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Where to donate plastic bottles for money?

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Where to donate plastic bottles for money?
Where to donate plastic bottles for money?

Recently, an event called Green Weekend was organized around the world. It implied volunteer activities, where people of different ages collected garbage in bags and recycled it. This article will discuss how and where to hand over plastic bottles and other garbage.


Many of us want to take care of nature and, of course, earn some money from it. Typically, such volunteer activities are carried out by children under the age of 14 years. They do all this for the benefit of nature, and also earn their own pocket money for ice cream and other things. Yes, there are people over the age of twenty who also ask the question: how and where to donate plastic bottles? They are trying to find out how much they pay for it. Let's proceed to the analysis of the issue. Where to return plastic bottles in Moscow? The answer is simple: to a waste paper collection point.

Where to donate plastic bottles


Each city has its own collection points for thismaterial. There are more than thirty of them in Moscow. There you can take all sorts of waste paper: newspapers, books, magazines, paper, cardboard and more. Such establishments must be handled carefully and very carefully. After all, you will not accept garbage and unnecessary things due, for example, to the fact that you have packaged them incorrectly. They need to be put in different bags. Cardboard in one bag, paper in another.

In general, everything must be done carefully and carefully. It is worth emphasizing: if you have already learned where to return plastic bottles, but you came to the collection point and nothing worked out for you, it may not be your material. Perhaps the weight is not correct. Most establishments accept waste paper and other items only weighing one kilogram.

Garbage and waste

When you managed to give waste paper to a specialized institution, you conclude an agreement with a recycling company. It is she who will be obliged to completely destroy all your garbage and waste. The things that you have collected go directly to the processing company, then at the base the employees pack it into bags (half a ton each), and then load it into wagons that go straight to the factory. It is being processed. From the materials received, the company receives cardboard or newsprint, toilet paper. If you thought that such recycling companies work completely free of charge and for the benefit of nature, this is not so. They also earn their living by honest labor. Where can I return plastic bottles in Moscow? As we have already learned, this can be done at the waste paper collection point.


Reception of waste paper

When we have already found out where to take plastic bottles, you can inquire about the reward for your work. It all depends on the place itself. Somewhere they pay absolutely nothing, but somewhere a whole ruble - for one kilogram of waste paper. In general, people choose those places where they pay money. However, someone does not need this ruble at all. That is, they work completely free of charge and help nature. Where to donate plastic bottles for money? To specialized establishments that provide payments for this.


Bottle packaging

There are as many collection points for this material as there are for waste paper. And they take something completely different there, and in smaller quantities. They take only glass bottles or beer aluminum cans. It is worth emphasizing that the latter is highly paid garbage. The only caveat that should be noted right away: depending on the reception point, some types of garbage may not be taken. These are bottles of wine, champagne, cognac or soft drinks. It also happens that even ordinary glass jars are not accepted.

When handing over such garbage to a collection point, you also sign an agreement with the supplier. It is he who will transport the contents to other points. There, all things will be sorted into large bags, and then transported to the factory. Everyone can be transported to two types of plant: glass and brewery. At the first stage, this garbage is broken into small pieces and made into new goods. The second plant performs a complete cleaning, disinfection and otherprocedures, after which they use the product and the jar in a new way. Yes, it seems that this is completely unhygienic, but do not be afraid: they clean these plants very carefully, using the most sophisticated and futuristic methods. There is no chance that you will get sick with someone else's virus. Yes, and most often such waste is sent to a glass factory, where new products are made from them: light bulbs, mirrors and other things. Where to donate a plastic bottle, film?


plastic bottles

Accept it all usually in many reception points. And they usually take plastic bottles, bags and canisters for fuel. Do not accept a small amount of plastic, as well as furniture, dishes and toys. It is worth noting that in many points and institutions they accept plastic only in tons. Not suitable for toxic bottle materials. You can find out if this material is toxic by the number 3, the PVC or Vinyl marking on the back of the bottle, where all the information and text is displayed. Where can I donate 19l plastic bottles? To waste paper collection points, of which there are a lot in different cities of Russia.

Light bulbs

Delivery of plastic bottles

Such waste can be accepted almost everywhere: in the district DEZ, at collection points. There are many points, it will not be difficult to find the right one. The most difficult to hand over are light bulbs that use the energy saving function. Everything else is easy and quick to arrange. It is worth emphasizing that you can rent not only to such collection points, but also to ordinary IKEA stores. They accept the following things: mercury lamps, ordinary thermometers,energy saving light bulbs. The latter are extremely rare.

Next, you sign an agreement with the supplier, who then takes this waste to the warehouse. Everything is packed in bags. Further, all the goods are redirected to enterprises and factories, where the garbage is transported in furnaces. But mercury is not being transported to the southern region (Krasnodar Territory) for processing. For your help to the environment, you will be paid up to 15 rubles for a working and serviceable thermometer. However, it is worth emphasizing that most often they do not pay at all.

Clothes and shoes

Accept things in a huge number of points and collection points, ranging from social service centers to ordinary charitable foundations. Each city has its own lists and addresses of these establishments. They most often accept children's clothes, but adult clothes are also popular. Relevant shoes and school supplies, things for preschool children. It is worth emphasizing that any goods can not be accepted there at all. If it is dirty, torn, and was completely found in the garbage, you should not bring it. First you need to find out from the specialists of the reception point what children need the most at the time of 2019.

Then they distribute all things by type: sneakers - in one pile, T-shirts - in another, and so on. You may be paid some money. However, there is usually no reward.

Technology and electronics

This is accepted almost everywhere, even in specialized stores, where most people only buy household appliances. And they take this: electrical and electronic technical devices. It is worth emphasizing thatdo not accept only radioactive isotopes. These are usually fire detectors or other mechanisms similar in structure. By signing an agreement with the supplier, all waste and faulty goods are sorted into hazard groups. Those things that are easily flammable - in one box, those things that can cause some kind of impact due to moisture ingress - in another. In general, they are further neutralized from any negative radiation and recycled.

They pay the most here. However, it is impossible to say exactly for what and for what state. For an old-style refrigerator - about a thousand Russian rubles. For the system unit - 350 rubles. For cartridges - about fifty rubles.

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