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Ready-made quest room business plan with calculations

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Ready-made quest room business plan with calculations
Ready-made quest room business plan with calculations

Quest projects today are a rapidly developing area of ​​the entertainment industry. It is a real pleasure for people of any age to tickle their nerves, as well as have fun in the company of friends, while getting new impressions.

That is why the creation of a quest room will become the embodiment of a promising business idea. A high demand for such a service will allow you to receive a good income. And this is with a minimum investment of initial capital for the promotion of the project. Consider a business plan for an escape room with calculations.


Relatively recently, one could hardly say that the quest project will be a huge success in the entertainment market. But today we can safely say about the relevance of this direction.

boy and girl in quest room

Quest rooms are a relatively new type of entertainment designed for leisure. Its essence lies in the fact that people (as a rule, these are teams consisting of 2-4 people) are placed in a closed space. Here they become detectives, spies,the last of the survivors on the planet of people or fall into the lair of a former killer. The goal of the team is to leave the room within a certain period (usually 60 minutes), solving the most difficult puzzles and solving mysteries with the help of clues located right there and their logic. At this time, the line between imagination and reality is blurring.

Is it profitable to open a quest room? The popularization of this direction is carried out by the independent agency Guild of Quests. According to him, more than a thousand of these rooms are open and accept visitors in Russia. And every year their number continues to grow. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of free niches in this market. Success for an entrepreneur will come from the creativity of his idea and the right direction of the marketing policy.

The attraction of this type of business is obvious. With a relatively small investment, its payback can be achieved after five months of operation. The break-even point is possible already in the second month of the activity.

Opening a quest room has its undeniable advantages. They are concluded in the absence of the need to use expensive premises and decorations, as well as hiring highly specialized employees. The success of the project will directly depend on the twist and sharpness of the plot.

How much does it cost to open a quest room? The amount of initial investment will be about 540,000 rubles. What is it made up of? This is what the business project considers.

According to marketers, no economic crisis can affect demand inthis segment of the entertainment market. This is explained by the fact that people tend to forget about their problems and difficulties for some time, for which they go into a new reality for them. And although there is still a certain amount of slyness in these statements, it is still true. In addition, such a business has one unusual feature. Here, competitors willingly or unwittingly help each other. After all, a person who liked visiting one of the quest rooms will certainly look for other interesting offers that exist in his city.

After a business plan for opening a quest room is in the hands of a novice entrepreneur, he will be able to assess the real prospects for the development of this direction, as well as the difficulties that he will encounter along the way, in the form of constant advertising costs, depending on the quality of the new script, special effects and sets.

Select concept

How to open a quest room? The business plan of such a project should include the choice of format, as well as the development of the concept.

quest performance

And here you can choose one of the following types:

  1. Escape the room. This concept of the quest room provides for the execution of tasks by a team that must get out of the room in the allotted time. At the same time, visitors need to search for solutions to the most difficult problems and solve difficult puzzles.
  2. Quest in reality, or performance. In this case, players will also have to be in a confined space. However, to achievegoal they can, with the correct use of the provided paraphernalia, sound and light effects. Professional actors are invited to such a game. They give hints to visitors.
  3. Quests around the city. They are also team games. In this case, the task is to complete phased tasks within the designated area.

Competitor research

When drawing up a business plan for a quest room, you will need to analyze in detail the market for such services in your city. The most relevant issue in this case is the study of competitors. You can search for information about them on the Internet. All companies that have opened such a business in the city will certainly be represented here.

Competitors can be divided into two categories:

  1. Network companies that operate under a franchise acquired from a well-known brand. An example of this is Claustrophobia. Is it profitable to open an escape room franchise? On the one hand, yes. The advantage of this type of solution, in addition to brand awareness, is the provision of a ready-made sales model and technical developments, as well as well-established channels for the sale of services, franchisee training, and tools provided to attract customers and retain them. But, on the other hand, you will need to allocate a certain amount of money to purchase a franchise, and besides, you will constantly deduct part of your income. In addition, there is no guarantee that the entrepreneur will correctly take advantage of the opportunities provided to him and will receive a good profit.Anyone who decides to work independently can still compete with such companies. A small firm will become more mobile in terms of strategy. It is not so difficult for her to concentrate on emerging nuances, as well as make faster decisions.
  2. Local organizations that independently opened their own project in the city. Such firms are inferior to large network companies in their capital investments, resources, experience and knowledge. The number of rooms they open, as a rule, is from 2 to 4. Competition with these companies will not cause difficulties. After all, they have limited offers, sales channels and budget.

