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A few simple rules that a bank client must follow in order to use only the right products

A few simple rules that a bank client must follow in order to use only the right products
A few simple rules that a bank client must follow in order to use only the right products

Anyone who crosses the threshold of a bank office automatically becomes its client. Even if he does not use any product, he will at least ask a question. And how he will be answered, how he will be consulted, his further relationship with the tank will largely depend. It is for this reason that almost all financial institutions began to appear client managers, whose work is aimed at ensuring that each client of the bank receives maximum information and assistance in solving his problems.

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As a rule, these are cute smiling girls who kindly address everyone who comes in and show their readiness to help with all their looks. On the one hand, it is always pleasant to see a person in front of you trying to understand the current situation. But you should not completely trust the sincereeyes and sweet smile. Indeed, in many institutions, the main task of the client manager is to turn each incoming bank into a regular client.

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That is, the work of this employee is not to help, but to sell services, programs, additional services. It turns out that any problem, most likely, will not be solved as quickly and profitably as possible for the client, but in such a way that they acquire as many banking services as possible. To the one who came for the transfer, they will certainly try to “offer” a plastic card. Need a loan? Then insurance, an invoice and a couple more products are “in the load”. And even opening a regular payment card, a person is likely to be voluntarily-compulsorily insured, subscribed to a savings deposit, a credit card, and something else “needed.”

Undoubtedly, each of these products, taken separately, may be necessary in a given situation. But this does not mean at all that everyone without exception should be insured, provided with credit cards and save up for their holidays. Unfortunately, in many institutions now it is precisely such relations "client - bank". Privatbank, for example, is considered a leader in this regard. Here, anyone should have a credit card, a piggy bank and insurance. Nothing else.

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A layman at the first appeal is told that if he does not open the card, he will not be able to receive a transfer or pay utility bills. But actually it is not. It’s just that each employee (from the client manager to the cashier and their leader) has the task ofmaximum coverage of the population with banking products. However, customers must understand that, firstly, this is not legal, and secondly, it is not necessary at all. That is, it is technically possible to change the currency without a card and open a deposit without insurance, it’s just that a person is not informed about this. And everyone is certainly connected to the Privat 24 system for self-service (it is just the most relevant, really necessary, and most importantly, completely free in the entire list).

But "Privat" is not the only one that approaches the service of people in a complex way, so that any client of the bank is provided with each of the products. The baton is picked up by other financial institutions of the country. For example, Ukrsotsbank, whose client-bank is also quite convenient and needed, also began to sell services to customers “in a complex way”, Ukrsib has not gone far from it, but the rest are not far behind.

It turns out that it is not so easy to just go and arrange a single, really necessary service. That is why every client of the bank (regular or new), entering any office, must understand that no cute young ladies can force him to issue this or that product. And he must sign all the contracts, and agree to the execution of services voluntarily.

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