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How to make money on sports: ideas, instructions, results
How to make money on sports: ideas, instructions, results

How to make money on sports with minimal risk? If you want to make money on bets and learn all the most important things about this type of business, then this article is just for you. This is not a hobby, not a passion, this is a full-fledged income, work with the mind. This income can be called an investment that brings a very good income. How to make money on sports without investment? Of course not. First you need to invest your own funds.

How does it work?

Payout from bets

Participants are guys who don't go to work. They need to follow teams and matches, pay their own salaries. It depends, by the way, only on you. You do not need to constantly work with people, please the boss, etc. This work is very easy to perform and accessible to everyone. All you need is more experience. Sports betting is not a lottery, there is no luck here, it needs a brain, analytics and self-control. How to make money on sports online? And how much does a bettor earn? Nowyou will all know.

How much a beginner in betting will earn

If you read the reviews, it becomes clear: rates are bad. Rookies lose because they don't guess with matches. However, any experienced better will refute this statement. Everything comes with experience, and newcomers most often lose their invested capital. You should not draw final conclusions, you should check everything yourself, gain experience.

It is worth recalling right away that this type of business is not stable in any way. After all, in 1 month you can raise both 1% to the bank and 500%. It all depends on matches, tournaments, your thinking. The rates are more suitable for the term ROI - profit from turnover. This term is most applicable to the investment business, i.e. betting. You invest your money, and after a while you get it back with high interest, or you get nothing at all.

Worth figuring out what indicators are considered successful? Experienced players who have been betting for several years believe that 5% per month is already a success. However, for their rates of 100 or more thousand rubles, 5% is a lot. If you bet one or two thousand rubles, 5% is, of course, not enough. Beginners cannot boast of such profits as experienced bettors, since their pot is much smaller.

The first few months of betting is just child's play: you win, you lose, but it's all up to your luck. You can't just come into sports/e-sports and know all the teams, all the players and their playing skills right away. Therefore, it is too unreasonable to judge income, it is worth passinglong distance in this area to earn substantial sums. This period can last either a month or a year. It all depends on how often you follow the matches and how many tournaments are taking place at the moment.

Being a beginner doesn't mean you're doomed to fail. You just don't know how to make money on sports betting. However, you should not get frustrated and give up. Everyone started at some point, and everyone failed at something. So gain experience, listen to the advice of big players, follow the matches and you will succeed!


Hockey match

Another condition for achieving clear success is the choice of a reliable, proven betting office. It must necessarily work legally so that you can always withdraw money without problems. Many bookmakers operate without a license, so working with them is a huge risk. If they cheat, you will not be able to sue.

Question: why does the bookmaker always have the advantage at a distance? It's simple - math works for him.

Bookmakers daily offer bets on many events: hockey, basketball, volleyball, football, eSports, you can continue indefinitely. Even very unpopular tournaments or leagues are included in the wager. And for each match, its own coefficient is set, which is calculated by the computer. Need to figure out what it is?

How can I make money from sports? It is with the use of the coefficient. This is a numerical multiplier, if you win, your bet is multiplied by it, and you get the specified amount.For example, if you bet $1,000 on odds of 1.5, you will get your bet back and $500 on top.

The feature of bookmakers is that each coefficient includes a margin, which is a kind of commission. It is withdrawn by the bookmaker for their betting services, and he has income for any outcome, because the commission is taken from both winnings and losses.

Here's an example: basketball teams, 50/50 odds. But however the coefficient will not be equal to two, it will always fall a little to about 47-48%. Question: where did the other 4-6% go? Of course, they went into the pocket of the bookie.

But this is not his only income. Here is another example: the bookmaker sometimes lowers the odds so that the odds for the weaker team rise, and people start betting on them. And, of course, quite rarely this bet comes in, and people lose money. How to make money on sports for a beginner? First of all, you need to read this article and understand many terms. For example, the term "margin" - what is it?

