka belongs to mid-season varieties with a ripening period of 105-110 days. The grade is suitable for cultivation in an open ground and in greenhouses. With the latter method of cultivation, a large crop can be harvested. The bush itself grows up to 100 cm, and in open ground - about 60 cm.

The variety requires a mandatory garter. With the right agricultural technology, you can collect up to five kilograms frombush.

Features of the variety

Grushovka tomato is not picky about special growing conditions. According to the description, the fruits weigh from 120 to 200 grams. Tomatoes have the correct shape, suitable for preservation and fresh consumption. The fruits are similar in shape to a pear. They are perfect for shipping.

Pear tomato photo

Pros and cons

According to reviews, tomato Grushovka has many advantages. These include:

  1. Unusual fruit shape.
  2. High, stable yield. Weather conditions do not affect fruit set.
  3. Tomatoes are fleshy, with a pleasant taste.
  4. Universal purpose of fruits.
  5. The plant is highly resistant to nightshade diseases.

No defects of the variety were found. Tomato Grushovka has a pleasant taste. According to reviews, photos, ripe tomatoes can weigh an average of 140 grams. Fruits do not crack, are well stored and transported. They are ideal for processing, canning and fresh consumption.

The main advantages of the variety are that it does not require special conditions for its cultivation. The bushes are characterized by low growth, a strong vertical trunk and do not need a garter during the ripening of the crop. The root system is located close to the surface, which ensures the rapid absorption of nutrients and water. The variety is drought tolerant and does not require pinching. The tomato tolerates transplanting well.

The description of the Grushovka tomato variety says that it has practically no flaws. Claimedyield - 5 kg per bush.

Tomato Grushovka

Features of cultivation

To get a high-quality crop, you need to pay attention to the seeds, properly prepare them before planting in the ground. Agro-industrial enterprises actively use various growth stimulants, disinfectants, antifungal agents.

At home, seeds are also pre-treated. First, seeds suitable for sowing should be selected. To do this, dissolve a spoonful of s alt in a glass of water and place the seeds in this solution. Those that remain on the surface are unsuitable for sowing. The settled material is removed from the container, washed under running water, and then placed in a pink solution of potassium permanganate for fifteen minutes. After this procedure, they are washed under running water and dried.

pear orange

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Seeds are sown approximately 65 days before the date of the proposed planting of seedlings in the garden. Sowing dates are calculated individually for each region.

In order to sow the seeds, you must first prepare the soil, containers. They need to be disinfected. The soil is spilled with boiling water or calcined in the oven.

Seeds are planted in nutrient soil to a depth of 2 cm. From above they must be sprinkled with a substrate and moistened. To speed up germination and prevent the soil from drying out, the boxes are covered with glass or film. Crops are placed in a well-lit place.

After the appearance of the first true leaves, the shelter is removed.With the advent of 2-3 true leaves, sprouts are picked. If this is not possible, then the seedlings are sprinkled with soil.

A week before the proposed planting, the seedlings are hardened off. To do this, it is taken out into the open air, gradually increasing the time. It is best to plant seedlings when the earth warms up to a temperature of at least 15 degrees. The distance between the holes should be at least 40 cm, and between the rows - 70 cm. No more than 5-6 bushes are placed on one square meter.

Tomato Grushovka photo reviews


According to the description, the tomato Grushovka belongs to unpretentious varieties. Plants should be watered in the evenings, before sunset or early in the morning. During the day, watering should be avoided so as not to provoke fruit late blight.

To prevent the formation of a crust on the surface of the soil, loosening is necessary. This procedure not only helps to regulate the level of humidity, but also delivers air to the roots of plants.

To get a good harvest, you need to feed. The first is carried out two weeks after planting seedlings. During this period, a complex mineral fertilizer is applied, including potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and other useful elements. The working solution is prepared strictly according to the instructions. You can make a nutrient composition by mixing boric acid, ash, iodine. All ingredients are mixed, the resulting solution is poured over the bushes under the root.

With a lack of watering flowers, the ovaries may fall off. Excess moisture leads to the development of various diseases.

Rotted foliage, manure, compost saturate the plantcarbon dioxide, which is necessary for growth. And so that weeds do not grow in the garden, they are mulched. Also, this method helps to maintain the required level of humidity for the plant. For mulching, cut grass, straw or other material is used.

Tomato Pear description

Food shortage

To get, as in the photo, a Grushovka tomato, it is necessary to carry out disease prevention, treat pests, and also feed.

With a lack or excess of nutrients, the color of the leaves changes, their shape. It can also affect the quality of the fruit, their appearance, taste.

  1. Lack of phosphorus is manifested by a change in the color of the foliage. She turns purple. The veins begin to dry out, becoming a rich purple hue.
  2. Yellowing of the leaves, small size indicates a lack of nitrogen.
  3. Pale yellow tops, dry foliage are symptoms of iron deficiency.

In addition, macrosporiosis, viral mosaic, blossom end rot can occur in tomato.

Grushovka Tomatoes

Tomato diseases

The most common disease of tomatoes is photoblight. Brown spots on fruits, leaves, stems speak about it. The disease quickly affects plants at low air temperatures. If the plant shows signs of illness, it is urgent to remove the affected bush, the rest are treated with a drug from phytophthora.

The best way to deal with late blight is through prevention. It involves controlling the level of humidity, ventilating the greenhouse. It is forbiddenallow a sharp drop in air temperature.

For the purpose of prevention, it is recommended to use biological preparations. During the picking of seedlings, as well as when sowing seeds, "Trichodermin" or another preparation is introduced into the soil in separate containers. After planting in the greenhouse, the seedlings are shed with Gamair.

According to the characteristics, the Grushovka tomato is highly resistant to a variety of diseases, but there are situations when plants are affected by brown spotting. This disease occurs due to increased levels of humidity and a sharp cold snap. Signs of the disease are brown spots with a gray coating on the leaves. These are spores of a fungus that are easily carried with contaminated soil, fallen leaves, on human clothing.

For the prevention of brown spot during the growing season, the bushes are treated with a solution of "Fitosporin-M", diluting two teaspoons in 10 liters of water. Re-treatment is carried out after ten days.

In case the biological preparations are ineffective, they are treated with copper oxychloride or Hom. If necessary, the treatment is repeated after two weeks.

Another common disease is tomato mosaic. As a rule, it affects late varieties of tomatoes that were bred a very long time ago, and the Grushovka variety is no exception. He is often affected by these diseases. When infected, the color and shape of the leaf changes: dark, yellow spots appear, the sheets wrinkle, curl. If symptoms of the disease are detected, the affected bushes are removed along with a clod of earth. The rest of the plants are treated with Farmiod or other means.

Tomatoes Grushovka variety description


To grow he althy tomatoes, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatment of plants in a timely manner, as well as strictly monitor the watering rate. With good care, you can reap large harvests of delicious tomatoes Grushovka.

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