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The breed of the largest horses. Guinness World Records: The biggest horse

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The breed of the largest horses. Guinness World Records: The biggest horse
The breed of the largest horses. Guinness World Records: The biggest horse

The progenitors of all existing horses are representatives of heavy-duty breeds. These horses were used in antiquity to work in meadows and fields. Among them there are champions - the largest horses, whose photos can be found on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.


Brabancon is one of the largest breeds of horses. It was bred by the efforts of Belgian breeders. Currently, it is considered the strongest of all existing breeds. It is capable of transporting heavy loads over long distances. Often Belgian Brabancons are used instead of tractors in agriculture. Its representatives weigh about 700-1000 kg with a height of 180 cm. The color of these animals is bay, gray or red.

Breed of the largest horses


Horses that belong to this breed may have a gray color or be black. Their height at the withers is 175 cm, which means that Percherons are one of the most enduring and tall in the world. Bred in the 19th century in France, this breed is currently usedin all corners of the world for selection work. The descendants of Percherons are used in the United States of America as farm and carriage horses.

Percherons were highly valued by the knights, because even with a large weight of equipment, their tread remained quiet. They are graceful, smart, unpretentious in food. With a peaceful and patient nature, they quickly acquire new skills.

heaviest horse weight

Russian heavy truck

Rus has long been famous for its strong and hardy breeds of horses. These include the Russian heavy truck, which gained fame outside of Russia. Their lineage goes back to the 19th century. The breed was bred as a result of crossing Percherons and Ardenes. Because of this, the horses were called Russian Ardennes. Representatives of one of the largest breeds of horses are slightly inferior in size to their record holder relatives. However, Russian heavy trucks have a number of features that make them popular. First, these horses live quite a long time. Secondly, they are economical in feed. Thirdly, they feel comfortable in harness. Fourth, they give a high offspring.

Soviet heavy truck

This breed was developed by crossing Brabancons with draft draft mares. These horses are smaller than their ancestors, they are more mobile and active. Their average height is 175 cm, and their weight does not exceed 1 ton.

Vladimir heavy truck

This is another large breed, representatives of which are considered champions in weight or height. She iswas bred by crossing English Shires and Scottish Clydesdales with Russian horses.

Vladimir heavy truck

Vladimir heavy truck is a unique breed, whose representatives are able to easily transport the heaviest loads over long distances. They hold the absolute record: they run 2 kilometers at a trot in 5 minutes! And this despite the fact that the largest weight of horses is 1600 kg. The heavy truck got its name due to the fact that it was bred in the Vladimir region. These horses can be used for riding, harnessed to wagons.

Scottish Clydesdale

These horses laid the foundation for a new breed - the Scottish heavy trucks. They were crossed with Flemish stallions and received graceful, but incredibly strong animals that are able to charm everyone at solemn ceremonies or perform agricultural work. They were first presented at the international exhibition, which took place in 1826.

Irish Heavy Truck

Horses that are representatives of this breed are famous for their hard work. They can pull a plow, transport large loads over rather long distances. In the past, hunters used them while traveling.

Guinness Book of Records for the largest horse

After the interest in the Irish heavy trucks was lost, their population was significantly reduced. Subsequently, the situation was taken under control by crossing them with shires. As a result, the genus has been improved. Modern heavy trucks are unpretentious horses that gained popularity duringaround the world.


The breed of the largest horses in the world is English heavy trucks, or shires. Their history began in the era of Antiquity. In modern shires, the blood of war horses that existed during the time of the Roman legions, and medieval horses that accompanied knights everywhere, flows. Among the shires, the horse Samson stands out, whose height was 2 meters 20 cm. We will talk about him a little later. English heavy trucks have a proportional, graceful physique. On the hind legs are "stockings". The suit can be black, grey, bay or red.

English heavy trucks are very hardy horses, as their ancestors were forced to transport knightly armor and equipment over long distances. Subsequently, one of the monarchs issued a decree that foals, whose growth is not too high, were not raised. All forces were thrown into caring for the largest horses. Shires have found application in military affairs, as riding horses, they can be harnessed to carts. All English draft horses grow long hair on their legs. The weight of horses often exceeds 1 ton.

Purebred Shire Samson

Record breakers

Above you got acquainted with the breeds of the largest horses, now it's time to find out which 10 horses were listed in the Guinness Book of Records due to their size.

  • The English heavy truck Digger is part of the Royal Horse Guards. At present, his height is almost 2 meters, to be more precise - 196 cm. His body weight is 1.2 tons. Despite the fact that the horse is 12 years old, the processits growth has not yet stopped. This is because the horse's skeleton develops abnormally.
  • A British stallion nicknamed Cracker eats 2 bundles of dry grass daily, drinks over 100 liters of pure water and regales himself on grain. No wonder, because he weighs 1.2 tons, and his height is only 2 cm less than 2 meters.
  • Brooklyn Supreme is a very powerful animal. His body weight is approximately equal to 1451 kg, and at the withers he reaches a height of 198 cm, like the Briton Cracker.
  • Shira named Nordrem Lascombe will not be easy to ride even for an experienced rider, because he weighs 1.3 tons, and his height exceeds 2 meters. At the withers, his height is 205 cm.
  • The bay British gelding Duke has grown to 207 cm. His body weight is 1310 kg. Instead of a thick mane, the horse has a long bang.
  • Purebred Percheron, whose name sounds like Dr. Le Jer, was born in France. At the withers, its height reaches 213 cm, while its weight exceeds 1.4 tons. This Percheron is the largest of the breed and is the largest horse in France since the birth of horse breeding in this country.
A stallion named Po
  • The Moroccan horse was once considered the largest animal in the world. His height is 215 cm. His body weight is approximately 1300 kg. However, no one can give an exact figure, since only one image of a horse has survived, and the quality of the photo is terrible.
  • Belgian gelding Big Jake is considered the world standard of strength and endurance. With a height of 217 cm, he weighs 1600 kg. Hippologists from all over the world are ready to give hugemoney to get this horse's seed and improve the stats of your horses.
  • The stallion, nicknamed Po, went down in history thanks to his height, which is 220 cm. The body weight of this animal reaches 1.5 tons. This horse is inferior to Big Jake in weight due to a different exterior. For example, his torso is much shorter.
  • Purebred Shire Samson was named the absolute champion among horses from all over the world. Indeed, at the withers, the height of the animal reaches 220 cm, body weight - 1520 kg.

These were the 10 largest horses that have ever existed on our planet. As you may have noticed, the Guinness Book of Records title of "Largest Horse" is held by several animals at once.

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