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How to top up a card without a card: the most profitable money transfer options
How to top up a card without a card: the most profitable money transfer options

Credit and debit cards are a universal way to make payments. With the help of cards, you can purchase services and goods, make payments in favor of other persons, withdraw money, use your money abroad. The plastic products of Sberbank are the most popular among the population. On their example, you can consider the most popular ways to replenish the card, if the card itself is not available. However, such methods of transferring finances to card accounts are also relevant for the products of other banking organizations - Alfa-Bank, VTB, Home Credit, Tinkoff and others.

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Cash Transfer

So, how to top up a card without a card? One of the ways to replenish a card account is to deposit cash. You can carry out such an operation by replenishing not only your own cards, but also cards of third parties. Such operations can be performed directly at the bank that issuedcard, as well as in any other third-party service or organization that provides the ability to make online payments using electronic systems.

How to replenish a Sberbank card without a card?

Through a specialist of a banking organization

You can credit cash to your plastic account by contacting a branch of a financial institution. You must have a passport with you. To carry out the operation, you will need to tell the bank employee the number of the card to which the transfer will be made, as well as the amount and full name of the person to whom the card belongs. The actions in this case will be as follows.

  1. Visit the bank office and take a coupon with a number in the electronic queue terminal by selecting "Money transfer" in the menu.
  2. Wait for an invitation to a specialist through the autoinformer and fill in the payment details.
  3. Give the money to the specialist.
how to replenish a Sberbank card by card number

This method of replenishing the card is relevant for people who do not have a valid account with a financial institution. Depending on the type of transfer, you will have to pay a commission for the operation, which is 1.75%. The minimum amount of commission in Sberbank is 50 rubles, the maximum will not exceed 2 thousand rubles. With the same commission, you can also make urgent transfers, but in this case the minimum amount will be 150 rubles, and the maximum amount will be 3 thousand rubles.

It is worth noting that each bank has its own rates for transfers.

Third party banks

How to top up a card withoutcards, it is important to find out in advance. You can transfer money by contacting any commercial financial institution. The procedure will be similar to that carried out in the bank that issued the card. You do not need to open an account for this, the bank employee will conduct the transaction according to the payment order. You will need to provide your passport details, plastic product number, full name.

In some cases, the procedure for crediting funds only by card number may be impossible. Then you will need a card account number for this. In addition to it, the employee will need to provide the full details of the bank that issued the card.

Money will be received after such a transfer to the account within 3 days. The commission is set by the bank that sends the money, and therefore its size must first be checked with the employee. The recipient will not pay anything from the card - the money will come to his account minus the commission payment.

Transfer via Russian Post Office

How else can I top up a card without a card? The central postal operator also has the authority to make money transfers. A clear disadvantage of this method of replenishing the card is the duration of the replenishment. Money transferred via the Russian Post will be credited to the account within 7 days. In addition, you will have to pay 1.5% commission from the payment amount for the transfer. Moreover, the minimum amount of additional payment is 40 rubles.

how to top up an alpha bank card without a card

To make a transfer, you will need to present the details of the plastic and your passport. Alsoyou will need to fill out a standard form. The post office worker will take the cash and issue a receipt confirming payment. You can make a transfer at absolutely any post office, not only at the place of registration.

Cashless transfer

How to replenish a Sberbank card without a card by bank transfer?

Thanks to the development of modern technology, the classic use of money in paper form is becoming less common. Mutual settlements are increasingly made using bank cards or electronic money.

This method allows you to provide additional protection against theft or loss of cash. All funds stored on any electronic media are protected by additional PIN codes and passwords. Ideally, access to them is available only to the owner of the card or electronic wallet.

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Replenishment using the Webmoney service

We will also tell you how to replenish a Sberbank card by card number using WebMoney.

It is an electronic money system that can be converted into dollars and rubles. When transferring from WebMoney to a Sberbank card, the money will arrive instantly. But the system will take a commission, the amount of which depends on the type of transfer.

To transfer money from a WebMoney wallet to a card of Sberbank or another financial institution, you need to take some steps.

  1. Log in to your e-wallet, select its type. WMR - ruble account, WMZ– dollar.
  2. Below the name of the wallet is the transfer button.
  3. There are two types of transfer: to a bank account, to a card account.
  4. If money is transferred to a card, the operation may take up to 3 days, but, as a rule, funds arrive immediately. The cost of such a transfer is 2.5% + 40 rubles (fixed fee). It will be enough to indicate the plastic number and the amount to be transferred. The system will calculate the total amount including the commission fee.
  5. Next, confirm the operation using a code from SMS or the E-NUM application, which can be installed on a mobile device.

You can also transfer funds through the exchange. This menu item is located in the same section. The term for crediting money is no more than 2 days, and the commission is 2%.

Transfer via Yandex.Money

How to replenish an Alfa-Bank card without a card, many people are interested.

how to top up a sberbank card without a card

You can use a similar e-wallet to transfer. To do this, it is also necessary to carry out a number of procedures.

  1. Log in to the system.
  2. Go to the translation section.
  3. Indicate your own wallet in the appropriate form.
  4. In the destination section of the transfer - "To the bank card".

Sberbank cards receive money from Yandex.Money, as a rule, instantly. But there is a possibility of a delay of up to 3 days. With the plastic of other banks, the situation is similar. To make a payment, you need to know the number of the card to which the funds will be transferred.money. Commission withholding will be 3% + 45 rubles (fixed fee).

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Qiwi payment system

Another popular payment system is the QIWI service. Money can be sent to the card through it as follows:

  • from the main menu go to the translation section;
  • choose a bank card as the destination.

The interfaces of all electronic wallets are similar to each other, which means that next you should specify the amount and number of the plastic itself. The transfer can be made not only from the wallet, but also made using the terminal. Such an operation will cost 2% + 50 rubles (fixed fee).

How to transfer money to a card through Sberbank Online?

This service allows you to make payments of various kinds. With it, you can transfer money to a card account by the plastic number, and if the addressee's card is issued by Sberbank, then by the owner's phone number.

But to use this system, you need to have a deposit account, credit card or debit card in Sberbank. How to top up a card without a card?

how to top up a card without a card

To transfer money, you should:

  • authorize in the service;
  • go to the transfers and payments section;
  • select the required type of operation: "Client of another bank" or "Client of Sberbank";
  • enter the details and the amount of the transfer, confirm the operation.

What to do to replenish the card using it, that istransfer money to a card via the Internet, everyone should know. It's free if the recipient's product is issued in the same region. Otherwise, the commission will be 1%. For a transfer to the client of another bank, you will need to pay 1.5% + 30 rubles (fixed fee). Funds are usually received instantly, sometimes with a delay of 5-10 minutes.

SMS banking

"Sberbank" allows you to transfer money using SMS commands. In this case, you can transfer funds only between your accounts. To do this, send an SMS to number 900 with the "Transfer" command, and then, through spaces, indicate the card number and the amount to be transferred.

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