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All-Russian environmental public movement "Green Russia": description
All-Russian environmental public movement "Green Russia": description

The modern world is developing rapidly and rapidly. And the tremendous speed of this development generates not only positive phenomena, but also negative ones. An ecological catastrophe is one of the things that threaten the world community. Environmental problems are forcing people, cities and countries to unite in order to resist global environmental pollution. Civil society is developing, and the result of this development is the emergence of various non-profit organizations, societies, movements that are engaged in solving public and social problems. We can say that in Russia at the moment civil society is at the beginning of its development, and many social movements are young. But, despite their youth, they are doing a great job to improve our standard of living.

The history of the emergence of "Green Russia" - the path from subbotnik to social movement

All-Russian environmentalsocial movement "Green Russia" is a non-profit movement created 4 years ago. It appeared on the basis of the idea of ​​the initiators and participants of the action "All-Russian Ecological Subbotnik "Green Russia", held on August 31, 2013. 2,600,000 people from all regions of Russia united under the auspices of this action and held the largest and most massive Russian subbotnik at that time.

green russia all-russian environmental public movement

Green Russia brings together like-minded people connected with the ideas of preserving a he althy environment, minimizing harmful emissions and industrial and domestic pollution, and improving the overall environmental situation.

Corporate identity

All environmental movements try to make their activities memorable. In many ways, they are helped in this by means of difference. The symbolism of the All-Russian Ecological Public Movement "Green Russia" is an image of a bright green birch leaf, which is attached to the cursive word green, and the word "Russia" is written in solid print on the leaf itself. This emblem is well remembered due to the plant element, which is catchy due to the rich color and association with nature and ecology.

Public value

The goal of any public undertaking is to be useful. It often happens that a person wants to do something for society, to do something significant for society, but does not know where to go. Anyone who wants to help with environmental issues can come to the All-Russian Environmental Publicthe Green Russia movement, because it unites people outside of politics and commerce.

symbols of the all-Russian environmental public movement green russia

Patriotism in recent years is beginning to acquire a new meaning in the minds of citizens, and its concept is being rethought. "Green Russia" is engaged in supporting projects in the patriotic sphere. This means that everyone has the opportunity to get help and advice on their project, if it is related to patriotism. This social movement unites a variety of age categories: both children and adults participate in its work. Participation of good will in the activities of the "Green Russia" helps to revive the good and right traditions of caring for the environment and nature.

State value

Green Russia, the all-Russian ecological public movement, is especially active in Moscow. First of all, with the help of Green Russia, it is possible to develop and maintain social activity, which is important for building a real civil society, where people largely determine the quality of their lives.

symbols of the all-Russian environmental public movement green russia photo

The movement's population coverage is very large - about 10 million people across the country. "Green Russia" also develops the cohesion of generations and the connection between them, contributes to the education of a conscious and responsible nation.


During the first subbotnik held by the All-Russianenvironmental public movement "Green Russia", was involved in the participation of about 2.6 million people. This was in 2013. A year later, the number of participants has doubled and amounted to almost 5 million people. In 2015, "Green Russia" begins to implement a large-scale project "Forest of Victory", in which about 10 million people have participated so far. Over the entire period of the social movement's work, 85 regions of our country have joined its activities.

Support for Green Russia by the President of Russia

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation, at the last economic forum held in St. Petersburg, called on entrepreneurs to pay attention to environmental problems and expand their corporate social responsibility in this area.

green russia all-russian environmental public movement in moscow

With the support of Putin V.V. "Green Russia" is engaged in the development of the Register of environmentally oriented enterprises. This Register was created to support entrepreneurs who care about the preservation of the environment, so that they become an example for others. He althy competition in the field of environmental responsibility of companies is only beneficial.

Most famous projects

As already noted, the social movement is engaged in the patriotic education of citizens. As part of this area of ​​work, the project "Forest of Victory" was created. This initiative is aimed at perpetuating the memory of 27 million people who died during the Great Patriotic War.

green russia all-russian environmental public movement contacts

The goal of the project is to plant 27 million trees and then scale the project further. The symbolism of the All-Russian environmental public movement "Green Russia" (the photo has already been shown above) is quite interesting. A golden twig with a St. George ribbon is added to this emblem at the bottom - this is how the symbol of the "Forest of Victory" is obtained. The second well-known project of Green Russia is the Green Pioneers association. It gathers caring young people who will become the future of our country and will be responsible for the civic education of the masses of people. The creators of the "Green Pioneers" were inspired by the Timurovites and the Soviet pioneers and therefore included some of their principles in their work.

How to get to Green Russia?

"Green Russia", the all-Russian environmental public movement, all contacts are given on its official website. For all questions, you can contact the addresses and phone numbers indicated there and get information on any issue of interest.

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