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Maternity capital under a mortgage in Sberbank: registration rules, necessary documents and amount

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Maternity capital under a mortgage in Sberbank: registration rules, necessary documents and amount
Maternity capital under a mortgage in Sberbank: registration rules, necessary documents and amount

One of the most common ways to use maternity capital is to send money to improve housing conditions. In 2019, the amount of the certificate will be 453,026 rubles. This is a very impressive amount, but still not enough to buy a home. Therefore, families decide to issue maternity capital under a mortgage at Sberbank. It is this financial institution that is one of the leaders in issuing loans for the purchase of real estate. Therefore, many customers make a choice in favor of this bank. In this article, we will talk about the rules for obtaining loans, the documents that you will need, the amount you can count on.

Where can I get a loan?

Mortgage terms

Most often they draw up maternity capital for a mortgage at Sberbank. This financial institution is considered the leader in terms of the number of issuedreal estate loans.

At the beginning of 2019, this bank can count on mortgage rates from 8.5% to 11.6%. In some cases, the final rate may be even lower. For example, if the client participates in the government program to subsidize the mortgage. The percentage also varies greatly depending on what kind of housing is planned to be purchased: under construction or finished.

To apply for a mortgage under maternity capital at Sberbank, you have to submit an application at one of the branches of this financial institution. In this case, you will need to provide a list of certain documents, which varies depending on the method you choose to confirm labor income, as well as some other factors. We will talk about them in this article.

A prerequisite for obtaining a mortgage under maternity capital in Sberbank is the allocation of a share in the purchased housing for each family member. To do this, you must first visit the branch of the Pension Fund of Russia at the place of residence in order to conclude the necessary obligation.


Bank loan

To get a mortgage under maternity capital in Sberbank, you will need to meet certain conditions. This assistance from the state is allowed to be used as a down payment for the purchased housing or to pay interest.

Among the conditions of mat. capital under a mortgage in Sberbank there is also a clause stating that in order to purchase real estate by raising credit funds, one should not wait three years to usecertificate. You can do this immediately after the birth of the child. This provision is contained in the Federal Law governing state support for families with children.

According to the terms of the mortgage under maternity capital in Sberbank, you can submit a statement on how you plan to manage these financial resources as soon as you issue the certificate itself.

At the same time, it is worth considering that the law prohibits using this money for commissions, fines, forfeits and pen alties that a family could have incurred during the use of a mortgage loan taken earlier.

To transfer funds to pay off the mortgage, the certificate holder must submit an application for the distribution of shares to children and spouse in housing that is purchased for mat. capital. Only after that the Pension Fund starts the procedure for using the funds.

It is worth emphasizing that, in accordance with the terms of the mortgage under maternity capital in Sberbank, this obligation must be fulfilled within six months after the removal of the encumbrance from the apartment or house and repayment of the loan debt.


Maternity capital under a mortgage in Sberbank is allowed to take on the purchase of finished or under construction housing. In this case, the borrower must meet certain requirements.

To get approval for a mortgage under the mat. capital in Sberbank, the client must be 21 years old. Pay off the loan should be a maximum of 75 years. If his employment and income are not confirmed, then this bar is reduced by 10 years.

Must bea citizen of the Russian Federation. According to the conditions for registering maternity capital for a mortgage at Sberbank, the last official place of work must be registered for at least six months. At the same time, over the past 5 years, in total, you need to work out at least one year. Only clients who officially receive a salary to an account opened with Sberbank can ignore the latest requirements.

An important role is also played by the fact that in the process of obtaining maternity capital for a mortgage in Sberbank, it is allowed to attract co-borrowers. There should be no more than three individuals. In this situation, their income is taken into account when determining the maximum amount of credit available to you. At the same time, the spouse himself must be a co-borrower, except in situations where he is not a citizen of Russia or a marriage contract has been concluded between the husband and wife, which spells out the conditions for separate ownership of property.

It should be remembered that before going to the Pension Fund to arrange how you will manage the money, you must first conclude a loan agreement.


Mortgage under maternity capital

You can find out all the details of obtaining a mortgage for maternity capital in Sberbank online. Let's take a look at them in this article. The following procedure awaits you.

  1. All necessary documents are submitted to the bank in full.
  2. If the financial institution makes a positive decision, the borrower chooses the property he plans to purchase. After that, a package of documents should be submitted to the bankon him.
  3. Sberbank employees must approve the object, after which the loan documentation is signed.
  4. The rights to the property are registered with Rosreestr.
  5. A home loan is being processed.
  6. For the Pension Fund, you need to get a certificate from the bank that you have received a loan. Please note that if you plan to cover part of the down payment with the certificate, you will need a certificate from the Pension Fund indicating the balance of maternity capital. True, it is not necessary to receive it before applying. The law gives three months for this after the approval of the loan.

The client has the right to apply for a mortgage under the mat. capital in Sberbank in a branch that falls under one of three conditions. It must be at the place of registration:

  • borrower;
  • of the property you are applying for a mortgage on;
  • client's employer.

Mortgage Amount

Maternal capital

Calculate a mortgage in Sberbank for maternity capital will help you in any branch of this financial institution.

When purchasing ready-made housing, a client can count on an amount of 300,000 rubles for up to 30 years. In this case, you must make a minimum initial payment of 15% of the property value. If the borrower does not confirm income and employment, then the amount of his down payment must be at least 50%.

It is important to note that the amount of the mortgage cannot exceed 85% of the appraised or contract value of the property. Givenhousing is then issued as collateral.

When purchasing housing under construction, the client can count on the same conditions, but the final interest on the mortgage will be much lower. If the loan is issued under a preferential program with the participation of the developer, the loan cannot be issued for more than 12 years.

