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Payment of contributions for major repairs: calculation of the amount, payment rules, terms and benefits
Payment of contributions for major repairs: calculation of the amount, payment rules, terms and benefits

Renovation is a procedure to improve the main parts of a house. This process requires spending a really large amount of money. In order to have the necessary amount of funds for repairs, all residents of an apartment building must pay contributions for major repairs. If there is a need for expensive and specific repairs, then there will already be an optimal amount for these purposes.

Payment details

Based on the provisions of Art. 169 ZhK, each owner of an apartment in an apartment building must transfer a certain amount of funds for major repairs and maintenance of property. The disbursement process begins 8 months after the relevant program is adopted in a particular region, the main purpose of which is to create a capital repair fund.

According to the law, the payment of contributions for major repairs should be voluntary, but in fact, citizens are faced with the fact that if they do not transfer for various reasonsfunds, then they accumulate a debt collected through the court by coercive methods.

The obligation to contribute funds arises from a person immediately after registering the ownership of real estate. Payment of contributions for the overhaul of common property is carried out every month.

payment for overhaul over the Internet

When can I not pay a fee?

The payment of contributions for the overhaul of an apartment building is not always mandatory. In some situations, the owners of apartments in the house are exempted from the need to transfer funds. This includes the following situations:

  • the house is officially recognized as emergency, therefore, even after a major and expensive repair, it will not be suitable for further human habitation;
  • the plot of land where the building is located is withdrawn for the needs of the state or municipality, so other apartments are offered to people within a certain period, but during this period funds are not transferred to pay for major repairs;
  • The owner of an apartment can be a beneficiary under federal or regional legislation, so he is either completely exempt from payment or receives a significant discount.

The above list is exhaustive and there are no other options for fee waivers. If the house is recognized as emergency, then from the next month the column related to the overhaul is excluded from the receipts. Moreover, if the funds transferred for these purposes earlier are available on the settlementaccount, then they are returned to all residents of this house. Even a new owner of an apartment who has not paid the overhaul fee for a long time can receive such a payment.

Deposit rules

The procedure for paying capital repairs contributions is the same for all residents of an apartment building. This is indicated in Art. 169 ZhK, as well as regional operators, keep a strict record of the timing of depositing funds. Fees are set at the regional level by local authorities.

A person who bought a house on the basis of a sale and purchase agreement must pay a fee for this property from the next month. If it turns out that the former owner did not pay the fee, then the debts will have to be repaid by the new owner. This is due to the fact that the debt is assigned to the apartment, and not to a specific citizen.

Based on the provisions of the LCD, payment of contributions for major repairs should be made monthly until the 10th day. If a delay is detected, the owner of the apartment will have to pay fines and pen alties for each day of delay. With a significant increase in debt, the operator can sue the occupant of the premises to enforce the collection of money.

payment of contributions for the overhaul of MKD

Creating a capital repair fund

Funds transferred by apartment owners go to a specialized fund set up to save money for major repairs in the future.

Additionally, residents of an apartment building can decide to open a special account forwhich they will transfer money for costly repairs. In this case, a specific person is appointed who will be involved in the collection and use of funds.

If a regional operator is chosen for these purposes, then they carry out a strict accounting of incoming funds. This money is not allowed to be used for purposes other than quality repairs, so it is not used to pay employees or other purposes.

Amount of payments

Each apartment owner in an apartment building has an obligation to pay capital repairs contributions. But the fee may be slightly different in different regions. It is the administration of a particular region that sets the minimum rates, on the basis of which the amount of payment is calculated.

To determine the final amount of payment, it is necessary to multiply the regional tariff by the area of ​​the apartment. In addition, regional authorities have the opportunity to introduce benefits for the payment of contributions for capital repairs.

When setting the minimum fare, the following factors are taken into account:

  • to what extent minimum repairs are covered by the collected funds;
  • are payments available to property owners, for which the amount of payment on utility bills is taken into account;
  • what support is provided to the regions from the federal budget.

Even in one subject, the tariff may differ, for which the area in which the apartment building is located is taken into account. On average, a fee is set equal to 15 rubles. for 1 sq. m.

compensation for payment of contributions for major repairs

Can owners set their own fee?

Payment of contributions to the overhaul fund may not be made, since residents of one house can independently open a bank account, where funds allocated for overhaul will be transferred. In this case, citizens at the general meeting of owners decide on the optimal amount of payment.

But when choosing the size, it is taken into account that it cannot be lower than the tariff set by local authorities. It is allowed to reduce the amount of contributions, but only on the condition that the house can receive any income from the use of common property. The decision on the use of this property for leasing is made by all apartment owners at the general meeting.

At the meeting, it is additionally determined who will be the owner of this account. To do this, you can organize an HOA or a housing cooperative. Additionally, the management company responsible for the multi-apartment building is often selected. The responsible company must send payment documentation to each occupant of the building.

What information is on the receipt?

Responsible for the collection of funds may be a regional operator, cooperative, HOA or UK. The selected organization must generate special receipts that are further sent to each apartment owner in the building. It is on the basis of these payment documents that contributions for the overhaul of MKD are paid. This payment receipt contains the following:details:

  • monthly payment;
  • debt if the owner of the apartment did not transfer the payment for the previous months by the due date;
  • applicable fare;
  • details for transferring funds.