After compiling the lists of competitors, it is advisable to personally get to know each of these organizations, exchange contacts, and also offer mutual advertising or cooperation in another way.

men shaking hands

With high demand for quest rooms that outstrips supply, it will be beneficial for both parties.


In the business plan of the quest room, the target audience that will be interested in the project should also be considered. It is represented by people whose age is 18-35 years old, with an average or above average income. This target audience can be divided into narrower groups:

  1. Students aged between 18 and 23. As a rule, they choose morning and afternoon hours to visit quest rooms. After all, it is during this period that prices for visiting locations are reduced.
  2. Working people. Thesevisitors come to the quest rooms in the evening, at night and on weekends.
  3. Corporate clients. This category of visitors appears thanks to the activities of some companies that work on informal team building.
  4. Parents with children. Such visitors participate in family quests.

Sales & Marketing

What do you need to open a quest room? Before starting an advertising campaign, you will need to develop a unique brand and logo. In the future, it is thanks to them that it will be possible to stand out from the mass of competitors.

businessman holding a phone

To attract new customers, you need to use online and offline advertising. The first of these methods involves the use of all the tools that exist on Internet sites. Among them:

  • targeted advertising posted on a widely used social network such as VKontakte;
  • contextual advertising in Google and Yandex systems;
  • posting information in various profiles, groups and publics on social networks;
  • use of website promotion in the search engine.

Offline methods do not use the Internet. They are:

  • distributing flyers in places where there is a congestion of young people (at cinemas, in shopping centers and near universities);
  • interaction with cinemas, cafes and food delivery services;
  • advertising in local media.

To attract a flow of customers at the first time afteropening a quest room will need to carry out promotions. For example, a discount may be offered on the first visit to a location. Offer a recommended price reduction flyer for acquaintances and friends of the first visitors.

It is especially important to attract clients in this way in the first 1-2 months of the newly opened quest room. This will allow word of mouth to earn money, which will save money on paid advertising in the future.

With the implementation of all the above activities, the planned number of applications should rise to 15 per day. However, in the business plan for opening a quest room, it is necessary to take into account the seasonality of work. 15 teams per day, as a rule, passes the locations in the winter. This will correspond to a revenue of 52.5 thousand rubles. In summer, attendance drops to 2-3 teams. Such a number of clients will make it possible to receive revenue in the amount of 10.5 thousand rubles.

In the finished business plan for opening a quest room, you must also indicate the mode of operation of locations. As a rule, such establishments invite their visitors daily from 10 am to 1 am.

The cost of entrance tickets for a team is from 1.5 to 4 thousand rubles. in the regions and reaches 2.5-5 thousand in Moscow.

Select location

Quest room as a business needs a regional focus. This direction will become successful only if it meets the needs of the population of the city in which it is located. That is why it is necessary to conduct a study of the demand of potential customers. It is possible that there will be morechildren's or family quests are in demand. This will be influenced by the size of the market, as well as the financial capacity of people and their willingness to have fun in this way.

How to open a quest room in your city? To do this, you need to take into account the population density. If this figure is expressed in small numbers, then the very idea of ​​​​such entertainment may soon become obsolete. In those cities where there is a low population density, it will be necessary to constantly update the range of available offers or rely on the provision of services for tourists. In other words, an entrepreneur should always remember that games are an entertainment industry. That is why they should be both in time and in place.

