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Is it possible to receive the funded part of the pension at a time
Is it possible to receive the funded part of the pension at a time

Not all older people who have retired are aware of their rights to receive appropriate benefits. If, for example, they know what the funded part of a pension is, how to get this money right away is not clear. A lot of legislative acts have been adopted on the allowance. Therefore, it is not easy to deal with it. The article provides both general information regarding the pension and the possibility of receiving it as a one-time payment.

The concept of funded pension

Receiving a lump sum payment from the funded part of the pension is one of the ways to return the money invested by a citizen earlier. This payment is formed at the request of the employee. By default, all deductions to the Pension Fund are directed to the insurance pension part.

A funded pension is a sum of money that belongs to a citizen. According to the law, he has the right to receive it when he goes on vacation by age. The right also appliesregarding heirs. This part can be paid in different ways. But most of all, pensioners are interested in the possibility of receiving the entire amount.

This issue can not always be resolved positively. The main condition for payment in general is that the corresponding part of the employer's deductions is sent to a special account. Also, money can be transferred there on a voluntary basis.

the concept of a funded system

Legislative Framework

In recent years, pension laws have changed very frequently. Together with them, the settlement system was also updated. Citizens received the right to a one-time receipt of the funded part of the pension. The main laws governing this payment are as follows:

  • On the payment of accumulated pension contributions No. 360-FZ.
  • On the funded part of pension No. 424-FZ.

After the adoption, they have been amended more than once. This happened again in 2018. In accordance with the amendments, the decision on how much payment can be transferred in a lump sum is established by the PFR employees. This parameter, of course, is influenced by the amount of contributions, as well as all funds stored in the NPF (non-state pension fund).

The formation of savings is carried out from the following funds:

  • Deductible salaries 6% of contributions.
  • Cumulative shares under the co-financing program.
  • Uterine capital for a woman.

Who is en titled to receive?

This year, get the funded partpensions at a time will be able to citizens who meet certain criteria established by the FIU. These include the following categories of persons:

  • disabled;
  • bereaved;
  • whose account received funds from 2002 to 2004. to form the corresponding part of the pension;
  • participating in the state co-financing program (who made the relevant contributions earlier);
  • those who managed to collect savings earlier, since the process was subsequently suspended;
  • whose savings is less than five percent of the insurance pension.

In addition to receiving the funded part of the pension at a time or in another way, a certain age is a prerequisite.

Possible ways to receive a pension

In addition to the way a pensioner can receive the funded part of the pension at a time, there are other payment options. These include the following:

  • Monthly in general order.
  • Monthly urgently.

The payment is urgently transferred to the pensioner during the period that he chooses on his own. However, this time cannot be less than 10 years. This payment procedure is possible when a citizen reaches retirement age (including in case of early retirement).

Urgent payment is accrued to citizens who participated in the state co-financing program or formed savings using the following funds:

  • their contributions;
  • employer contributions transferredearly;
  • additional amounts transferred by the state under the co-financing program;
  • accrued as a result of income received;
  • additional money in the form of mother capital, as well as from the profit received from investing in profitable projects.
possible ways to receive a funded pension

2018 lump sum payment

For several years now, it has not yet been possible to apply to send 6% of the employer's contributions to one's own savings. But for those who managed to do it earlier, the right to receive the corresponding share remains. Therefore, for him, the question of how a pensioner can receive the funded part of the pension at a time is relevant.

Issuance is carried out on the basis of the following regulations:

  • PP RF №1047.
  • PP RF №1048.

Issue rules

Only citizens who receive a disability pension can also count on the funded part of the pension. How to receive a lump sum of these funds for a disabled person is described below. The method is common to all categories of citizens.

But the main number of recipients are pensioners by age. If funds are required by these individuals, then there are certain conditions that must be met. These include the following:

  • Retirement age (during the pension reform period, it changes from year to year until women reach 60 and men reach 65).
  • The presence of relevant experience (before the reformit was only 5 years old, after its implementation it will increase to 15 years), as well as the number of points (by the end of the reform, there should be 30).
  • Filing an application to receive the funded part of the pension at a time.

It happens that as a result of consideration of the application, the employees of the FIU refuse to pay. At the same time, they must certainly justify such a decision by expressing it in writing and sending a corresponding notification to the applicant's address.


arranging a funded pension

In general, the process of receiving funds is as follows:

  1. Preparation of necessary documents.
  2. Filing them with an appropriate application.
  3. Waiting for a decision.
  4. Waiting for the receipt of funds in case of a positive outcome.

Together with the application, you will need to provide the following documents to receive the funded part of the pension at a time:

  • Passport.
  • SNILS.
  • Certificate of payment transfer from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.
  • Other papers confirming this right.

If a proxy acts instead of the applicant, then, among other things, a power of attorney to perform these actions, certified by a notary, will be required. You also need to present an ID. In addition, other documents may be required.

They are submitted to the FIU or NPF, where the relevant funds of the pensioner are stored. Copies can also be mailed.


NPF specialists should consider the relevant application inwithin 1 month. With a positive decision, receiving the funded part of the pension immediately is not always possible. The law allows NPF employees to do this within the next 2 months. Thus, it can take up to 3 months from the moment you apply for the funds to be received.

In addition, you need to consider that applying for a one-time payment also has restrictions. It is allowed to submit a corresponding application no more than once every 5 years.


According to statistics, a one-time amount is never high. Usually in the FIU it ranges from 5 thousand rubles. up to 15 thousand rubles Payment of 20 thousand rubles. can only be transferred to NPFs.

