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FlixBus bus company: reviews of tourists about the service
FlixBus bus company: reviews of tourists about the service

Many have heard of low-cost airlines that keep ticket prices low by cutting food, baggage and check-in costs. For economical citizens, there are low-cost buses that have their pros and cons. This article will focus on the young carrier FlixBus.

A little digression into history

The development of the bus route network was first discussed in 2009. Entrepreneurs Daniel Kraus, Jochen Engert and Andre Schwemmlein organized this company in 2013. Two years later, FlixBus went international. Today, the organization operates hundreds of buses and operates 200,000 flights daily. The carrier has about 1,200 destinations in 26 countries around the world.

Flixbus company bus

German company MeinFernbus FlixBus recently became part of FlixBus. These organizations have created a new European brand, which is widely popular among tourists. Reviews about Fernbus fahren mit FlixBus note that the merger of the two companiestransportation has allowed convenient, cheap and safe travel to all European countries. The company's efforts are focused on providing passengers with the highest level of service.

What is this?

The bus company FlixBus is the largest European transport operator. Among the main advantages of this organization are the following:

  • a wide route network that covers all European countries;
  • low prices;
  • opportunity to purchase a ticket on the Internet, at city ticket offices, from the driver and from company partners;
  • comfortable buses (comfortable toilets, soft seats, purchase of dry snacks, drinks and air conditioning);
  • mobile application that allows you to inform about changes;
  • comfortable baggage allowance;

It is already impossible to imagine the bus network of Europe without branded green buses of this company.

Traveling with Flixbus

The number of offices is growing at an incredible rate, as is the list of cities from which you can leave on FlixBus. The uniqueness of the project lies in the special model on which trips are organized.

How does it work?

The peculiarity of FlixBus lies in the specific model of transportation organization. The company does not have its own fleet of buses, and offices serve as think tanks. The company's specialists are entrusted with many responsibilities: the development of new technologies, marketing, ticket sales, attracting customers, hiring drivers.

Traveling withby Flixbus

FlixBus and the bus companies share the revenue generated and the losses incurred. Therefore, partnership is based on a certain model of distribution of financial resources. Both parties are interested in maintaining a high quality of service and increasing the number of customers.

Special Features

The company positions itself in the market as an environmentally friendly carrier. That is why the company uses buses that emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Passengers can also make voluntary donations to offset CO2 emissions2. The collected funds are invested in the development of environmental projects around the world. The green image has contributed greatly to the company's popularity.

Additional features and services

The company has developed a mobile application FlixBus App, with which you can print a ticket. The carrier pays special attention to digital technologies. Therefore, tourists can purchase an electronic ticket, as well as track the bus in real time. The use of free Wi-Fi on the bus has created a new travel concept. The company also relied on regular sales and cheap tickets.

Overall customer experience

In order to form an objective opinion, you can study the reviews about FlixBus. Many of them say that the services of this company are really worth the money. Customers love the easy process of booking and buying tickets through the mobile app. FlixBus reviews containinformation that travel has become much more accessible thanks to this company.

Public Opinion

Traveling on modern buses is safe, economical and convenient. The reviews contain information that cheap tickets must be bought at least a month in advance. The indisputable advantage of the company is the ability to cancel or flexibly change the trip, which is confirmed by the reviews about FlixBus. However, the cost of this service is 5 euros. Many do not recommend riding night buses, as the seats are absolutely not designed for sleeping. You can book a ticket 3-6 months before departure. However, the timing may vary depending on the route.

Transport company passengers

Some passengers didn't like the first-come-first-served boarding, as many reviews of FlixBus confirm. You can choose a seat only on some flights, for an additional fee. Priority is given only to travelers with small children and the disabled. Passengers also talk about the possibility of booking an extra seat nearby. However, you will have to pay the full price of the ticket for this. Passengers are advised to be at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes before departure. If there are empty seats on the bus, tickets can be purchased directly from the driver at the bus stop. FlixBus reviews note that the carrier does not allow pets.

Service Level

Many customers claim that bus drivers do not help to load luggage, and also do not answer clarifying questions about the trip.When traveling through Europe, you need to be well prepared. Passengers need to know in advance the duration of stops, their names, and the place where they need to get off. Some FlixBus reviews include drivers not speaking English and not providing important information to passengers.