Breaking margin is hard enough. After all, if you guess 50% of bets with a coefficient of 2, then you will only stay with your money, not rising at all. But you can immediately rise from one match at a large coefficient, however, many people are interested in stable earnings, and not a one-time income from one bet. By the way, it is worth recalling that a beginner should not invest decent amounts of money in bets. Such people are the bread of bookmakers. The beginner does not understand the teams and gives all his money in pursuit of the odds. How to make money onsports betting? Now we will give 4 most effective ways.

Betting strategies

Betting like a casino

Not all strategies are equally good. A lot of trodden paths, schemes, such as the d'Alembert principle and Martingale strategies - slag packed in a beautiful wrapper. They have very smart names, they carry little meaning, but this does not work at all in bets. We are most interested in new strategies that actually work. And it's worth remembering that there are no bad strategies.

Strategy one: match analysis

Sports betting, income

Sports predictions primarily consist of high-quality analytics.

High-quality match analytics is very important, because it gives you an account of factors that are not obvious to others. Why are they like this? Because all the obvious ones have already been included in the coefficient. Therefore, if we qualitatively analyze the match, consider all the players separately, we can understand if they have a chance. Find out who is better, because it may turn out that the team with a higher odds will be much stronger than the opposite team when winning.

We need to figure out who the favorites and underdogs are.

  • Favorites (from lat. favorite) - the team that is the best in the meeting has a lower odds.
  • Underdog (from lat. underdog) - a team that is considered weaker in a meeting has a large coefficient

Even if the favorite plays with an underdog, the second one still has a chance to win. If you find information that half"Favorites" have sore legs, they didn't get enough sleep - this is already a reason to doubt their victory. Sports betting is a very cold-blooded business, so this method is considered a fairly passing strategy that should be used in any bet on any match.

Strategy two: bet only on certain events

You don't need to bet on every match, you should choose only certain matches about which you have found the maximum amount of information, analyze them completely in a few days and bet on the probable winner. After all, if you bet on every match, then you will not have time to analyze the meetings, which means you will bet at random.

Strategy three: listen to experienced betters

football match

Many people, especially beginners, visit popular blogs and betting communities. There, in a fairly friendly society, they can discuss the match with other players, as well as listen to the opinion of an experienced capper on this matter. You can place bets according to their forecasts, but these people are the same as you, they are not robots at all. Therefore, it is not worth waiting for 100% of the rates from them. You must always think with your head, so that other people do not tell you. However, you can find out the opinions of other people, bettors' forecasts on the Internet. This can give you some experience as they will often tell you why they bet on that particular selection. They explain why a particular team should win. Listen to them and gain experience. How to make money in sports? Let's move on to the fourth method.

Fourth strategy: surebets


She is quite reasonable and highly passable, her essence is simple. You must bet on two bookmakers on the same event, but with different outcomes. For example, in a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​you bet on both. It will not work on one site and from one account. You need to create either a new one, or do it on another site. The bottom line is that you are in the plus anyway, but very tiny.

But there is a problem. A few years ago, this method flourished, many people bought an additional computer to keep track of where it was more profitable to put. Now bookmakers are carefully monitoring to avoid such situations.

Some statistics

Yet the statistics are relentless. Almost 90% of bettors in bookmakers lose their capital when betting on sports. And all this because people take it very lightly, like gambling or fun. Only a literate person can understand how to make money on sports. He is able to correctly analyze the composition of the players, assess the chances of success and make the correct forecast. Is there a chance for an ordinary person to raise money? Yes, of course there is. However, it is worth trying to do it consistently.


football match

Earning on rates provides many opportunities. All successful bettors have their own personal strategy, which they recommend to others. How to make money on sports is described in this article. In bets, it is imperative to observe discipline, restraint,self-control. No need to give up, you need at least a little knowledge in the field of bank management. It is worth immediately admitting to yourself that if you are a very gambling person, you better not do this. After all, it’s not worth it to bet very big money, and even more so your entire bank. Of course, after reading this article, you will not be able to just take it and become a millionaire. You have to go the hard way, the long distance, to figure out the stakes and become independent.

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