You can find out the appropriate amount yourself by making simple calculations. In this case, the following formula is used: LF=PN / PPV, where

  • LF - cumulative part;
  • PN - pension savings;
  • PPV - the period of pension payment.

It is most convenient to clarify the data on the PFR website by logging into your personal account, or on the electronic portal of the State Services in the same way. You can also go to the territorial office of the FIU and consult there.

It is not necessary to receive the funded part of the pension at a time immediately after going on vacation. This can be done later, but no later than five years.

calculation of funded pension

Calculation: example

It is convenient to find out what size the pension will be after going on vacation, using the following example. Upon reaching the appropriate age, a citizen Ivanova P. M. applied to the FIU.the moment of its accumulation amounted to the amount of 67,200 rubles. To calculate the amount of the monthly payment in the general order, you need to divide this amount by the number of months when the payment will be made. Let's say it's 240. Then the calculation will be as follows:

  1. 67 200 / 240=280.
  2. The total pension, including the insurance and funded part, is: 6,929.5 + 280=7,209.5.
  3. To find out the percentage of the pension, the following formula is applied: 280 / 7,209, 5100=3, 9.
  4. 3, 9% less than 5%. This means that a woman has the right to receive the entire amount in a lump sum.

Delivery of funded pension

A pensioner can choose the most convenient way to receive a lump sum payment of the funded part of the pension. Money can be transferred to a bank account, received at the cash desk, at the post office or delivered to your home. Most often, pensioners use the following methods:

  1. Through mail. To do this, it is enough for a pensioner to come to any post office located nearby.
  2. To a bank account. To do this, you should issue a card, and then cash out the money received through an ATM.

Delivery method must be specified in the submitted application. He can receive the money personally by presenting an identity card, or through a trustee.

Savings after the death of a pensioner

The law provides for the conditions for receiving the funded part of the pension at a time for certain categories of citizens. In particular, this applies to heirs, since the funded payment, unlike the insurance pension,is inherited. But in this case, a number of nuances are taken into account.

  1. The heirs will be able to receive the funded part if the pensioner has issued a basic pension. But only the untouched share that was accumulated in a separate account is transferred.
  2. If a pensioner worked on a pension and received funds from a funded pension, simultaneously transferring contributions there, then the heirs will be able to receive funds without indexation.
  3. However, they will not get the remaining amount if the deceased has already issued documents for the transfer in the usual manner. Then the money goes into the reserve fund. If the deceased issued them in the form of urgent monthly payments, then the heirs will be able to receive the rest.
funded pension after the death of a pensioner

Features of payments to pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Citizens who have retired from service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs receive an insurance pension with some features. If before March 2005 they were registered as in need of housing, then they should be transferred the corresponding amount of savings for the entire time they were in the service.

Features of payments to working pensioners

But working pensioners have nothing to please. As long as they continue to work in retirement, there can be no question of how to receive a lump sum payment of the funded part of the pension.

Pros and cons of a funded pension

This system has both positive and negative sides. Therefore, when deciding to send money to the funded part, you should first think carefully andcount. The benefits of this pension are as follows:

  1. Freedom of choice. The citizen himself decides how he will dispose of 6% of the mandatory contributions of employers. Making a decision once does not make him a hostage to it. He can change his choice at any time at his discretion.
  2. Profit opportunity. If the NPF turns out to be profitable, then the employee will be able to receive a higher percentage of income than in a state institution.
  3. Inheritance. If the pensioner dies, then the remaining pension goes to the persons whom he indicated personally, or to the next of kin (in case of inheritance by law).
  4. Insurance. By investing money, a person risks incurring losses. However, in the case of NPFs, the risk is reduced to a minimum, since the depositor will not be able to lose the money that he has invested. The most he can lose is a profitable part.
  5. An increase in pensions. By investing the funded part in profitable activities, a citizen increases his future pension.
advantages and disadvantages of a funded pension

But in addition to all the advantages, the system has many disadvantages. These include the following:

  1. Risks. If the funds remain in the FIU, then the citizen is guaranteed a small increase. This is due, in particular, to the annual indexations, which are made in accordance with inflation. If money is invested in NPFs, the risks increase significantly. Funds can only bring profit if the investment is successful.
  2. Fraud. By investingmoney, a citizen should be extremely careful, since scammers can be caught among NPFs. Then there is a risk of losing all the money.
  3. Insurance risks. If the depositor wishes to insure his risks, he has the right to increase the reserve by insurance. But this will require additional investment.
  4. Loss of profits. It also happens that at the conclusion of the contract a certain period is prescribed. If the depositor decides to terminate the agreement, he risks losing all profits.
  5. Commission. Something should be taken into account when applying for the funded part of the pension to be received in any NPF (for example, in Gazfond). How to get it - at a time or urgently - does not matter. In this case, a commission is charged for using the services of the NPF, which is also fraught with loss of profits.

What happens when calculating?

what will the pensioner get in the end

Many people believe that when they reach retirement age, the funded part will make their pension much higher. However, this is not always the case in reality. The truth is that not everyone can be paid the full amount. And having received a small part of the payment, the next time you can apply with the same application no earlier than in five years. But the question is not only whether it is possible to receive the funded part of the pension at a time.

As a result, it turns out that the urgent or general payment will increase the pension in the most insignificant way. For example, if it is established for a period of up to ten years, then the amount will be about 500 rubles. – 1000rub.

Therefore, many experts advise to keep savings in the bank, and not save for savings in the NPF. In a banking institution, the deposit will grow taking into account the interest rate, and you can use the entire amount at any time at your discretion.

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