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Bank account: the concept and principles of number assignment

Bank account: the concept and principles of number assignment
Bank account: the concept and principles of number assignment

Today, the banking system is widespread. Almost every individual and legal entity has a bank account. However, not everyone understands what it is.

Bank account

In general terms, the concept of "bank account" can be characterized as a document that must be opened when concluding an agreement. It is characterized by the presence of the following properties:

- designed to account for the availability and movement of the client's funds;

- reflects the existing obligations of the credit institution to the account holder.

In modern banking practice, a huge number of types of accounts are used. They may vary depending on the legal status of the owner, as well as on the range of operations carried out.

The following types of bank accounts can be distinguished that can be opened for legal entities:

  1. Settlement, which is used to credit revenue and other receipts, as well as transfers for various purposes.
  2. Temporary accountcreated for a new organization, usually used to pay the share capital in cash.
  3. Current opens to non-profit organizations.
  4. For companies that are allocated funds from the state for their intended use, a budget account is intended.
  5. types of bank accounts
  6. Correspondent - can be opened by a bank in another credit institution, their existence is due to the fact that the banking system in our country is multi-level.

Individuals, unlike legal entities, can become owners of only two types of accounts: current and deposit. The first are intended for various calculations, the second - for the accumulation of funds.

An interesting feature that can be noticed when studying the concept of a bank account is that its number consists of twenty digits. And each of them is not chosen randomly. Today, when almost every person periodically encounters account numbering (for example, when filling out receipts), it will be useful for many to find out what these mysterious numbers mean.

Bank account number

The bank account number can be divided into several blocks. Schematically, it looks like this: AAAAA-BBB-V-YYYY-DDDDDDDD, where:

- A is a block of numbers indicating which group of the bank chart of accounts the number belongs to. For example, the number 40702 indicates that this is a non-state commercial company, and 40802 is an individual entrepreneur. This information is discussed in detail inwhich regulates the accounting system in the bank (302-P).

- B - characterizes the currency in which the account is opened. Most often in Russian practice, there are rubles (810), dollars (840) and euros (978).

- B is the so-called key or check digit. It matters only for computer processing of information, it helps to check the correctness of entering a number.

- Г – bank branch number.

- D - each credit institution has the right to independently choose what information to indicate here. Most often, these numbers indicate the serial number of the personal account.

Understanding what a bank account is and how it is numbered can often make life easier. After all, most of us, even without working in finance, face this concept every day.

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