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Just2Trade: reviews, account opening procedure, personal account
Just2Trade: reviews, account opening procedure, personal account

Choosing a broker is a very responsible step. Every beginner who has made the decision to become a trader faces it. To understand the degree of reliability of a brokerage company, you need to study the information and find out reviews about it. Many traders describe their trading experience and even post screenshots of transactions on various specialized sites and forums. In this article, the reader will get acquainted with reviews about Just2trade, on the basis of which one can draw the appropriate conclusions and decide for oneself about cooperation with this company.

Information about the brokerage company Just2Trade

The broker offers its clients a very convenient and functional website, which has a built-in trading platform, as well as a training block for beginners and analytical data, including information necessary for trading. According to reviews, Just2trade provides a relatively inexpensive trading platform, which attracts a large number of traders and investors.

ust2trade finance

Development of the organization:

  1. This brokerage company was founded in 2007 and after 6 years it received from the organization,regulating the provision of services in financial markets, licensed by FINRA.
  2. In 2015 it was sold to WhoTrades, Inc., and if you thoroughly study the documents, you can put an equal sign between WhoTrades, Inc and Just2Trade.
  3. The brokerage company is officially registered in Cyprus and is in fact a division of Finam: WhoTrades Ltd. - Cyprus, insurance 20 000 Euro; whotrade inc. - $500,000 insurance, works in the US market. Exit for trading on the stock exchange occurs through Just2trade online ltd., according to traders, without any problems.
  4. After being bought by Finam, he became a European broker, as a result of which his address was changed.
  5. Today, Just2trade provides services for trading on financial markets around the world, in almost all countries.

At a superficial study of the issue, it is completely incomprehensible why Finam acquired Just2Trade. But in fact, the well-known giant has its own benefits and benefits from this deal:

  • client base grows;
  • citizens of the Russian Federation get access to working with valuable assets and securities through Just2Trade. To make financial transactions with shares in Russia, you must have the status of a qualified investor, and this requires a lot of capital. But since Just2Trade is not officially registered in the Russian Federation, this condition becomes irrelevant, which means that trading and investment opportunities for the broker's clients are significantly expanded.

PoAccording to statistics, already in 2015 Just2Trade had over 400,000 accounts opened, and it provided its services in more than 40 countries. To date, the figures have increased.

Access to financial markets

Based on customer feedback on Just2trade and the information provided on the company's website, we can conclude that the broker offers trading on both the foreign exchange market and stock exchanges.

The minimum threshold for opening an account is $200, which can be used to trade in any direction of trading, that is, you can choose currency pairs, stocks or combine both as assets at your discretion. The advantage of this brokerage company is the ability to open a single account and trade where the client likes and conveniently.

Commodities and stock exchanges:

  1. European - XETRA.
  2. Moscow Exchange.
  3. American - Nasdaq and NYSE and other major resources.

Brokerage fees

From the reviews of Just2trade online ltd, you can understand that the commissions from this broker have relatively small percentages and depend on the trading asset and the conditions of the exchange. For clarity, you can consider examples.

On the NYSE (American stock exchange) the commission will depend on the monthly trading volume. If it is more than 500,000, then the commission is 0.0025%, minimum 1.5 dollars. And on the MICEX exchange, the amounts are fixed - 0.03%. Therefore, before opening a transaction, it is necessary to clarify information on commission fees in Just2trade.

Additional fees

In addition to the brokerage company's percentage fees described above, it can also be understood from reviews of Just2trade that additional commissions are charged from traders during transactions, for example, for borrowed funds. And also in the company there are fees for voice applications. The fee is fixed at 20%.

And once a month, Just2trade deducts funds for maintaining a trading account. The amount of commission fees is 5 dollars or 5 euros. However, it is not always debited, but only in cases where the broker does not have enough regular interest, and is withdrawn from the client's account only to cover the costs of Just2trade.

Types and types of trading accounts

just2trade online ltd reviews

The broker provides several types of trading accounts for its clients and their convenience. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages.

Types of trading accounts:

  1. Demo account - Just2trade demo.
  2. Single type of account for trading in different directions on specialized trading platforms - MMA.
  3. "Forex account", which is designed to work with currency pairs.
  4. World - a universal type of account that allows the client to access a large number (more than 10 types) of world markets.

Advantages and features of trading accounts

Forex trading account is designed for trading currency pairs. The broker for traders provides more than 50 assets. Perfect for trading on financial markets with currency pairsthe MetaTrader 4 platform is suitable, on which you can make transactions and make an analytical review of changes in market quotes. Leverage can be chosen as desired, the maximum value is 1:500.

Trading account World, as mentioned above, gives clients access to more than 10 global markets. Commission fees are different and depend on the conditions of the exchange, the minimum is 0.01%. Leverage is provided with a maximum value of 1:50, with the condition of trading in Transaq.

Just2trade MMA is a single account designed for different types of trading. If the client chooses it, then he has the opportunity to gain access to any global platform. According to Just2trade reviews, it is completely unlimited and has its own significant advantages.

For clarity, the chain of cooperation looks like this: Just2Trade, then a regional broker, and then granting access rights to the client to the trading platform that the trader has chosen for himself.

