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Where is the security code on the map and what does it mean
Where is the security code on the map and what does it mean

In the article, we will consider where the security code is located on the map. Shopping along with ordering services on the Internet has long been a part of modern life. And here you can not do without plastic and Visa cards already familiar to everyone, and, in addition, Mastercard. The main thing to know about when planning purchases is how to use them correctly. You need to be aware of where the special security code is located. Actually, it is introduced to confirm the transaction online, as well as when carrying out a banking transaction on the network (whether it is a money transfer along with fast loans, and so on). Not everyone knows where the security code is located on the map.

where is the security code on the mastercard

Basic concepts

The security code indicated on the plastic card is needed in order to verify its authenticity in the process of purchasing goodsor ordering services on the Internet. This secret code, consisting of three digits, has more well-known names - CVV2 or CVC2. What is its location on the cards of different payment systems?

With different names, its purpose is always the same - it is an additional protective element that ensures the security of payments on the network or in any other remote way (without the presence of the card and its owner during the payment).

This special cipher was designed specifically to confirm whether a person is the owner of the card, and whether it is he who actually makes the transaction. It is also used for identification in the banking system, where information appears about the holder of the corresponding plastic, its validity period, and the absence of restrictions on operations.

Where is the security code on the Visa card? You need to know that it is not always available on plastic. It is not applied to some type of cards because they are simply not intended for transactions on the Internet. When it comes to the Visa system, then the code is only for Gold, Classic. For MasterCard, it is necessary for Standard plastic, as well as cards of a higher status. Often there are controversial moments when payment on the Internet is not possible due to the lack of a three-digit cipher.

where is the security code on the bank card

Where is the security code on the map?

Actually, everything is very simple. The code combination under discussion is located on the reverse side of the payment instrument, in the field area for the holder's signature. Decryption in this casespeaks for itself: Card Verification Value. Such symbols have been added to easily check plastic cards for authenticity. This is another way to protect against counterfeiting, theft and use of personal savings without the knowledge of the credit card holder.

To be more precise, CVV is designed to protect any ongoing cashless transactions. There is an additional security guard standing guard over transactions that take place online. This is a CVV2 code.

There is a myth that CVV is only available on credit cards, but this is not true at all. You can always find the treasured three digits on credit or debit plastics that belong to all payment systems: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, and so on.

Where is the security code on the Sberbank card?

This information is requested mainly during operations performed remotely (via the Internet). Clients often confuse passwords and security codes. Of course, because of this, the operation is rejected.

PIN is not a security symbol for Visa or Maestro cards. It is strictly not recommended to confuse them. Such an error can lead to the discovery of the necessary information for intruders.

So, where is the security code on the bank card? Each type of plastic from Sberbank has its own personal codes, which are also located on the back of the payment instrument.

where is the security code on the sberbank card

Visa and Mastercard

Customers often ask where the security code is on a Visa card.

An encrypted three-digit code is generated using special programs (in this case, a complex algorithm of a random combination of numbers is used). It is applied in the form of CVC2 and CVV2 codes.

They, as a rule, are located on the reverse side in the upper right corner or a special magnetic tape is applied, where the signature of the holder is displayed. The code is printed on a white field at the end of the strip, immediately after the digital combination of the plastic itself. Sometimes there is only a security code there.

VISA International prints the so-called CVV2 on its plastics. And MasterCard protects payment documents with CVC2. Note that these two ciphers, in fact, do not differ from each other, the difference lies only in the name of the identifiers. By the way, CVC2 and CVV2 security technologies are recognized as one of the most reliable in the world, since they are not inferior to many bank identification systems in terms of algorithms for verifying the owner and card information.

where is the security code on the card

Where is the security code on the Mastercard? In the same place as the Visa system.

What to indicate during purchases and banking transactions: PIN or CVC2?

You need to understand that even bank employees cannot require the client to name the pin codes of the payment plastic. As part of purchases and financial transactions, only the security code must be indicated. It is worth noting that even on websites it is entered in the form of a cipher (we are talking about blackpoints). This is done for additional protection so that information in the browser's memory is not saved in any case.

Don't use dubious resources

Do not enter security codes on questionable resources whose connections are not recognized as reliable. If the client is asked to scan the card, it is necessary to cover the code position field with paper, otherwise the person runs the risk that they will do a pleasant shopping instead.

Security code

Security rules for the use of bank plastics

Many cardholders have already experienced the activities of fraudsters in the field of electronic payments. A fairly large number of attackers use the most sophisticated methods designed to steal payment data. Such people are usually almost invisible, and also do not stand out from the crowd. Use the card very carefully when withdrawing cash or paying for purchases in stores. Consider the main rules for safe use.

where is the security code on the visa card

You should never tell outsiders the information indicated on the plastic. This rule applies especially to the security code. But some services on the Internet and payment systems (for example, WebMoney) legally require cardholders to send a scan of a copy of the front side of the plastic, where there is no security code, but the number and period of validity are displayed. In this case, the basic security information is notfall into the hands of intruders and you need to know about it.

The security code, just like the scan of the inside of the card, cannot be shared with anyone, even in situations where the interlocutors introduce themselves as bank employees (fraudsters often do this).

We looked at where the security code is located on the map.

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