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How to transfer money from China to Russia: affordable and profitable options

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How to transfer money from China to Russia: affordable and profitable options
How to transfer money from China to Russia: affordable and profitable options

Thought about how to transfer money from China to Russia? In most cases, transactions are carried out using various payment systems or special banking services. However, not all methods are equally good. What is the best way to transfer money from the Celestial Empire to your homeland, and what difficulties should you be prepared for in advance when choosing one or another method? All this is in the article below.

Why transfer from China?

Before answering the question of how to transfer money from China to Russia, you first need to understand why people resort to such a procedure in general. After all, it would be much more logical to carry out a reverse transaction in order to purchase some product from the Middle Kingdom. However, sometimes there are situations when you need to transfer a transfer from China to Russia. What could be causing this?

In most cases, such a need arises for citizens of the Russian Federation who work in the Middle Kingdom and send the accumulated fundstheir families back home. Salaries in China are an order of magnitude higher than those of Russian citizens, so many residents of the Far East go here to earn more money. This is the most common cause of all.

In addition, the strengthening of relations between China and Russia has led to the fact that many companies began to open their branches in China. In most cases, businessmen earn on domestically produced confectionery and ice cream, which are highly valued in Asia. However, such a business has the need for regular transfers of funds back to their homeland.

Popular Transaction Methods

There are several popular ways to transfer money from China to Russia. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, a person who decides to make a transfer from the Middle Kingdom needs to approach the choice of one method or another with great responsibility. There are four main options in total:

Money transfer online
  • using a banking service - to a card or to a foreign account;
  • international money transaction systems – MoneyGram, Western Union;
  • electronic payment systems – WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money;
  • using cryptocurrencies as tools for transfers.

Everyone should understand that there is no perfect way. For large transactions, one method is more suitable, for small ones, another. In the following sections, you will find more information onthis occasion. Pay attention to even the smallest nuances, as the size of the commission may depend on this.

Bank transfer

Thinking about how to properly transfer money from China to your homeland? Then we advise you to consider the possibility of making a bank transfer. To do this, you need to go to any branch of a local bank and ask employees for help. However, this technique does not allow you to transfer more than $ 5,000 at a time. In addition, the duration of the transaction can be several weeks, and the commission varies from 1.5 to 2 percent (depending on the policy of the bank).

Who benefits from such operations? People for whom the time of arrival of funds to their homeland is not strictly important. As a rule, the services of banks are used by companies and private enterprises that need to transfer several thousand dollars abroad at once. For individuals, it is best to use another transfer method, such as e-commerce.

Electronic wallets

To send money from China to Russia, you can use e-commerce. Modern payment systems (WebMoney, QIWI and others) have a function for quick sending. Of course, a prerequisite for a transaction is the presence of two wallets linked to the system. Limits on the amount for the transfer usually depend on whether the client's personal data is linked to his account (passport series and number, TIN, and so on).

Online wallet

It should be understood that in order to implementTo transfer money, you must first put it on an electronic wallet by converting foreign currency into rubles. Of course, you can also use the automatic transfer system, but in this case, the bank rate can be extremely unfavorable. To avoid unnecessary loss of funds, first transfer the yuan to rubles in any bank, and only then make the transfer. In this case, the commission will be only 0.8 percent.

UnionPay system

Money can be transferred from Russia to China and vice versa using a special system of international transactions called UnionPay. In most cases, the company's services are used by individuals and legal entities that need to make a small money transfer. However, the system sets a limited transfer limit:

UnionPay office
  • you can transfer no more than $3,000 at a time;
  • within one day, the amount of the transfer should not exceed $5,000;
  • client has the right to send no more than $50,000 per year;
  • The fee is 0.9 percent of the transfer amount.

However, it should be understood that the minimum threshold for transfer is $20. Otherwise, a fixed interest rate of $1.5 will be charged. At the moment, the UnionPay system is one of the best options for money transfer from China to Russia. The easiest and fastest way to transfer.


Not all Chinese payment systems have attractiveconditions that arouse in the client the desire to use their services. That is why some people are looking for more and more new ways for transactions, using the latest developments. One of the methods involves investments in cryptocurrency. The client simply purchases a few bitcoins or satoshi for a certain amount, after which he transfers money abroad, practically bypassing various commissions.