Trading account: registration and opening procedure

This procedure is practically no different from similar actions in other brokerage companies. Registration of a trading account and a personal cabinet in Just2trade consists in filling in information about yourself. But there is one peculiarity: you can open an account with this broker both on the website and through the Finam broker. This is due to the fact that Just2Trade is his property, as it was bought out by him.

Procedure for registration:

  1. Go to the main page of the site and click on the "open an account" button.
  2. Bnew window, after clicking on "my accounts", you will need to select the type of trading account mentioned above.
  3. Fill in all fields of the registration form - personal data, phone number and address of registration / registration of residence.

Important: information must be provided only reliable, true, otherwise problems with the withdrawal of funds may arise in the future.

  1. Then you will need to confirm your phone number (the broker will send an SMS message to it with a code that must be entered on the site).
  2. Pass verification - upload scans of passport data. You can make them yourself even with your phone camera.

Verification is not required to open a trading account, but it will be needed later when withdrawing money, and you need to do it from your Just2trade personal account. Its capabilities will be written below.

Withdrawal of funds and replenishment of the account

just2trade reviews withdraw money

To start trading in Just2trade "Finam", you need to select the "deposit" function in your "personal account" and install a special trading terminal on your computer.

The following payment systems can be used for all deposits to a trading account:

  1. WebMoney.
  2. "Yandex money".
  3. "Neteller".
  4. Skrill.
  5. ChinaUnionPay.

You can also replenish your trading account with money via Russian Post (it will take up to 72 hours)or bank transfer. This option, although it is less fast compared to online systems, but, according to reviews of Just2trade, the withdrawal of money, as well as replenishment, will be made with lower commissions.

All clients have the opportunity to use Finam Bank to replenish and withdraw funds from trading accounts. If a person has an account with this financial institution, then in this case all financial transfers will be carried out without commission fees.

According to reviews of Just2trade, withdrawing money for the WebMoney system or Yandex money is not available to customers, but they can use alternative methods, including withdrawing money to a bank card. The term for withdrawing funds from a trading account is set by the broker's regulations. Traders' comments on this account almost always have positive comments.

Many beginners and new customers do not know how to withdraw money from Just2trade. To do this, you need to create an application from your "personal account", which indicates the amount of withdrawal and where (bank card or payment system) you want to make a transfer. After its consideration (the deadlines are set by the company's regulations), it will be processed and the funds will be transferred to the selected wallet, bank account or card number. In Just2trade, the withdrawal of money takes place within 3 days, but in most cases it is faster, and delays are quite rare exceptions to the rule. Such situations can almost only occur due to technical problems that the broker quickly fixes.

Opportunities"personal account"

On Just2trade in the "personal account" you can make any financial transactions. For example, order a withdrawal of funds or replenish your trading account. In addition to these functions, it gives the client access to all the opportunities that the company provides.

List of personal account functions:

  1. Trading account replenishment.
  2. Withdrawals.
  3. History of financial transactions on the account.
  4. Access to installing trading terminals and trading platforms.
  5. Tutorials.
  6. Analytical data (economic calendar of events, auto-follow function, reviews, recommendations from experts).
  7. Trading signals based on technical analysis.
  8. Investment tools to build a portfolio.
  9. Enter the social network of traders.
  10. Contact technical support.
  11. Additional features.

Trading platforms for trading currency pairs

just2trade reviews

The brokerage company Just2Trade from Finam provides all clients with convenient and multifunctional trading platforms. All of them are divided depending on the direction of trading (for working with currency pairs or stocks, as well as a demo version for beginners).

MetaTrader is the most popular trading platform for trading currency pairs. It is used by traders of various levels of training, both beginners and professionals. MetaTrader is great not only for trading, but alsofor analytical forecast of market movement and therefore it is also widely used among experts.

On this platform, you can start trading without investments and use a demo version for such purposes, which completely excludes any financial risks. MetaTrader provides traders with a huge selection of a wide variety of tools: technical indicators, building channels, lines, figures, areas, a strategy tester, trade statistics and much more. On it, traders install markings, use the "crosshair" tool, automated programs (robots and experts) that can be installed on the platform from third-party resources.

Stock trading platforms

Any trading platform recommended by the brokerage company can be used on a computer, as well as installed on a laptop, tablet or phone. As a result, a trader has the opportunity to trade not only when he is at the computer, but also away from it, the main thing is to have access to the Internet.

In the global markets, traders widely use the Rox platform, which has full functionality for trading. If the client has opened a single trading account, then the MMA application version will suit him. Its advantage is that it is also designed not only for computers, but can also be used in mobile trading as a web terminal, providing opportunities for trading through a browser.

In addition, for trading with stocks, you can use MetaTrader5, which has severalversions and an additional tool - "Market Market Depth", which reflects the positions of traders. Also, clients of Just2trade broker can trade on Transaq MMA.

Although a fairly large selection of different platforms is provided for clients, the main trading platform of the broker is the Just2Trade+ web terminal. You can trade on it for free, and it has all the necessary tools. According to reviews in Just2trade, online trading on this terminal meets all the expectations of traders, and the site works without slippage and freezes in price charts. According to traders, it is best to use it in the Chrome browser.

