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Professional growth and personal: what is it?
Professional growth and personal: what is it?

Professional growth is the internal need of the individual for development. An internal motivator of a person for whom a resource of personal freedom is opened in the sphere of his objective activity. The concept acquires a special meaning in the field of pedagogy. Since it is a professionally accomplished teacher who is able to "hook" the child's personal beginning in the best way, to help him taste the joy of the development process.

Professional growth - internal need and external need

professional growth

There is a system for advanced training of a specialist. Her attitude may be different. Often refresher courses are perceived as an external necessity that is imposed by a plan, either by industry standards, or by the whim of superiors. In this case, the process is perceived as an external necessity. It often happens that the time provided for professional development becomes lost. Sometimes this time is used with pleasure and not for its intended purpose.

For the process to be useful, professional growth must become a specialist's need. And it's not just about financial incentives. It is rathera bonus rather than a goal for professional (in the true sense of the word) development.

How can professional development become a living process of development?

In order for the external need to coincide with the internal need of a person, several fundamental conditions must be met:

  1. It is important that professional growth allows you to expand the boundaries of a person's personal experience.
  2. When forming a training plan, it is advisable to proceed from the requests of a specialist and correlate them with the interests of the organization.
  3. The results of the professional development course are put into practice, in the form of a product. It is he who serves as the basis for assessing professional growth.

How to measure the results of professional growth

At what moment of daily activities and systematic development can we say with confidence that this is it, it happened? And is such an assessment possible in principle?

teacher professional growth

There is a great postulate of personal development, which says that a person develops in comparison with himself, at different time intervals of his personal history. Based on the results of advanced training courses, it is possible and, moreover, it is necessary to evaluate his professional growth. There are already methods for this, for example, introspection of activity. As other forms of "personal credit", it is possible to introduce the development of a methodological manual, as a practical application of the theoretical course received as part of advanced training, the development of an experimentalmethod for the benefit of the institution.

To teach a teacher is to motivate a student

In the pedagogical environment, a certain professional pathology is often observed: always teach and be right. This is the worst form of pedagogical extremism. The surest way is to remain a living person, able to constantly learn. And first of all - in children. Exactly. Nobody canceled the Socratic method. The principle of "let's say you're right" is the absolute acceptance of making a mistake. And at the next stage of the process - a joint search with the student for a way to achieve the truth.

teacher's professional growth

Professional growth is the expansion of horizons to find a genuine solution together with students, and not the process of technical transfer of information from different media. The result can be assessed by the quality of students' motivation in the process of finding the answer, and not in an attempt to "guess" what the teacher requires of him. The professional growth of a teacher is measured by the results of the student. The rule has been known since antiquity.

The student must surpass the teacher

Professional growth of the teacher as a result manifests itself in the motivation of the student to learn. And if the student argues with the teacher in an attempt to prove that he is right, you can be happy - the goal has been achieved, and you should be happy with the result! This is the best result of the teacher's professionalism. Alas, in our traditional school with a conservative director and a standard system, not every teacher is ready to hear this, let alone accept such a position. Therefore, when the question arises"of the current generation", with its ability to think in pictures and comics, the question should be asked to teachers: "Who are they?"

personal and professional growth

Personal and professional growth in the system of pedagogy is the basic principle of development. This area does not tolerate formalism and static. We should begin to change society with the education of a new generation of teachers who are able to replace a dull monologue with a lively dialogue with a student. The ability to build such a quality of communication lies in the abilities and degree of spiritual openness of the teacher. This quality is inherent in people capable of constant self-improvement. Breaking standards and flexibility is the way of the Master.

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