Script Development

How to open a quest room? The business involved in the implementation of this project requires the development of a scenario. It will become the basis on which the entire project will be built in the future. For the success of the planned event, such an idea must be original. So, at one time, quests, in which live actors began to take part, made a splash in this area. And today, such projects remain at the peak of popularity. The team, in addition to solving complex logical problems, needs to interact with a person who will frighten visitors, give them hints or create an appropriate atmosphere.

Often the ideas for the scenario of quest rooms are taken from famous stories, films and books. The plot can be built on the adventures of James Bond, Harry Potter, on the story of FreddieKruger, etc. But in any case, the task should be exciting and contain a mystery that the participants need to unravel. A thorough study of the work of competitors who have opened similar establishments in your city will allow you to suggest a new and original idea for a location.

drawing up a business plan

If you have no experience in creating a script, it is recommended to hire a specialist. This is a very important matter, and the success of the entire project will depend on it in the future. In the business plan for opening a quest room, it is possible to provide for writing a script by students of the corresponding faculty. This will reduce costs.

Before the final implementation of the scenario, it is recommended to pre-test it. To do this, invite friends who are the first to try to cope with the task. Such a move will eliminate existing shortcomings, as well as remove unnecessary or add necessary details to the interior. Or maybe even expand the circle of characters.

When starting a franchise business, the script is available free of charge or for an additional fee.

Choose a room

How to open a quest room? For the implementation of the project, you will need to rent a room. Its minimum area should be 40 square meters. It is necessary that in such a room all the necessary communications are located, and these are water and electricity.

When looking for a room to implement the business idea of ​​a quest room, you must be guided by its high traffic. It is worth focusing on shopping centers, which are located not onlyin the city, but also outside it. The main criterion in this case should be the number of potential customers who come to the shopping center for shopping, as well as for entertainment.

You can also rent a room in which the quest room is planned to work where various youth events and exhibitions are held. But still, the best choice would be a shopping center located in a residential area of ​​the city. Such shopping centers are distinguished by high traffic and a relatively low cost of rent. A dubious idea would be to place quests in the largest chain shopping centers. It provides for a high rent, which will significantly reduce the profitability of the project.

When drawing up a business plan for a quest room, you must also take into account the costs that will be needed to renovate the premises. After all, its design should correspond to the scenario that was adopted for the location and its history. If the quest room is located in a residential building, then soundproofing work will be required.

It is also necessary that the building in which the rented premises are located has a parking lot. Its absence will lead to an outflow of customers who do not want to get on foot.

How much money do you need to open a quest room? The cost of renting a room will vary depending on the distance from the center, the city itself and other factors. In the business plan of the quest room, you will need to provide for the average values ​​\u200b\u200bof this value. So, the rent for the premises will be from 400 to 700 rubles. per square meter. Cosmetic repairs will cost the entrepreneur approximately70 thousand rubles.

Procurement of equipment

What do you need to open a quest room? It will not be possible to carry out the project without the purchase of the necessary equipment. His list should include a reception desk, chairs and armchairs, a sofa for visitors, and a wardrobe. You will also need decorations that do not have to be bought new. You can bring the necessary props from home or ask friends.

You will need video surveillance and audio systems. These are important elements of the quest room equipment. Thanks to the audio accompaniment, the proper location effect is created. But when using the surveillance system, it will not be difficult for the administrator to monitor the participants in the action and control the process.

A prerequisite is the presence of a video communication system. With its help, the administrator will be able to distribute hints to the team.

If there is a franchise, the entrepreneur will most likely be given a ready-made technical project. It will describe all the nuances about the list of necessary equipment and places for its placement. So, with a franchise of children's quests, one of the prerequisites for holding events will be the purchase of costumes, and a sports theme will necessitate the availability of sports equipment. As a rule, the franchise company also recommends those places where it will be possible to purchase the necessary equipment.

You will need a sign for the quest room and a sign that will help customers who come to the location for the first time find their way. As a result, the cost of equipment will be approximately 190 thousand rubles.


The implementation of the quest room business project will not require the entrepreneur to select a large number of qualified specialists. To get started, you only need two administrative staff to accompany one location.

