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Construction organizations in St. Petersburg: an overview of the largest enterprises, activities, reviews

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Construction organizations in St. Petersburg: an overview of the largest enterprises, activities, reviews
Construction organizations in St. Petersburg: an overview of the largest enterprises, activities, reviews

It is known that if you want to build a house or do finishing work in your own home, it is best to turn to specialists in this matter, which can be found in construction companies in the city.

Which construction organizations in St. Petersburg are recognized as the best, and where should you turn if you want to create a cozy building? Let's consider further the list of the most demanded of them, the main directions of their activity, as well as the comments of some clients left in their address.

Large construction companies in St. Petersburg

List of the best construction companies in St. Petersburg

Before considering all organizations operating in the construction and renovation of housing, it is worth determining a general list of those that are in greatest demand. These include:

  • IC "StroyTekhnologii";
  • "Ekoplat";
  • "Country Dream";
  • "Eco City";
  • "Alpha";
  • "Intek-Stroy";
  • "Grand Pine";
  • "Drilling Technologies";
  • "Stinkom".

Let's consider further the main features of each of them.

IC "StroyTekhnologii"

SK "StroyTekhnologii" is one of the largest companies in St. Petersburg, which has been offering its services in the field of not only construction, but also finishing work since 1998. In the reviews of this developer, left by clients, quite often it is said about the high level of work, which is ensured by the professionalism of the employees on the staff - there are no seasonal workers in it.

SK "StroyTekhnologii" is a repair and construction organization in St. Petersburg, which offers an acceptable cost of its services. Most clients note that when concluding an agreement with a company, the cost of payment for work is fixed and does not change during the execution of tasks. At the same time, 30% of the total amount must be paid to the customer immediately, and the remaining 70% - after the delivery of the object.

Construction organization St. Petersburg supply department


"Ekoplat" is the official representative of As Skano Fibreboard. The main feature of this developer is that during the work it uses only environmentally friendly materials that are not capable of harming human he alth,living in the created building.

This developer is able to please customers with excellent country houses, frame and other types of buildings. In addition, this company offers a wide range of work in the field of sound insulation of premises, thermal insulation and the creation of buildings in the style of "warm house".

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the company in question offers customers a large selection of environmentally friendly building materials of excellent quality that can be used to create objects on their own.

Country dream

One of the best construction organizations in St. Petersburg is "Country Dream". The company is engaged in the construction of very cozy and warm country houses on a turn-key basis. Among the structures being built by this large construction organization (in St. Petersburg), it is worth highlighting:

  • foundations;
  • frame houses;
  • houses made of timber;
  • baths from timber.

A feature of this developer is that it works without making an advance payment, and also has a lot of partner banks that are ready to provide loans to customers on very favorable terms.

The developer in question is ready to fulfill any wishes of customers, and also has the opportunity to offer a lot of their own options for house layouts.

"Country Dream" is a large construction organization in St. Petersburg, which has vast experience in the field of construction - for more than 10 years of existence, it has built at least 2,000 houses.

Breviews left by customers to this construction organization, it is often noted that experienced teams perform all work quite quickly and on time. Moreover, in the process of erecting new buildings, he uses only high-quality materials that are ready to serve for decades.

Base of construction organizations in St. Petersburg


When reviewing the list of construction organizations in St. Petersburg, recognized as the best in their field, it is worth mentioning the Eco-City company, which is engaged in the construction of buildings using a special SIP technology, in which all buildings are created from durable and heat-insulating sip panels.

Reviews about the company in question often say that its main advantage is the provision of a guarantee for the buildings it has built. As noted in the comments, the pricing policy of buildings is also pleasing - due to the relatively low cost of the main material and the ease of working with it, the final price of the house is low.

