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Municipal service and municipal position: description, features and functions
Municipal service and municipal position: description, features and functions

Each Russian city has its own local government. That's where the municipal employees are. What exactly is a municipal service? This will be discussed in this article.

"Municipal service" - what is it?

Municipal service is carried out in local governments, and more specifically, in the offices of executive or representative bodies. Any municipal position has several subspecies.

It is worth highlighting the main features of the considered labor activity. These include:

  • Publicity. This is one of the main and most famous signs of service in municipal bodies. Each person is able to observe the work of the employees in question at any time.
  • Policy for filling non-elected municipal service positions.
  • Subject to the municipality.
  • Activities are ongoing.

Regulations on municipal office

Any municipal position is based on the so-called regulation on municipal positions (more precisely -"Regulations on municipal service").

municipal office

It is in this document that all the main points necessary for the high-quality implementation of labor activity are spelled out. The following principles are enshrined here:

  • in the priority of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen;
  • all citizens of the Russian Federation have absolutely equal access to the service, which is a municipal service;
  • the concepts of stability, professionalism, accessibility, competence and non-partisanship are consolidated;
  • legal protection guaranteed for all municipal employees.

Thus, the provision on municipal positions contains all the main working points. They are quite enough for the competent and high-quality implementation of their work functions by the employees in question.

On the social functions of the municipal service

Building a more complete picture of the municipal service is impossible without a story about its main social functions.

replaces municipal positions

The following can be highlighted here:

  • constant support for strata and groups of the population considered socially unprotected in society;
  • timely implementation of social forecasting;
  • work to remove any form of tension in society;
  • work to maintain stability in various public areas;
  • professional management of various kinds of resources.

Municipal position can't be obtained just like that. Furthermore,It's not easy to stay in this position. You need to constantly improve and work hard. In particular, the municipal employee must:

  • constantly master management technologies;
  • be able to competently cooperate with various state and non-state bodies;
  • reaffirm or upgrade your skills.

Classification of municipal positions

The above provision fixes a certain gradation of posts in the municipal service.

positions of municipal employees

What kind of system is this, how is this qualification different? This will be discussed further.

The municipal service is based on a very important principle: an employee in the area in question fills municipal positions that are not elected. At the same time, all available positions are divided into those that:

  • are replaced by an employment contract;
  • are replaced by a decision by an elected body of local self-government in respect of employees elected to this body by election;
  • replaced through municipal elections.

It is worth talking about another qualification. So, all municipal positions are divided into:

  • younger;
  • senior;
  • hosts;
  • main;
  • supreme.

What is prohibited for a municipal employee?

Municipal position has always been considered incredibly complex, difficult, and therefore very responsible. Therefore, there are a number of prohibitions for people who work inthe area under consideration. What are these bans?

municipality positions

Civil employee prohibited from:

  • conduct any form of business activity;
  • act on behalf of third parties in local governments;
  • accept, while in office, various gifts or rewards from any person or entity;
  • use government property, perform various actions with it (except in cases related to the performance of official duties);
  • disclose to unauthorized persons official secrets, valuable work information, etc.;
  • to allow public assessments, statements, judgments, etc. in relation to the workplace

From the above points, it becomes clear that a municipal employee must be an honest, hardworking and very calm person. That is why not everyone will be able to work in this area.

Responsibilities of a municipal employee

municipal public offices

All of them are registered in a special labor position. Here are just some of the most basic responsibilities of representatives of the sphere in question:

  • conscientious and high-quality performance of all necessary functions;
  • ensuring absolutely impartial and equal treatment of any natural or legal person; conflict-free and balanced in various kinds of relations;
  • observance not of one's own personal interests, but of the interests of the organization;
  • demonstration of correctness and respect in the treatment of any persons;
  • showing respect and tolerance for the traditions, customs and cultural elements of the peoples of Russia;
  • prevention of conflict situations, the mandatory adoption of measures to eliminate them.

Positions of municipal employees are very different. Each representative of the sphere under consideration is endowed with a number of individual functions. However, all the responsibilities presented above apply to absolutely all persons involved in the field of municipal government.

On the rights of a municipal employee

Any working person has a number of professional rights. Persons working in municipal bodies are no exception.

regulation on municipal positions

What exactly are the rights of people holding municipal government positions? The special provision discussed above states that the persons in question have the right to:

  • get acquainted with any kind of documentation, one way or another regulating the work, rights and responsibilities of the employees in question;
  • for timely, compliant wages;
  • for ensuring comfortable working conditions (according to the Labor legislation and other regulatory legal acts);
  • on full paid vacation;
  • to receive all the necessary information, documentation or other elements necessary for the quality of work;
  • for professional development;
  • to createunions;
  • on social guarantees.

Thus, the rights of municipal employees are practically no different from the rights of ordinary workers. In fact, the representatives of the sphere under consideration are the most ordinary workers who work for the benefit of society. They are endowed with the same range of rights as all other working citizens.

On the responsibility of a municipal employee

The rights of municipal employees are not much different from the rights of ordinary workers. What about responsibility? In this case, everything is much more complicated and even more interesting. After all, representatives of the sphere in question bear much greater responsibility for all their actions.

filling positions in the municipal service

Everything here depends on the level of qualifications and the powers vested in the person. Experience also plays an important role. In general, it is not so easy to occupy any positions of a municipality, much less to keep them. A simple employee is under pressure from both the common people and the authorities. Work in municipal governments is incredibly difficult and responsible.

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