The easiest way to find staff will be a survey of acquaintances. You can also use specialized groups located on social networks. Among the main requirements for the administrator of the quest room are responsibility, sociability and conscientiousness. This is an employee who meets clients, conducts briefings, observes their actions when passing through the location, maintains the cleanliness of the premises, accepts money, and also monitors the proper operation of props and equipment. Administrators' salaries are fixed. It is approximately 20 thousand rubles. per person.

administrator meets clients in the quest room

If you intend to hire a project manager, he is charged with the responsibility of resolving questions about filling locations, approving a quest, and interacting with a screenwriter. They make decisions on reducing or increasing the staff, as well as on the amount of their wages. The same person should organize actions and interact with the media. The manager's salary is at the level of 30 thousand rubles. This figure can be reduced if the project is not working effectively.

You will need an organization and an accountant. His salary will be about 5 thousand rubles. This specialist will fixperformed transactions, prepare financial statements and interact with extra-budgetary funds and the tax office. It is advisable to find a remote accountant and not include him in the organization's staff. As a result, the total salary fund allocated by the entrepreneur for the staff of the quest room will amount to 75 thousand rubles.

Legal registration

It is impossible to carry out the work of the quest room without legal registration of the activity. And here you can register as a limited liability company (LLC) or as an individual entrepreneur (IP). The second option is faster and cheaper, but in this case the businessman will remain an individual and will be responsible for the project with his own property.

During registration, you will need to indicate OKVED. It is a numerical code of activity according to the accepted all-Russian classifier.

You will also need to choose the system by which taxation will be carried out. For individual entrepreneurs, the USN is most suitable. At the same time, it is recommended to choose a format that provides for the deduction of amounts in the amount of 6% of the income received.

After registering an enterprise, you need to open an account for a legal entity in one of the banks. You will need it to conclude a lease agreement, accept payments from customers using cards, and also to make settlements with other companies.

It is necessary to accept proceeds in the form of cash using a cash register. It will also need to be purchased before opening the quest room.

Financial plan

In businessplan for opening a quest room, all the investments necessary to promote the project will look like this:

  • redecoration - 70 thousand rubles;
  • acquisition of a sofa - 15 thousand rubles;
  • buying a table - 3 thousand rubles;
  • cells for storing things - 5 thousand rubles;
  • development of the design of the common area - 15 thousand rubles;
  • decoration with paintings and other paraphernalia - 5 thousand rubles;
  • reception – 15 thousand rubles;
  • computer - 30 thousand rubles;
  • video surveillance system equipment - 15.5 thousand rubles;
  • chairs – 3 thousand;
  • microwave - 4 thousand rubles;
  • closet – 3.5 thousand rubles;
  • redecoration of the bathroom - 10 thousand rubles;
  • mirror - 2.5 thousand rubles;
  • towel holder - 1 thousand rubles;
  • audio system - 37 thousand rubles;
  • scenario - 25 thousand rubles;
  • audio accompaniment of quests - 5 thousand rubles;
  • video surveillance for the location - 2.5 thousand rubles;
  • location design – 5 thousand rubles;
  • promo video, photo session – 15 thousand rubles;
  • details - 60 thousand rubles.

What is the result of the calculations? The total amount for the opening of the quest room will be 350 thousand rubles.

dollar bills

Planned monthly expenses consist of the following:

  • employee salaries – 75 thousand rubles;
  • deductions to the payroll - 22.5 thousand rubles;
  • rent (50 sqm) - 32 thousand rubles;
  • payment of utility bills and communications - 2 thousand rubles;
  • printing costsmaterials, marketing and advertising - 25 thousand rubles;
  • consumables, household goods, etc. materials - 3 thousand rubles;
  • depreciation on purchased inventory - 5 thousand rubles;
  • Internet payments - 1 thousand rubles;
  • replacement of attributes of the quest room (if they are damaged) - 5 thousand rubles;
  • unforeseen costs - 8 thousand rubles;
  • tax payments - 10.2 thousand rubles.

Including these expenses, the total initial investment in the project will be 538.7 thousand rubles.

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