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Sleeping area: cheap and cheerful

Sleeping area: cheap and cheerful
Sleeping area: cheap and cheerful
Dormitory area

Each major metropolis is divided into many districts: central, fashionable, elite, bedroom. Thanks to the name, it immediately becomes clear to everyone what is there. For example, the sleeping area appeared when there was not enough housing in the city, and it was decided to build apartment buildings at a distance from the financial center. People who received housing in this place were forced to get up early and take a long time to get to work, and return late in the evening. Most people spend most of their lives commuting from home to work and back. So it turned out that they only slept in the apartment. Hence the name.

The sleeping area at first was not equipped with enough infrastructure, entertainment facilities, or retail outlets. All offices and businesses were far away. Among the undeniable advantages of this area is the low cost of housing. For many visitors from the outback, this is a real chance to gain a foothold in a large city. People also like local landscapes, a large number of parks forwalks with children, the absence of an intense traffic flow, as in the central part of the city. Here you can feel like a resident of a small quiet town.

Sleeping areas of Moscow

Fortunately for the townspeople, the sleeping areas of Moscow have changed significantly in recent years. Large funds are invested in the development of local infrastructure, the revival of old buildings and cultural facilities. Strogino, Yasenevo and Troparevo-Nikulino were recognized as the most promising among the rest. The specialists of the company that issued such a verdict evaluated the applicants according to several criteria: the number of green spaces, entertainment facilities, the presence of plans for the future development of the area. But the most expensive sleeping area was called Krylatskoe. You can buy housing here for an average of 20 million rubles. People are attracted by green parks, which occupy a third of the entire area, and well-developed infrastructure in this place. Also, apartments in elite residential complexes are in great demand.

Shops in residential areas

The sleeping area retained its name, but not the essence. Now you can not only spend the night in it, but also buy the necessary goods, visit an entertainment club, go to a salon or dine in a restaurant. This is a complete place not only for life, but also for recreation. Shops in residential areas are growing like mushrooms after rain: food supermarkets, shopping malls. Now you do not need to drive far from home to make the necessary purchases. Very often suchestablishments are located directly in residential buildings. Perhaps this is somewhat uncomfortable for the inhabitants of the lower floors, but you have to make sacrifices for the sake of other comfort.

What will the sleeping area turn into in the end? The answer is simple: it will be a comfortable and environmentally friendly place to live with good infrastructure. Does this mean that he will lose his status? Partially, because it will obviously not be a place only for spending the night. New areas are coming to replace them, which are built up with high-rise buildings and become really bedrooms.

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