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Rebar is Description of the profession and duties

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Rebar is Description of the profession and duties
Rebar is Description of the profession and duties

There are professions that, at first glance, seem very prosaic, but they are quite important and even have a certain amount of romance. Rebar is a profession that belongs to this group. Its importance cannot be disputed, although not everyone will be able to perform the tasks assigned to it.

Profession Description

The bulk of the reinforcing work is the manufacture, laying in the form or direct installation of reinforced concrete structures or reinforcing cages. All these works are carried out in several successive stages.

First of all, the fitter gets acquainted with the drawings and determines which type of reinforcing steel will be most suitable for a particular product. After that, the fitter performs the blanks of the rods. To do this, he needs to unwind and stretch the reinforcing steel using electric winches, and then cut and bend using driven machines.

After that, the fitter needs to perform the following types of work:

  1. Collection and constructionreinforcing meshes and frames from prepared rods using electric welding.
  2. Installation of fittings from individual rods in locks, suction pipes, under-generator type structures, foundations of turbogenerators, bunkers, galleries, columns of superstructures, arches and connections between them.
  3. Marking the location of reinforcement in slab bases, ribbed and beamless ceilings, flights of stairs, spans of bridges according to drawings.
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Reinforcement worker is a worker who performs the installation of complex spatial frames from reinforcement, as well as reinforcement-formwork blocks. The work of installing and fixing these elements falls on his shoulders. Also, the scope of the main tasks and responsibilities includes the prestressing of reinforcing beams and rods.

Where fitters are in demand

Before you start working as a fitter, you need to know where exactly specialists in this field can be in demand. It is also worth considering that the work of a fitter is directly related to hard physical labor, so it is considered to be one of the male professions.

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Reinforcement worker is a specialist who is in demand at enterprises whose work is related to the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures. Also fitters are in demand in construction organizations. The latter can post vacancies for a fitter if the range of activities includes repair and construction and construction and installation work. The profession hasclassification into categories from 1 to 6.

What a fitter should know

Reinforcement worker is a profession that requires a certain range of knowledge from the applicant. Without them, a person will not be able to fulfill their immediate professional duties.

To master this by no means simple profession, a fairly wide range of knowledge is required, namely:

  1. Main types of reinforcing steel and fittings.
  2. Rules and methods for cutting and unwinding steel.
  3. The device of machines used for the preparation of rods from reinforcement.
  4. Basic rules for storage and transportation of frames.
  5. Basic principles of operation of winches and machines used for cutting rebar.
  6. Rules for signaling during installation of rebar structures.
  7. Basic installation and assembly techniques for fittings.
  8. Basic rules for rebar harvesting.
  9. Values ​​of maximum deviations allowed in the production and installation of reinforcement and reinforcement structures.
  10. Rules for reading specifications and drawings of manufactured products.
  11. Basic applications of rebar mounting mechanisms.
  12. Rules for the preparation of reinforcement for welding.
  13. Rules by which installed reinforcement and reinforced structures are verified.
  14. Rules for the installation of embedded parts.
  15. Methods of stretching reinforcement and reinforcing bundles in structures.
  16. Technologies for the manufacture and fastening of reinforcement.
  17. Basic rules by whichreinforcement formwork blocks, truss packages and frames from reinforcement are assembled.
  18. Technologies for the manufacture and installation of rebar frames.
  19. Basic rules and principles of operation of hydraulic jacks and other devices used to tension reinforcement.
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Also, in order to successfully master the vacancy of a reinforcing concrete worker, a person needs a good ability to understand sketches and drawings. Equally important are excellent knowledge in areas such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, drawing and mechanics.

Required personal qualities of the applicant

For successful employment and full mastery of a particular profession, it is not enough to have the required knowledge. Due to the complexity of the work performed by the fitter, the worker must have a number of personal qualities that will allow him to withstand all the loads and master all the subtleties.

The list of basic personal qualities required for a fitter includes the following:

  1. Physical strength and human endurance.
  2. Concentration of attention.
  3. Patience.
  4. The presence of visual perception.
  5. Efficiency and responsibility.
  6. Technical mind.
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The presence of the above qualities allows the fitter to successfully and correctly perform his immediate duties, without which it will be quite a difficult task to achieve an increase in professional rank.

Basic Education Requirements

Wheneducation plays no less a role in comprehension of each profession and future employment than the presence of all the necessary personal qualities. After all, it is thanks to receiving the appropriate education that a person acquires all the necessary knowledge for work.

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All the knowledge that a fitter needs to start his professional activity, a person can get both in universities and secondary educational institutions, and the basis - in specialized educational institutions and in institutions of secondary and primary vocational education.


The shift of a concreter-rebar is not at all easy, so the importance of this profession and the knowledge necessary to obtain it should not be underestimated.

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