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How to pay for "Plato": a description of the methods
How to pay for "Plato": a description of the methods

"Another scam", "rent to Rotenberg", "new MMM" - as soon as the people did not name the Government's decree on the introduction of toll roads. The system received the official name "Plato". Even before the entry into force of this normative act, active discussions began on the legality of this step. There were also strikes by drivers of heavy vehicles, and even an appeal to the Constitutional Court of Russia by deputies from the Communist Party. Another attempt to cancel this decision did not lead to anything. The Constitutional Court recognized the fairness and legality of such a measure.

All opponents of this reform had to come to terms with its introduction, but a number of questions immediately arose. One of the main ones was a misunderstanding of how to pay for Plato. But you still have to do this, because paying a fine for violations is very expensive. If the violation is committed for the first time, then the amount of the fine is five thousand rubles, for the second - already ten thousand. Carriers that routinely travel on roads covered by this regulation are better off operating within the law.

The movement of heavy trucks on the federal highway

How to pay for Plato?

The operator that will service this system by order of the Government is RTITS LLC, which in turn offers the following payment methods: issuing a route card or installing on-board equipment. You can also choose how to pay for Plato - before or after the trip. The route map is issued each time for a separate trip in your account on the official website.

For some, it is more convenient to install on-board equipment, because there is no need to constantly draw up a route map. An agreement is concluded on the free use of the device. Installation is carried out by the driver himself, with the help of the navigation system, the location of the car is automatically determined, the amount payable is calculated and funds are debited from the account. The driver is only required to ensure that there is always money in the account.

You can top up your current account using:

  • bank transfer;
  • at user information support centers;
  • bank or fuel card;
  • through online services;
  • in the affiliate network;
  • through the payment terminal.

Let's consider each method separately.

Bank transfer

This payment method is most often used by people who are far from the Internet, which is not surprising, because a driver who has been driving for more than 15–20 years had no time to master modern technologies. It’s easier to come to a bank where qualified specialists do everything themselves.will do. Where can I pay "Plato, in which particular bank, everyone chooses for himself. Any institution will still have to pay a transfer fee.

The most important thing is to know the correct details of the recipient of funds. You can get acquainted with them by printing a receipt from your personal account, or on the official website. It should be noted that the data for residents and non-residents differ. The term for transferring funds can be up to 3 business days, so you should not postpone paying for the route card until the last moment.

User Information Support Centers

A hotline works around the clock for all questions that arise from users of the system. There you can also get information about the location of information support centers, their work schedule and other contacts. It remains only to come to the nearest center and contact a specialist.

Bank or fuel card

Several types of bank cards are accepted for payment:

  1. "WORLD".
  2. Master Card.
  3. Visa.
  4. Union Pay.
  5. JCB.

And also fuel cards:

  1. E 100.
  2. DKV and other cards for international transport companies.

Affiliate Networks

Replenishment of the settlement record is also possible through intermediaries. These include Euroset, Qiwi service, Sberbank of Russia, Moscow Credit Bank, Eleksnet, Energotransbank. How to pay for "Plato" through a self-service terminal is easy to understand using the example of "Qiwi", because the network of these terminals is quite widecommon and very convenient and easy to use.

First you need to deposit money to your e-wallet. If it doesn't exist, then create it. To do this, you will have to go through a few simple steps:

  • Go to the QIWI website.
  • Press the "Register" button.
  • The registration window will open, where you will need to enter a mobile phone number.
  • Create a password and check the acceptance of the offer.
  • Enter the one-time code that will be sent via SMS in the field.
  • Press the "Confirm" button.

The electronic wallet is ready. It is very convenient that his number matches the mobile phone number, and there is no need to remember extra information.

To replenish it, you will again have to perform a series of actions:

  • on the terminal, select "Payment for services", then "E-commerce" and "Qiwi Wallet";
  • enter mobile phone number without 8;
  • go to the next tab by clicking "Next";
  • a field for entering the name of the depositor will open; this is necessary in order to determine whose payment it is;
  • click "Forward" again, check the number and deposit the required amount.
  • check that the deposited amount is correctly displayed on the screen, add banknotes if necessary (amount over 500 rubles is not subject to commission);
  • click "Pay".

This completes the replenishment of the Qiwi wallet. It is better to take a check in case the payment gets lost in the system for some reason. The electronic wallet is replenished, it remains only to decide how to pay"Plato" with his help.

Payment for "Platon" through the terminal

To do this, you need to enter your electronic wallet, enter your phone number and password. The main page will open. Through the search menu, find "Plato".

Payment for "Platon" via Qiwi wallet. Step 1

Select the type of service you are interested in. There are three options:

  • issue and pay for a route card;
  • pay for the route card;
  • replenish the settlement account.

The payment of a route card is considered as an example.

Payment for "Platon" via Qiwi wallet. Step 2

If the route card has already been created, then you should select the item "MK payment", enter the number of the route card and check it. In the payment method menu, you can choose other options besides the wallet account, but then it is worth considering that the commission will be higher. The most profitable payment methods are with a wallet or terminal. With the help of a card, you will have to pay another 1%, and with the help of the balance on the phone - from 1% and more. It all depends on the tariff conditions of the selected operator.

Payment for "Platon" via Qiwi wallet. Step 3

The commission for this operation will be 0.94% of the amount.

Select the wallet account in the payment method menu, enter the required amount and click "Pay".

Payment for "Platon" via Qiwi wallet. Step 4

Is there a discount on payment for violations of "Plato"?

If for some reason I had to deviate from art. 12.21.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, which describes the procedurecompliance with the regulations, you will have to decide how to pay the fine for Platon. In these cases, you should use the standard methods of depositing funds. Administrative responsibility can be halved if you use the discount law. Is it possible to pay a fine for "Platon" at a discount? Yes, you can! A nice bonus will be the fact that the 50% discount on violation of this article applies. But it is worth considering that this will only happen if the fine is paid no later than 20 days from the date of the decision.

For all questions, you can also contact the contact center by calling the hotline.

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