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Mortgage for individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank: conditions, documents, interest rate
Mortgage for individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank: conditions, documents, interest rate

The number of individual entrepreneurs in our country is increasing every year. The government is developing and implementing incentives and subsidies to support small and medium-sized businesses. But any commercial activity requires the investment of material resources. For its expansion, it is most often necessary to purchase real estate. An entrepreneur does not always have such a large amount of money in his hands, and he is forced to apply for a loan from a banking institution. In 2019, Sberbank PJSC offers several mortgage loan programs for businessmen at very attractive interest rates. Let's take a closer look at all these offers, find out how it is possible to get a loan, and what documents will be needed for this.

mortgage for ip sberbank

Mortgage for individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank PJSC

Both an individual and a legal entity, in particular, can get a mortgage in a bankindividual entrepreneur. In order to protect itself from an unreliable and insolvent client, Sberbank studies more carefully the application and documents from the entrepreneur, who, in turn, needs to prove his solvency. Therefore, the list of documents for obtaining a mortgage for an individual entrepreneur in Sberbank necessarily includes documents to confirm the financial condition.

First of all, you need to decide for whom the mortgage will be issued: for an individual or an individual entrepreneur. The terms and conditions of issuance will depend on this.

PJSC "Sberbank" requires from individual entrepreneurs that the period of economic activity is six months, and he had a satisfactory credit history. In some cases, the bank has the right to require a guarantee from a family member of the entrepreneur or a third party.

mortgage for individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank conditions

Factors contributing to the approval of a mortgage for an individual entrepreneur in Sberbank

Such factors include:

  • If an entrepreneur works on a general taxation system, under such conditions the client is more attractive.
  • Existing positive credit history in Sberbank, and information is taken into account not only on a mortgage loan, but also on any loans.
  • The potential borrower's business has no seasonal dependence.
  • The company has been operating from the moment of registration for at least one year.
  • Absolutely transparent income of the entrepreneur, confirmed by the relevant papers.
  • Sberbank mortgage calculator

From the above, we can conclude: in order to approve a mortgage loan, an individual entrepreneur must confirm his financial stability for the timely repayment of the mortgage debt and provide a full package of documents.

Terms of mortgage programs for individual entrepreneurs

Sberbank offers its clients-individual entrepreneurs the purchase of housing both for their own needs and for business expansion. But mortgage conditions for individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank are a little tougher than under conventional mortgage programs. Typically, the difference lies in the interest rate, which is 1-2% higher, as well as in the loan term, which is reduced to 15-20 years. In some programs, the amount of the down payment is increased up to 25%.

Purchase of residential property

Residential real estate acquired under a mortgage loan includes the following objects: a residential building, an apartment (both in a new building and in the secondary market), housing construction, suburban real estate, as well as a garage and a parking space.

The general conditions of Sberbank's mortgage programs can be found in the table below:

Mortgage program

Loan amount, rub.

Issue date

Down payment, %

Under construction

from 300,000

under 30

from 15

Finished Housing

Supported loan for families with children

up to 8000, 0 thousand

up to 30years

from 20

Building a house

from 300,000

from 25

Untargeted loan secured by real estate

from 500,000 to 10,000, 0 thousand

under 20


Military mortgage

up to 2,398k

paid from NIS personal account

Garage or parking space

determined individually

under 30

from 25


from 300,000 to 7,000, 0 thousand


When applying for a mortgage loan at Sberbank, you can take advantage of social support measures, such as maternity capital or the Young Family program.

Buying commercial property

Commercial mortgage of Sberbank for individual entrepreneurs is provided for the acquisition of non-residential facilities. PAO has developed a number of programs for such a purchase.

  • "Business Invest" - this program allows an entrepreneur to invest the money received in a real estate or other property under construction, and it can also be used to refinance an entrepreneur's debt to a leasing company or another bank.
  • "Business Real Estate" allows you to purchase property on the security for the needs of commercial activities.
  • "Express Mortgage" fromSberbank for IP is the most popular program among entrepreneurs in Sberbank, since it is designed for up to 10 million rubles, there is no loan commission. It allows you to purchase real estate on the security.
  • Sberbank mortgage for IP documents
  • "Trust" - in this program, a loan is issued to a businessman without the need to confirm the intended use, this makes it possible not only to purchase real estate, but also to carry out repairs, purchase the necessary equipment, etc. In this case, the borrower is issued a credit card for business.
  • Business Trust is a program similar to Trust, but does not issue a credit card.
  • “Express secured” is a typical program for lending to entrepreneurs secured by real estate owned by individual entrepreneurs.

