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Ile de Beaute loy alty program: how to check card balance

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Ile de Beaute loy alty program: how to check card balance
Ile de Beaute loy alty program: how to check card balance

It is often difficult to choose a worthy gift for a representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Cosmetics and perfume stores stock a myriad of fragrances, face and body care products, so you can stand at the shelves for hours without finding the right eau de toilette, cream or lipstick.

Cosmetic balloons

In order to make a pleasant surprise, guess with the choice of a gift and at the same time benefit from the purchase, cosmetic stores offer loy alty programs and issue gift cards, and when buying a product, they give the customer a discount card that will delight them with a bargain next time.

The article discusses the loy alty programs of the Ile de Beaute company and gives an answer to the question of how to check the balance of the Ile de Beaute card.

Discount program

Discount card

When making a purchase in the "Ile de Beaute" store, the sales assistant at the checkout asks ifcustomer discount plastic card to hold the goods at a bargain price. In case of its absence, the buyer is invited to fill out a questionnaire and receive a 10% discount card. The discount percentage depends on the accumulated amount for the purchases made and increases as follows:

Sum of purchases

Discount percentage

Card type

0 rub.

10 %

CLUB card

10,000 RUB

15 %

CLUB card

30 000 rub.

20 %

CLUB card

50 000 rub. and more

25 %

VIP card

As you can see from the table, with an increase in the total amount of purchases made, the discount percentage increases, and it will be more profitable to purchase new goods.

Checking the balance of a discount card

At Ile de Beaute, there are four ways to check the total accumulated amount and interest on the card.

The first way to check the balance of the "Ile de Bote" card is through the official website: www.iledebeaute.ru/mycard. In the corresponding field, enter the numbers indicated on the back of the plastic card. After filling in the field, you need to click the "Check savings" button. The site page will show information about the size of the current discount and the total accumulated amount from purchases made.

The second option of howcheck the balance of the "Il de Bote" discount card - do it at the store's checkout. The consultant will provide detailed information and additionally notify you of ongoing promotions and sales.

The third way is through the mobile application. To do this, you need to download it to your smartphone, fill out a short registration form and activate the barcode number of the plastic discount card. The amount of savings will be indicated in the "Card" section. If there is no card, the application allows you to issue a virtual card, which is used when paying for purchases in the application itself and on the company's website. When placing the first order, the application issues a card with a 10% discount. The discount increases according to the same principle as with a plastic card.

The last way to check the balance of the "Ile de Bote" card is to call the phone number. The consultant will tell you about the status and current balance of the card.

Gift program

Gift card

Gift, or gift-card - a ready-made option for those who doubt the preferences of the person being presented. Such a card is a cash equivalent, and with it you can choose what a person will like.

The client can buy a card of any denomination, starting from 500 rubles and ending with 100,000. The card has a limited validity period indicated on the reverse side. The client is offered the following options for gift cards:

  • for the purchase of any product;
  • to purchase products of a certain brand;
  • for day or evening make-updenomination of 3000 or 4500 rubles respectively;
  • for the service of eyebrow care or products of the brand "Benefit" with a face value of 1500 rubles.

When using the card, you can buy goods for a larger or smaller amount. If the limit is exceeded, the difference will need to be paid. If the purchase amount is less than the face value of the card, the balance can be spent on the following purchases.

Check gift card balance

Unlike the discount card, there are only two ways to check the balance on the "Ile de Bote" gift card.

The first option is to find out the balance from the consultant at the checkout of the store. The second way to check the balance of the Ile de Beaute gift card is to call by phone. The consultant will inform you in detail about the status and current balance of the card.

Shop ile de beauté

So, checking the balance of the "Ile de Bote" card is not difficult. To do this, you can use the mobile application on your smartphone or the official website of the company, as well as contact a consultant in the store for help or clarify information by phone number.

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