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In fragile but firm hands - Olympus of Elena Myasnikova

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In fragile but firm hands - Olympus of Elena Myasnikova
In fragile but firm hands - Olympus of Elena Myasnikova

Not every manager can become a good leader. A leader is not only a person with a solid inner core, but also a leader. It is one thing when all orders are fulfilled on time and accurately, and another thing is to set tasks, lead people and achieve results. A successful manager and leader evokes in his subordinates such feelings as respect, trust. Elena Myasnikova is just such a manager and leader.

Successful leader

She takes responsibility for her actions and for the competent work of her subordinates. Under her leadership, there is a great desire to work and move forward.

work and move forward

Elena Olgerdovna Myasnikova may be a strict leader, but there is never indifference in her position. The human factor always comes first, not the money and financial components of the organization. This approach to work is a guarantee of excellent results in work,a guarantee of career advancement and gratitude to employees.

Successful Russian journalist

Elena Myasnikova is a famous Russian journalist. She built a good career, becoming the vice president of a large media group. Now her schedule is not as tight and eventful as it was at the very beginning of her career. But Elena thinks about work almost always, even during her holidays.

The beginning of a career had at the beginning of the 90s. And a few years later, Elena Myasnikova became the deputy editor-in-chief of the well-known magazine Europe. Planning, clear control and purposefulness helped in building a career at the very initial stages. For effective leadership, it is considered normal to ask employees what methods they see and will use in achieving the goal.

well-known Russian journalist

A leader's work schedule can be very different, without days off and holidays. The result is a good career that only grows out of the effort put into it. One of the strongest aspects of a modern leader is the ability to hear and listen, the ability to competently and efficiently analyze the situation, put together each puzzle for the integrity of decision-making.

Career Ladder

In 1994, Elena Myasnikova became the editor-in-chief of the well-known international magazine Cosmopolitan. She held the most important leadership position. The duties of the editor-in-chief included leading the work of projects, preparing absolutely all materials for concluding contracts. Also duties in the main positionwas: to control the work of subordinates, to draw up reports and receive letters from readers. During these years, a well-known magazine under the strict guidance of such a leader was especially popular.

Elena worked as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan until 2001, and in 2007 she already headed Sanoma Magazines International. In the publishing business, Elena has achieved tremendous success. It can rightfully be called the very first in Russia, precisely as a publisher. From 2012 to the present, Elena has been the vice president of the well-known RBC media group.

Vice President of RBC Media Group

Family as a help at work

An interesting question is: how does a woman cope with the position of a leader, while still paying attention to her family? Elena Myasnikova is again an ideal example for this. She got married at a fairly young age - she was only eighteen years old, gave birth to a son.

Huge support was the spouse. It was he who took care of all the chores and solving household issues. Such a rear of loved ones gives new strength in a career, even greater confidence in overcoming the intended goals. Elena Olgerdovna Myasnikova instilled in her son Anton Nikolaevich Myasnikov the will to win. Anton achieved excellent success in his career and is now the head of the Avtoriya company. All thanks to personal qualities, good education and the personal example of a leader.

National Award Winner

No wonder Elena Myasnikova often looks like a winner in the photo. After all, she is the owner of "Olympia" - an award that is issued as a result ofpublic recognition of the achievements of Russian women. Women in various fields of activity who have achieved results at a high level receive this award and apply for it.

To participate in the competition and to become a contender for Olympia, you must not only have outstanding results in business, but also an impeccable reputation in your professional activities. In addition, the indisputable conditions for participation in the competition is participation in charity. Elena met all the conditions both as a modern leader and as a modern woman.

That is why she is the owner of this honorary award. The founder of Olympia is the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship. Sometimes it's hard to believe how such a fragile woman cleverly combines the strongest traits of a leader.

combination of beauty and strength

As a result, the work of all the large organizations that she heads is visible. And this is not just the usual result of actions, but successful and fruitful work. To achieve such success, it is important to combine leadership qualities, be the most dedicated to your work, love and respect your work and take responsibility for every step.

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