Reviews left by customers to Eco-City often say that its teams can bring to life any project that arose in their imagination, and in the best possible way. The set of objects transferred for use may also be different:

  • for finishing;
  • turnkey;
  • initial;
  • standard;
  • basic.
Construction and contracting organization St. Petersburg


"Alpha" is a large construction and assemblya company whose friendly team is engaged in the construction of buildings for various purposes. Practice shows that experienced installers and builders working in this group can build turnkey buildings that will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Reviews about Alfa, which operates in St. Petersburg, say that its team always works quite quickly and smoothly, which ensures a high rate of performance.

Road construction organizations of St. Petersburg


Since 2006, the Intek-Stroy company has been operating on the construction market in St. Petersburg, which demonstrates a high level of its work, due to the professionalism of the staff. It should be noted that the range of activities of the company "Intek-Stroy" includes not only installation, but also repair, as well as finishing work.

Comments left by customers to the firm in question often state that their team does amazing renovations of both small and large spaces. In particular, in a considerable number of reviews it is noted that Intek-Stroy is a company that creates excellent finishes in offices, as well as comprehensive repairs in restaurants and bars. As for the procedure for the construction of residential buildings and premises, it is carried out on a turnkey basis, with the execution of all necessary documents and individual selection of layouts.

Most of the reviews about the work of the company "Intek-Stroy" say that itsthe pricing policy is pleasantly surprising, despite the fact that high-quality and durable building materials are used in the production process. In addition, many clients of this developer are amazed by the fact that they are provided with a five-year guarantee for each constructed structure, which in itself speaks of the quality of work, as well as its full compliance with all available GOSTs and SNiPs.

Grand Pine

Grand Pine's uniqueness lies in the fact that this developer produces unique and durable buildings from glued laminated timber. In the reviews about this developer, many customers note that in order to implement their ideas, they use exclusively high-quality material, which has a guarantee. It is also worth noting that all the material used to build houses is produced by the best and most reliable Russian companies, which in itself speaks of their quality.

A feature of this company is the presence of a long warranty period for the created structures - 20 years, which is an indisputable proof of the level of quality of the houses built by its teams.

Construction organizations St. Petersburg

Drilling technologies

"Drilling Technologies" is one of the largest construction organizations in St. Petersburg. The drilling technology supply department that operates under it is especially popular among those who want to dig an individual well or well on their site.

In its activities, the company in question uses onlyhigh-quality equipment that allows for truly high-quality work.

In addition to the implementation of construction work, the company in question offers everyone the opportunity to purchase high-quality drilling rigs for personal use at fairly reasonable prices. It should be noted that this manufacturer provides warranty and post-warranty service for these units, as well as its comprehensive support at different stages of operation.

Road construction organizations

A considerable number of road construction organizations operate in St. Petersburg, whose main activity is to create high-quality road surfaces, and some in parallel specialize in the construction of unique houses from high-quality materials. The best of them are:

  • "DorTechMarket";
  • "Rubus Dom";
  • "VAD";
  • "BSK-2020";
  • "NCR Rhodes";
  • "EcoTraffic";
  • "Omega Road";
  • "Architect";
  • Corporation "Eurotract".


In the database of construction organizations in St. Petersburg there is a fairly promising and sought-after company - "Stinkom", whose specialists are building entire cottage villages, on the territory of which there are other unique buildings that can improve the lives of people who inhabit these cozy houses.

Construction organizations St. Petersburg list

As for production structures,available in the company "Stinkom", then from their total number it is worth highlighting the following:

  • production;
  • operational;
  • development;
  • technical;
  • construction.

It should be noted that the reviews about this company say, first of all, about the reliability of the developer, as well as the fact that all the projects entrusted to him are developed and implemented in life quite quickly and on time. In the comments left by customers to this construction and contracting organization in St. Petersburg, it is noted that during all work at the facilities, not only safety precautions are observed, but also the safety of all materials is ensured. Most of the company's clients also like the fact that all work is carried out under awnings, which protect unfinished objects from the negative effects of the sun and rain.

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