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Central market in Volgograd: where is it located and what is sold there?

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Central market in Volgograd: where is it located and what is sold there?
Central market in Volgograd: where is it located and what is sold there?

The Central Market is a very popular place among residents and guests of Volgograd. A modernized renovated shopping complex in Volgograd with new equipment, fully landscaped, meets all sanitary requirements. You can buy almost everything at the Volgograd Central Market: from clothes and shoes to household goods, gifts and souvenirs, gadgets and accessories.

Popular shopping destination

counters in the Volgograd central market

Large bright modern pavilions and an abundance of various goods, the presence of a large food court, communication, beauty, repair shops and many different outlets - all this attracts buyers.

The presence of comfortable conditions for entrepreneurs and market workers is one of the big advantages, why farmers and local agricultural producers want to rent places to sell their products here. An additional 19 street rows have been created so that gardeners and gardeners can present theirproducts for both long-term and one-time leases.

volgograd central market

What and where can I buy?

Trading cases are divided by type of goods sold. A large meat trading complex is designed for 50 trading places. On the shelves there is always fresh meat for every taste and budget. There are rows with fragrant greens, counters with spices, mixed with the smells of fresh vegetables, the famous Volgograd tomatoes and peppers, pimply cucumbers, large crumbly potatoes, blue eggplants, as Volgograd people call them.

You can get confused in the fish rows: the aromas from smoking will not leave anyone indifferent. Large pieces of dried, smoked, s alted Volga fish, home-smoked catfish, dried roach and sabrefish, as well as fish feathers for beer lie side by side.

Beer departments will always offer several varieties of draft fresh drink. Here you can find many small cafes with a large selection of dishes for both gourmets and vegetarians.

Fairs of craftsmen and regional producers are held on the territory of the market.

All market visitors assure that prices at Centralny are much lower here, and there are more goods than at other Volgograd trading floors.

A large parking lot on the side of Svetskaya Street creates additional convenience for market visitors.

The Central Market is located in Volgograd at the address: Sovetskaya street, 17, at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Komsomolskaya streets. Nearby is the Alley of Heroes - a pedestrian zone, a memorial complexmemory of fallen heroes.

Market hours from 8 am to 7 pm daily.

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