Demo version

just2trade customer reviews

Absolutely all traders initially use a demo account, and only then replenish the deposit and start trading. The demo version allows you to trade completely in a safe mode without any financial risks. The fact is that all trading operations on it take place on bonus points, which are not real money. As a result, in case of unsuccessful trading, the trader cannot receive any losses, however, as well as income.

A demo account, unlike any kind of Just2trade real, allows beginners to start their career as a trader without investment. To use this version, you just need to register on the website of the brokerage company. On the demo, you can practice and understand how the tools on this platform work, learn about what opportunities are available, test the tradingstrategy and operation of technical indicators.

The demo version is widely used not only by new clients but also by professionals. They need it to improve their performance on trading methods and test new instruments.

Opportunities for investors

All Just2trade clients can make not only speculative transactions by trading on their own, but also be investors. The most popular feature among clients is "auto-following", which is called "copy trades" in other brokerage companies. To use it, you just need to fund your trading account and connect to one of the managers, whose rating can be seen on the Just2trade website.

Benefits of "autofollow":

  1. The function is available in automatic mode, that is, transactions are copied without the participation of the investor.
  2. The opportunity to receive passive income.
  3. Autofollow is available to all customers without restrictions.
  4. Investors have the opportunity to select a manager using filters (profitability, drawdown percentage, risks, lifetime of the manager's investment account).
  5. You do not need to independently analyze and forecast quotes using various types of analytical data.
  6. It is not necessary for an investor to have in-depth knowledge of trading on stock exchanges, its basics and trading patterns.
  7. In order to make a profit on transactions, the investor does not need independent trading, since all operations are carried out by copyingopening and closing positions.

According to reviews of the Just2trade broker, the "auto-follow" function is very popular with both traders and investors.

Personal account: brokerage company analytics

just2trade personal account

Each Just2trade client can connect the necessary functions to use analytical data from the "personal account". The broker daily sends out mailings according to the selected parameters.

Types of analytics:

  1. Fundamental market movement forecast - an economic calendar that reflects all world events and news (the time of their release, the country where they occur, the expected indicators, the importance for world markets).
  2. Technical analysis - clients can connect to Autochartist and Trading Central trading signals, which determine the occurrence of technical indicators and patterns on the charts (candlestick patterns and configurations, reversal patterns, significant price levels, channels).
  3. Analytical reviews and forecasts from Just2trade broker experts.
  4. Subscribe to the newsletter on world events. This feature is completely free and the client has the opportunity to receive timely important data from Forex Daily, World Markets Weekly.
  5. Autofollow is available on all MMA and Forex accounts. A trader or investor chooses a leader-manager for himself and connects to his trading account. As a result, clients do not have to trade on their own, and there is an opportunity to earn incomepassively, without any action on their part. This type of analytics is especially popular among beginners who do not yet know how to independently analyze changes in market quotes, engage in forecasting and trade in financial markets.
  6. Function "analytics tools" - by selecting this section, the client will be able to receive complete information data on trading assets (news, forecasts, statistics). According to traders, it is available in a paid format.

"Personal account": training

Training programs in Just2Trade are presented for all areas of trading ("Forex", stock market) and are available to the broker's clients without restrictions. Conventionally, they can be divided into two types: training on a free and paid basis. For beginners, any information from which you can learn the basic basics of trading will be useful. For experienced traders, advanced paid courses are perfect, from which you can learn from professionals not only the details, but also the subtleties, chips, and advantages of many tools.

just2trade mma

Basic programs for beginners:

  1. Theoretical knowledge - what is trading, who are traders, how speculative operations are performed, concepts of trends, impulses, flats, charts, points and much more.
  2. Information about trading instruments - what they are, features, when, where and in what cases they are used.
  3. Overview of trading strategies and how to apply them.
  4. Market forecasting - the choice of instruments and their rulesuse.

Most of the information from the basic course is presented in the form of webinars and video tutorials, but you can also get the necessary knowledge by studying analytical reviews and articles in which professionals talk about what is happening in the financial markets and about the possibilities of using these situations for trading.

If the client is considering a paid training option, then he will be able not only to study all the materials on his own, but also count on support. Any questions that may arise in the process of studying materials and in further trading, you can always ask a personal teacher who accompanies all learning processes.

In Just2trade, according to the opinions of those people who have already gone through these stages of preparation, there is a very interesting, useful and quite popular service called "Trader's Navigator". Its feature is an aggregate function that combines various financial instruments, technical indicators, automated programs and trading methods. This is such a kind of trader's assistant, allowing him to trade more productively and get a good profit. This service is available to all Just2trade clients who have opened a trading account with it. To obtain data for authorization, after registration, you must contact the technical support of the brokerage company.

Summary of Just2Trade

According to traders, the Just2Trade brokerage company is an excellent choice for trading. It is highly reliable, as it is the property of the giant "Finam" andhas certificates (license) from the regulator for brokerage activities. Clients note favorable trading conditions and useful additional services that make this broker even more attractive for trading on financial markets.

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