In 2019, Sberbank PJSC offers the following conditions:

Mortgage program

Amount, rub.


% rate

Special conditions

Express Mortgage

from 300,000 to 10,000, 0 thousand

under 15

13, 9

The loan is issued only for the purchase of non-commercial real estate.

"Business Trust"

from 500,000

up to 36 months

from 12, 0

As collateral, the bank takes: real estate, securities, commercial and industrialequipment. Mandatory third party guarantee.

"Express bail"

up to 5000, 0 thousand

up to 4 years

from 15.5 to 17.5

No proof of intended use required. For collateral, you can leave movable and immovable property, equipment.


up to 3,000, 0 thousand

up to 3 years

from 15, 5

No deposit required, third party guarantee required.

"Business Invest"

from 150,000 for agricultural producers;

from 500,000 for others

up to 120 months

from 11, 0

Guarantee of individuals or legal entities, pledge of existing property.

Business Real Estate

from 500,000

up to 120 months

from 11, 0

The acquired property must be secured and insured.

Individual selection of the program

Selection of a program for lending is discussed individually. The amount of the loan may depend on the activities of the entrepreneur and the subject of location.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that mortgage rates for individual entrepreneurs in Sberbank start at 11% per annum, and for individuals they are lower. The loan rate may increase by another 1% if the entrepreneur refusesinsure your life for the period of registration of a mortgage transaction.

How to calculate the repayment?

To pre-calculate a mortgage loan, you can use an online calculator with which you can get the following information:

  • what will be the amount of the final overpayment on the loan;
  • what should be the minimum income level;
  • what will be the monthly payment.
  • Sberbank mortgage for IP rate

To obtain such information, you must specify the amount, term, interest rate of the loan, date of issue of the loan and type of payments. As a result, the user receives information that he can study, evaluate his solvency.

Required documents for a mortgage

After you have decided on a loan program at Sberbank, you need to collect certificates. The list of documents from an individual entrepreneur for a mortgage at Sberbank is as follows:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with permanent registration. If there is a temporary certificate confirming this.
  • Extract on state registration of IP.
  • Documents confirming the introduction of certain activities.
  • Tax reporting: for the ONS it is necessary to provide a declaration for the last year, for DOS - information for 2 years, for personal income tax for the previous reporting period.
  • Documentation on the property that is secured by the bank: ownership, contract of sale.

More information

After consideration of the submitted documents, the banking institution has the rightrequire you to provide additional information on the financial reliability of the client. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will be asked about your marital status, the presence of children, they will request data on the income of your spouse, etc. You can indicate your additional earnings in the mortgage lending application without confirming income.

Express mortgage Sberbank for IP

If before applying for a mortgage for an individual entrepreneur in Sberbank you have not decided on the final version of the property to be acquired, then after receiving approval you are obliged to provide the bank with a full package of documentation.

Order of receipt

The process of obtaining a loan for an individual entrepreneur is given below:

  • Mandatory study of all conditions under the current program; to get a mortgage at Sberbank, the calculator will help you choose the most favorable terms.
  • Preparation of relevant documents and certificates, with a validity period of not more than 30 days from the date of signing.
  • Filling out the questionnaire and submitting a loan application.
  • Sberbank analyzes the borrower and makes a final decision.
  • Searching for premises to purchase.
  • A preliminary sale and purchase agreement is concluded with the seller, where the point of purchase with the help of borrowed funds is indicated, as well as the procedure and terms for settlement between the participants in the transaction.
  • A property insurance contract is concluded, and, if desired, he alth insurance.
  • A loan agreement and a mortgage agreement are signed.
  • A down payment is made ifthis is provided for by the selected program of the bank.
  • The deal is undergoing state registration with Rosreestr and executed in favor of Sberbank.
  • The remaining funds are transferred to the seller's account.
  • commercial mortgage for IP Sberbank

After the completion of the transaction, the borrower must fulfill the formalized obligations according to the monthly mortgage payment schedule for individual entrepreneurs in the bank.


From the above, we can conclude: every solvent individual entrepreneur can get a mortgage loan from Sberbank PJSC to purchase any type of real estate. And on quite favorable terms.

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