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Company "Dostavista": reviews of couriers. Courier service "Dostavista": reviews

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Company "Dostavista": reviews of couriers. Courier service "Dostavista": reviews
Company "Dostavista": reviews of couriers. Courier service "Dostavista": reviews

The services of transport companies and courier services are used by a huge number of people. Mostly this is a business - various online stores, product catalogs and other services deliver certain products to their customers with the help of such services. It is they who form the core of clients for couriers.

On the other hand, there are employees of courier companies themselves who are engaged in the direct delivery of goods. These are ordinary people who need additional income for doing simple work in the form of transporting goods.

Finally, there is a "next generation" delivery service that promises to connect customers and workers in a way that meets the needs of both. It's called Dostavista. Working as a courier here, according to the recommendations on the company's website, is a great opportunity to earn extra money for simple tasks. We will write about how a simple courier actually works in this company in this article.

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Scheme of work with "Dostavista"

So, the delivery service in question in this article is called "urgent" for thatreason that orders here are processed instantly. It looks something like this: the customer submits an application for the delivery of cargo from point "A" to point "B", after which this order goes to the company's dispatch center. From there it is transferred to the management system. In human terms, the order is placed in the mobile application "Dostavista" (reviews of couriers indicate that this happens at any time of the day). Further, users who would like to get to work place this order for themselves and are nominated at.

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There are a lot of advantages of such a scheme of work. For the customer, they consist in the fact that he instantly receives a response from a courier located nearby, who is ready to complete the order for a small cost. For the employee himself, the plus of work is that he can form his own work schedule and, accordingly, independently choose when and for what order he will go. Ultimately, the interests of both are connected by the application of the delivery service. And this happens quite quickly (the company's website promises to handle any order in just 3 hours).

Courier requirements

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Given the system by which the entire delivery service operates, it is possible to form a number of qualities that work in the company "Dostavista" requires. Of course, this is courtesy with the client, punctuality, accuracy and the desire to honestly do your job as best as possible; also include the presence“in touch” (after all, who goes to fulfill the order depends solely on the factor whether the courier notices this or that application or misses it and “give it back” to colleagues).

Judging by what the courier reviews indicate about “Dostavista”, the latter (to select the best orders) are forced to be “on the phone” almost around the clock (to check the status of orders in the application). This, of course, can cause some discomfort to the performers. Couriers complain that they have to "fall asleep with the phone" in order to get a good, cash order.

Work form

Actually, this is the form of work of the courier for the "Dostavista" service. Reviews of the company's employees note that this is a constant need to monitor the application, then select more expensive orders, go through them, pick up the goods (or just a parcel) and take it to the specified address.

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As noted by former employees, it looks much easier than it really is. In addition to the fact that it is quite difficult to get a really worthwhile order (since there are a lot of couriers in the system, some of which are a priority due to a higher rating and many ratings); you also need to make sure that the work is done well. Otherwise, a situation may arise when the courier arrives at the place of execution of the order, and the customer will be dissatisfied for some reason (for example, due to being late). In this case, a conflict arises, after which the customer receives compensation, and the courier receives a "minus" in his reputation.


Despite the fact that, according to the couriers' reviews of the company "Dostavista", it has a "free schedule", there is a possibility of a semblance of career growth. It is expressed in the system of reputation and ratings of couriers who take orders.

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It looks like this: when a person completes a task, he can be given a recommendation, a rating and, of course, add one more line to the statistics about the work done. Thus, the system has something like a “dossier” for each employee.

The next time several workers apply for the same task at once, most likely, a person with a higher rating will be assigned to do the work, since he is more trusted in the Deliverist system. Feedback from couriers about work allows us to conclude that such a rating is unfair, since it does not allow new employees to prove themselves, take on more work and, as a result, earn more money. However, as practice shows, apparently, the system of working with more "verified" performers justifies itself, saving the organizers of the service from unnecessary problems with dissatisfied customers.

Payment for work

Speaking about working in this service, you can not miss the issue of remuneration of couriers. So, only two forms of payment are practiced by the courier service "Dostavista". Reviews of the work call them cash and non-cash. The first is when the client to whom you deliver the goods pays for your services with “live” banknotes; and the second is the receipt of payment innon-cash form, that is, to a bank account.

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Accordingly, in the first case, the courier simply gives the delivery service, which was, in fact, organizing his temporary "employment", a certain percentage (which is assigned by the system, and besides, it is always different); and in the second - everything happens the other way around. The money initially goes to the company, after which Dostavista shares part of their fee with the employees.

Rewards and stimulation

Of course, cooperation with the courier service cannot be carried out without the encouragement of employees. There is such a category as "couriers who earned the most", information about which is published weekly to stimulate greater perseverance and hard work among employees. In addition, incentives are expressed in various bonuses in the form of a preferential return on an order that several people would like to take on.

Everything sounds nice, though, if you only read the website of the company "Dostavista". The couriers' comments on this issue present somewhat different, less rosy information: all couriers' rewards are conditional, and information about those who earned the most, given the real earnings figures, does not correspond to reality. Couriers complain that in reality they earn many times less.

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Getting Started

The procedure for joining the company is also interesting. So, as evidenced by the reviews about the company "Dostavista", to start cooperation as a courier, you must fill outspecial form. In addition to your contact details, you (if you want to go by courier) will also need to scan your passport and code and send it to the specified address. In fact, this form of receiving documents is unacceptable under the law (because you don’t know exactly where your passport and code will go). However, this company has such a practice.

After your scanned documents are reviewed, you can start taking orders. In fact, doing this is not as easy as it seems, since there are really many couriers, but there is only one company. It happens that there are simply not enough orders in "Dostavista" to ensure the work of all couriers.

At the same time, being a beginner, you can (if you don't mind the time and effort) take orders cheaper. This is also work experience that may come in handy in the future.

Firing employees

Layoffs in "Dostavista" is a separate issue. As former employees (couriers) note, here they can terminate agreements with an employee very quickly. In addition, there are other reviews about the delivery service "Dostavista", which confirm this concern. For their own purposes, they can simply disconnect you from the ordering system, citing "a large number of complaints and a high level of customer dissatisfaction." Protecting your rights and recovering back is almost impossible.

Conclusions about working in the company

So, what can employees say about the company "Dostavista" (Russia)? First of all, this is a convenient form of cooperation that allows you to work in freeschedule, determine the most suitable performer for a given task and at the same time do it all faster and cheaper.

However, immediately after this, Dostavista is spoken of as a company that does not value its employees. Many more reviews argue about the banal impossibility of earning enough money for such work to be profitable. The thing is that they pay little here, and the courier himself must cover the costs of transport and food.

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