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Unleashed horse and man - mutual understanding or training?

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Unleashed horse and man - mutual understanding or training?
Unleashed horse and man - mutual understanding or training?

In the old days, horses played a big part in people's lives. Often they were the only means of transportation: almost everyone knew how to ride a horse. The peasants used them as labor force. The life of a person sometimes depended on the speed and endurance of a horse. People understood the need to get along with horses.

In our time, rarely anyone has these animals on the farm. And a few units are able to travel them. Usually this is done by specially trained people. A horse that has not been ridden is the name of an animal that does not know how to obey the rider's promises.

Dressage Problems

They depend on the breed of horse and the purpose for which they are intended.

In racing or equestrian sport, a horse must not only be strong, fast and hardy. Even if she knows how to walk under the saddle, she is still considered not to be ridden until she learns to obey the promises of the rider.

horse training

If the horse is intended for working purposes, its main task is to carry a cart, walk with a plow and a harrow. As suchshe doesn't need a dressage. All it takes to teach her is to listen to the master's simple orders and follow them.

Step dressage

Supple horse

An untrained horse is just an untrained animal. Each, like a person, has its own character. Some are kind and gentle, others are harmful and embittered. A person must first learn on his own, and then find an approach to the horse and train it.

  • The first step. The horse must be able to walk under the rider. A completely untrained horse cannot do this.
  • Second step. The animal is taught to obey the signals given by the rider. Signals (messages) are leg (the inside of the rider's legs from the knee and below), voice, hands, rider's body position, whip, spurs.
  • Third step. Horse training. Depends on the goals of the horse and its owner.

The horse is very shy and sensitive. And if she is stubborn, it means that either she feels discomfort, or the rider gives her the wrong message.

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