If a management company is appointed responsible for fundraising, then the overhaul fee is usually included in the standard utility bill.

the procedure for paying contributions for major repairs

Deposit methods

Payment of contributions for major repairs can be done in different ways. Owners of apartments independently choose the best method for depositing money. The most common ways include:

  • payment through cash desks of banking institutions;
  • use of terminals belonging to different banks;
  • appeal to post office workers;
  • use of various services on the Internet, such as online banking or electronic funds;
  • Mobile bank deposits.

When applying to different organizations, you need to be prepared to charge a commission. Most often, regional operators enter into agreements with post offices, so when contacting these organizations, you can minimize the amount of commission.

How to pay?

Payment of the overhaul contribution via the Internet or in another way is possible only if the following information is available:

  • personal account number assigned to a specific apartment in the house;
  • details of a regional operator or a specialbank account opened for fundraising.

Data on the amount of payment is usually sent by operators to different payment systems, so finding the details is not difficult.

payment of contributions for the overhaul of the general

The nuances of payment through Sberbank-online

Most often, citizens prefer to pay for capital repairs using methods that allow them not to leave their homes. For this, online banking or mobile banking is considered the ideal solution. If a person has a Sberbank card, then he can connect online banking, with the help of which various operations are performed at home.

To transfer funds to pay for overhaul, the following actions are performed in the system:

  • first you need to log in to the Sberbank system, for which one-time passwords or an SMS message sent to your phone are used;
  • select the section for payments and transfers in the main menu;
  • there is a link offering payment for utilities or a mobile phone;
  • in the new window there will be several sub-items, among which the line called "Rent" is selected;
  • several organizations will be represented, among which the desired institution is selected, and it is usually represented by a capital repair fund;
  • after selecting the desired institution, the details of the account where funds need to be transferred are entered in the opened form;
  • choose a card or account from which funds will be transferred;
  • after making the necessaryinformation, a receipt will open with the previously entered values, which must be carefully checked;
  • is confirmed by the deposit of funds with a special code that comes to the citizen's phone in the form of an SMS message;
  • next, you will have a receipt confirming the transfer of funds in your online banking account.

This method is considered the most simple and convenient for many citizens, so people often use this opportunity. However, there may be a fee for transferring funds, which must be foreseen in advance so that the account has the required amount of funds.

How long will it take to pay?

The term for paying contributions for capital repairs according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Construction is 30 years. Repair work will be implemented in different years, as well as in stages. Since repairs will be required even in the future, it is planned that the overhaul program will become indefinite.

Payments stop only when the house is declared emergency.

The term for depositing funds is determined by the provisions of Art. 155 LCD. It states that payment of contributions for major repairs via the Internet or in other ways must be made before the 10th day of each month. It is allowed to set another term, for which a decision is made at a meeting of apartment owners in the house.

payment of contributions to the capital repair fund

What kind of work is being done?

Deposits in a special account or overhaul fund are required so that in the future, if necessary, really serious, expensive and complexwork. Therefore, the following actions can be implemented at the expense of these funds:

  • repair of communication engineering networks represented by equipment for power supply, gas supply, heating or water supply;
  • installation of metering devices;
  • installation of units that provide control and regulation of various engineering systems;
  • replacement of the elevator or its complex repair, if for various reasons it breaks down or is completely recognized as unsuitable for further operation;
  • repairing the elevator shaft;
  • improvement of the condition of the roof, for which the coating can be replaced or the ceiling can be improved at all;
  • carrying out repairs on the facade of the building, in the basement, as well as in other rooms and places that relate to the common property of the house;
  • overhauling a foundation that has been deteriorating over time.

All of the above works require a significant amount of funds. Therefore, it is necessary to collect money in advance so that immediately after the breakdown you do not have to recover significant amounts of money from apartment owners.

obligation to pay maintenance fees

What federal benefits are offered?

Relief for capital repairs may be federal or state. In the first case, residents of any region who are included in the category of beneficiaries can count on concessions. These include the following citizens:

  • disabled people and participants in the Second World War;
  • combat veteransaction;
  • people with a special sign that confirms that they are residents of besieged Leningrad;
  • disabled people of the first two groups;
  • disabled children and their parents;
  • Russian citizens exposed to radiation for various reasons.

If the house is recognized as emergency or withdrawn for the needs of the state or municipality, then payment of contributions for capital repairs is stopped. Compensation for the previously transferred funds is paid to each owner of an apartment in such a building.

Regional relief

Additionally, different citizens can count on preferences based on a decision made by representatives of local authorities. For example, benefits are often offered to pay contributions for major repairs to pensioners or large families. Some cities offer benefits to low-income families, where each family member receives less than twice the minimum wage.

Preferences can be represented by large discounts or complete exemption from the need to pay funds.

concessions for payment of contributions for major repairs

Consequences of not making payments

If a citizen who owns an apartment in an apartment building deliberately refuses to transfer funds to pay for major repairs, he will have to face the following negative consequences:

  • calculation of pen alties and fines;
  • collection of debt by forced means through the court and bailiffs;
  • lack of opportunitycarry out a major overhaul, since the account will not have the required amount for these purposes, so living in such a house will become dangerous for all residents;
  • living in a home with no elevator, falling plaster or leaking roof.

Therefore, every person living in such real estate must take a responsible approach to their obligations, which consist in paying for various utility services. These include payment for overhaul.


Paying for major repairs is the responsibility of every apartment owner in an apartment building. Funds can be sent to regional operators or to a special account opened by apartment owners. The minimum fare is set by the local authorities of the region.

There are many ways to transfer funds, so each homeowner can choose the appropriate method. Failure to pay for capital repairs will lead to a large debt, fines and other negative consequences.

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