Bus fleet

Many people note the careless attitude of drivers, as no one waits for late passengers. Therefore, using the services of this company, you should not linger on the way to the flight. Other customer reviews of the FlixBus service report Internet restrictions, which are not enough even to watch a video clip. Other passengers report that free Wi-Fi is only available for one hour due to traffic restrictions. Reviews note that when the bus is full, the Internet does not work at all. In general, passengers are satisfied with the conditions of transportation and the level of service. Many say that the company provides the most comfortable buses. FlixBus reviews are mostly positive from those passengers who want to travel around Europe on a budget. As an advantage, travelers note the possibility of visiting several places for little money. Some passengers are advised to purchase tickets at least a week before the departure of the flight. The principle of all budget travel is: the sooner the better.

FlixBus: reviews of tourists about the bus

Passengers should not count on leather seats and a built-in TV in the bus, whichconfirm. According to reviews, FlixBus buses offer quite comfortable conditions, without any frills and luxury. The seats recline far enough so passengers can get a few hours of sleep on the trip. Some flights offer complimentary drinks and snacks, but FlixBus travelers say it's best to take supplies with you.

Bus interior

The company strictly approaches the size of luggage and hand luggage. At the same time, one bag should not weigh more than 7 kg, and a suitcase - no more than 20 kg. If passengers comply with these restrictions, they are exempt from payment. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional fee of up to 9 euros. Some reviews note the complete lack of luggage control by the driver. Many passengers recommend taking the necessary bags with you on the bus. Reviews claim that cases of luggage theft are frequent, as the company is not responsible for them.

Features of return

Customers warn potential passengers that the company does not refund tickets. The carrier will only redeem vouchers for future FlixBus trips. Reviews note that it is impossible to get real money for a ticket.

Company Strengths

Many reviews of FlixBus claim that this service offers a wide network of routes to many destinations. Passengers also note the cost-effectiveness of traveling by bus in comparison with other carriers. Customers appreciated the cleanliness, convenience and order in the salon, whichconfirm the numerous positive reviews of FlixBus (photos of buses are given in the article). As additional benefits, many highlight the presence of sockets and dry closets.

On the official website, you can buy tickets on average 20% below the regular price if you buy in advance. Passengers also appreciated the spacious seating and soft seats in the FlixBus cabin. The bus company receives mostly positive reviews, since tourists can independently plot the route and visit the countries of interest for little money. If you follow the discounts on the site, you can buy a ticket for only 1 euro. Many passengers liked the double-decker buses, which are comfortable.

Convenient vehicle

FlixBus reviews note that the company is doing everything possible to maximize the convenience of passengers. Before boarding, it is enough to present an electronic ticket on the smartphone screen and sit in a convenient place in the cabin. Users of this service say that they can contact company employees at any time through the application.

Critical remarks

Many customers report that the company's punctuality is one of its biggest weaknesses. Some passengers report that buses are regularly late. Many had to wait for a flight for several hours. Other customers were dissatisfied with the return system, which in fact does not exist. Despite the fact that the company offers two options (exchange the ticket or return the money), physically receivemoney is simply unrealistic. Funds can only be used for other trips within Europe. However, it is rather problematic to use this option, since it is not available in the mobile application.

Public opinion

Reviews report that you should not expect caring and helpful service on the bus. Very often there are delays, so this carrier is not punctual. Some reviews point out that you can use FlixBus if the ticket is much cheaper than on another mode of transport. Others say that the prices before the departure of the bus are quite comparable to the train tickets. You must always take into account the possibility of random events that can lead to a delay: traffic jams, adverse weather conditions, breakdowns. Negative reviews report that an integral part of the service is long waits in places that are completely unsuitable for this.


The pricing policy of the bus company FlixBus pleases many customers, especially those who are used to saving without sacrificing convenience. The carrier has launched routes to almost all countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Today, he has at his disposal more than one hundred buses within the European community.

Tourist impressions

Passengers can independently choose the necessary route on the company's website. To do this, just set the parameters and wait for the response of the system. Despite the negative reviews, the availability of night routes is greatadvantage of the transport company.

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