Metal bitcoins

However, people who decide to try this method should understand that the bitcoin rate can rise and fall almost every day. Just imagine: today you bought two bitcoins for 10 thousand dollars, and by tomorrow its value has decreased by 10%. By the time your family at home decides to cash out, they will lose a whole thousand dollars. Although in fairness it should be noted that a similar scheme works in the opposite direction.


Money can be transferred to a card from China to Russia using the international transfer system called Alipay. The company appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already managed to win the trust of many customers. The fact is that Alipay's main focus is the external market of China, so it provides its customers with the most convenient transfer options.

Alipay on the phone

Typically, the size of a transaction is limited to $3,000, although this limit can be lifted under certain conditions. The commission for the operation is quite small - 1.2 percent, but only if the transfer amountis at least $15. Otherwise, a commission equal to $1.5 is charged. All transactions are carried out almost instantly, and you can withdraw money from the card at almost any ATM.

How to make a transfer to a Sberbank card?

China's payment systems offer their customers the opportunity to conduct transactions online, which requires you to enter all the necessary data yourself. The commission for such a transfer depends on the policy of the bank, but it rarely exceeds 1.5 percent. The money will be credited to the recipient's account approximately 3 days after the transaction. However, any person should understand that if he incorrectly indicates the details, it will be quite difficult to return the funds.

More than 50% of citizens of the Russian Federation have a Sberbank card in their hands. To make a transfer to your relatives at home, it will be enough to use any payment system that has the ability for interstate transactions. In this case, the system will automatically convert the earned yuan into rubles, based on the exchange rate of the central bank, after which the funds will be credited to the account of a Russian citizen within 3 days (maybe faster).

Western Union

Western Union is one of the oldest and most respected international money transfer companies. As in the territory of the Russian Federation, in China, a similar method for transfer is one of the most accessible. However, the undoubted disadvantage of the methodology is that the account holder will have to submit a huge number of different documents,confirming his identity and the legality of his stay in the territory of the Middle Kingdom. In addition, the company may also require a certificate of employment and other personal information.

Transfer through Western Union

In addition to the fixed transaction fee, which can reach $50, Western Union also charges its customers a commission of 1% of the transfer amount. That is why sending a small amount in this way would be extremely inappropriate. But the company is considered simply irreplaceable when it is necessary to send several thousand dollars from China to Russia at once. The maximum amount is limited to 10 thousand dollars per day.


Transferring money from China to Russia through bank accounts is not the most prudent decision. It would be much more profitable to use the services of companies that deal with international transfers. Contact is just one of those companies that has been on the market for quite a long time. Funds can be transferred to any bank card or private account. The commission is slightly less than Western Union, but the company limits the transfer amount to $5,000.

Contact company logo

How to send money using this method? It will be enough to find a branch of the company in the Chinese city you are in, and then ask the employees for help. Virtually no paperwork is required. The exact amount of the commission depends on the policy of the bank to which the money will be sent.funds. However, in most cases it is 0.9 percent (plus a flat rate for using the company's services).

Golden Crown

Still not sure how to transfer money from China to Russia? How about using the money transfer system from the Zolotaya Korona company? The company has a huge number of branches in China, so it will be possible to carry out a transaction without any problems. However, don't be fooled by the fact that you can see on the company's advertising banners that the commission is 0.7 percent. The cost of the service is calculated differently. First, funds are transferred from yuan to dollars, after which - from dollars to rubles. Of course, the transfer rate is set by the company itself, which is several percent lower than that of the Central Bank. Therefore, be especially wary of such a transfer.

Video and conclusion

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to transfer money from China to Russia. If you still have any questions on this topic, we recommend that you watch a short video, the author of which talks about the most promising ways to transfer money from China to your homeland.

As you can see, in order to transfer money from China to Russia, it is not at all necessary to use some tricky methods. Cooperation between the two states allows ordinary citizens at the moment to carry out money transfers without much difficulty. The use of various services from banks has long since moved tosecond plan. The most promising option for a transfer is the use of systems for foreign transfers, which were described in our article. We hope this information was useful to you!

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