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Garage manager: job description, work experience and education

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Garage manager: job description, work experience and education
Garage manager: job description, work experience and education

The job description of the head of the garage is a necessary guiding document that can regulate the activities of an employee and determine what kind of relationship should develop between him and the company where he is employed.

Its paragraphs may contain different information about his rights, duties, responsibilities, education and requirements, depending on the scope of the enterprise and individual preferences of the management. At the same time, it must be drawn up in accordance with the standards of labor legislation and agreed between the employee and superiors before he starts work.

General provisions

According to the job description of the head of the garage of the enterprise, this position is a managerial one, therefore, the general director is responsible for the dismissal and hiring of an employee. All movements of the employee in the service must be supportedwritten orders from senior management. The head of the garage is directly subordinate to the chief engineer.


For this position, as indicated in the job description of the head of the garage in an educational institution or enterprise, only those employees who have received a basic or complete higher education can apply. He must have the appropriate training, meaning a bachelor or a specialist. After the diploma, he must receive an education in the direction of management. Employers also require at least two years of professional experience in road transport.


Before starting to fulfill their duties, according to the job description of the head of the housing and communal services garage, educational institution or enterprise, the employee must familiarize himself with all orders, resolutions, orders of the management. Study the regulatory, methodological and other guidance documents that relate to the activities of the company where he is employed.

job description of the head of the garage of the enterprise

His knowledge should include information about how it is arranged, what it is intended for, what design features, technical and operational data the rolling stock of the organization has. He must know the rules for the technical and safe use of the transport entrusted to him.

Other knowledge

As stated in the job description of the head of the garage of a motor transport company, before starting work, he must study whattechnology and how transport maintenance and repair works are carried out. Knowledge in the field of economics and labor organization, management methods are important. Among other things, the employee must understand the provisions on wages, as well as know how to properly financially incentivize garage workers.

job description for the head of the garage of a motor transport company

His knowledge should include information about maintaining accounting and reporting documentation that affects the rolling stock of the enterprise and its operating materials. It is important for an employee to study all the rules of the road, the basics of the labor code and other standards and norms established by the organization.


The job description of the head of the garage of the hospital and other institutions on the basis of which vehicles are registered assumes that he will ensure that all vehicles entrusted to him are in good order and, if necessary, provide technical assistance to drivers on the line.

ambulance cars

The employee controls the employees subordinate to him, whether they comply with the rules of technical operation and whether the transport assigned to them remains in good condition. He should be engaged in the repair of industrial premises and equipment of the garage itself, develop and implement measures aimed at landscaping, landscaping and cleaning the garage area. Controls whether employees comply with the norms and rules established by the enterprise.

Employee Duties

JobThe instruction of the head of the garage includes a clause about his duties in the company. In particular, it takes into account the release of road transport on the line, according to the stated schedule, and checking its serviceability. The employee must ensure that there is a sufficient amount of fuel and lubricants in the garage, that all vehicles undergo maintenance in a timely manner and that the rules for its storage are observed.

job description of the head of the garage housing and communal services

He is responsible for direct supervision of traffic safety on the road, and he must also ensure that all workers under his supervision comply with the instructions and duties to ensure accident-free driving. He instructs the staff, provides drivers with the necessary technical documentation, conducts interviews and controls the he alth of the transport before releasing it on a flight.


As stated in the job description of the head of the garage, this head is obliged to provide subordinates with medical examinations before and after the flight. Sometimes his duties include personally checking all the documents of the drivers of the garage, making sure that the vehicles carrying passengers are driven only by experienced workers with driving categories "C" and "D".

hospital garage superintendent job description

The head also controls that drivers do not violate the regulations on working hours and take timely rest from doing their work in accordance withlabor legislation. His duties may include prohibiting the use of vehicles in dangerous weather conditions. He must remove employees from work if their actions or condition could adversely affect the performance of their work.

Other employee duties

The job description of the head of the garage may contain a list of duties, which include attracting new employees for internships, recruiting staff and assigning mentors to them with a written indication of the training period.

garage manager job description

He is engaged in visiting the scene of traffic accidents, finding out the circumstances under which they occurred, as well as developing measures to prevent similar problems in the future. The employee must not only assign the vehicle to the driver, but also explain to him all the features of the operation and maintenance of this vehicle. If necessary, conduct a full briefing on driving a vehicle, clarifying all the details and nuances.


Before signing the document, the employee must carefully study the sample job description for the head of the garage. In addition to the above, it may include a list of important tasks, namely, the preparation of reporting and accounting documentation regarding vehicles, materials, inventory and the work done.

It may also indicate that it is his responsibility to notify management of all violations committed by his subordinates and proposedmethods of punishment and prevention of similar situations in the future. He must ensure that the garage has everything necessary for the maintenance, maintenance and repair of vehicles, including equipment, inventory and materials.


According to the job description of the head of the garage, the head has the right to remove subordinates from work if they violate the rules for the safety of using cars or their technical operation. He has the right to prohibit the use of transport during difficult weather conditions, except in cases where there is an emergency or any other need approved by higher management. Suspend drivers from work if their action or condition threatens the safe use of vehicles. He also has the right to propose to the management the promotion or punishment of employees directly subordinate to him.


The leader is responsible for the failure to fulfill his duties or the poor quality work of the subordinates entrusted to him. From responsible for the maintenance of the vehicles entrusted to him, their release on the line, maintaining the technically sound condition of the machines. He can be held accountable for violation of traffic rules by him or his subordinates, for non-compliance with any other company charters. He is responsible for creating working conditions in the garage, as well as for taking timely measures to improve them.

garage manager job description sample

He could be prosecuted for violating the law,rules and regulations of the company, for obstructing the work of officials. He is also responsible for causing material damage to the company and untimely or distorted reporting of information to management or control and supervision bodies. Also, the instruction may contain other information regarding the rights, duties and responsibilities of the head of the garage.

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