Interest rates

Credit in Sberbank

Currently, Sberbank has different base rates. When making a transaction for the purchase of finished housing, the client can count on 11% per annum.

With a down payment of 50%, it increases to 11.6%. For the purchase of housing under construction, the base rate is considered to be 10.5%. With participation in the subsidy program for a period of 7 to 12 years, it is reduced to 9%, and for a period of up to 7 years - to 8.5%.

At the same time, there is a system of lowering and raising the interest rate. For example, when purchasing an apartment using the DomClick portal, the rate is reduced by 0.3%. This is a special service designed for selling, buying and searching for real estate.

If you have a salary card in Sberbank, then with life insurance you can reduce the rate by 1%, and when purchasing housing from certain developers for up to 12 years, reduce it by another 2%. Also, in case of electronic registration of property rights without visiting the multifunctional center and Rosreestr, the rate is reduced by 0.1%.

If there is no salary card, then you can confirm your income using a bank certificate or 2-personal income tax, which will allow you to reduce the final percentage by another 0,3%.

For example, when buying a property for 5 million rubles, the minimum contribution will be 750 thousand rubles. If you take out a maximum loan for 30 years, confirming income, life insurance and applying electronic registration, you can count on a rate of 11%.

To be approved for a loan, you need a monthly income of 57,820 rubles. The monthly payment will be 40,474 rubles.

Package of documents

maternity capital certificate

To apply for a mortgage under maternity capital at Sberbank, the documents you need to provide depend on many factors. Main package includes:

  • application-questionnaire;
  • passport of the borrower and all co-borrowers with a registration mark;
  • certificate for your mat. capital;
  • certificate from the branch of the Pension Fund on the formed balance of mat. capital;
  • proof of employment and income.

To verify your income, you can use one of several methods:

  • working citizens submit a certificate of income for the last six months from their place of work;
  • pensioners - a certificate of the amount of their pension for the previous month;
  • entrepreneurs - tax return for the last reporting tax period.

More options exist to confirm employment. You can do this in the following ways:

  • if this is the main place of work, then you should provide an extract from the work book, a copy of it or a certificate fromemployer with information about the length of service and position of the borrower;
  • if this is a part-time job, then a copy of the employment contract or contract, stitched and certified page by page (on the last page it is signed by the employer indicating the total number of sheets);
  • for an entrepreneur - a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur (if the original is not available, it can be replaced by a copy certified by a notary), as an alternative, you can use an entry sheet from the Unified Register of an Individual Entrepreneur or a certificate of entry of an individual entrepreneur into the Unified Register.

Additional documents

In some cases, you may need additional documents. For example, if you leave another property as collateral, you will need documents for the collateral provided to you.

If the borrower has a temporary registration, then you can not do without a certificate of receipt of registration at the place of his actual residence.

If it is not possible to provide papers on official employment and income, you will need additional papers that will help confirm your identity. This can be a military ID, a foreign passport, a driver's license, a certificate of an employee of federal government structures, a pension insurance certificate, that is, SNILS.

When applying for a preferential mortgage at a rate of 6%, you need birth certificates for all the client's children. If they do not indicate citizenship, then documentary evidence that it is Russian.

If we countto apply for a loan under the "Young Family" program, then provide a birth certificate of a child, a marriage certificate, as well as proof of kinship, if you use the income of the applicant's parents when calculating.

After the approval of the application, it is recommended to submit documents for the property you have taken on a mortgage. For example, a contract of equity participation or purchase and sale. You will also need documents that confirm the payment of the down payment if the maternity capital is used to cover the principal amount of the debt.

Please note that in Sberbank you can conduct an electronic registration of the transaction. In this case, the employees of the financial institution send the entire package of documents to Rosreestr on their own, and the client receives them already registered.

Preferential mortgage

How to get a mortgage

Many families can be attracted by a lucrative offer: get a real estate loan when a second child is born in the family in 2019 at a rate of 6%.

This state mortgage subsidy program is valid for parents who have a second or subsequent child between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2022. They can get a loan for real estate at a minimum rate. This opportunity is provided to them in the relevant government decree.

In this case, the maximum loan amount is 6 million rubles. When purchasing housing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow or Leningrad regions, it doubles.

When appearing onthe birth of a second child, a state subsidy is provided for three years, and in the event of the birth of a third or subsequent child, for five years. At the same time, it is important that the total term of a preferential mortgage cannot exceed 8 years. This means that if during the existence of the program a third, and after a fourth child appears in the family, then the subsidy will be provided not for 10, but for 8 years. This is the maximum possible time.

When the subsidy expires, Sberbank raises the interest rate.

When applying for a preferential mortgage, the down payment must be at least 20%. At the same time, the acquisition of real estate is allowed only in the primary housing market. It must be unfinished if purchased under a shared construction participation agreement, or already ready for use.

Another prerequisite is that the life of the borrower in this case is insured in one of the companies accredited by Sberbank for the entire duration of the loan.


Judging by the reviews of the mortgage under maternity capital in Sberbank, many clients successfully use this opportunity. They positively assess that more favorable conditions apply to ready-made housing. This encourages borrowers to stay away from risky equity deals when a client risks being left homeless by a dishonest developer.

Those who have already applied for help to one of the branches of Sberbank say that the application is approved quickly enough, in just three days.

At the same time, it is worth recognizing that there are quite a lot ofnegative feedback from customers when trying to get a mortgage at Sberbank, even when they use maternity capital funds. For example, the bank often does not approve the requested amount in full, even if the client has a good credit history and a salary card of the financial institution itself.

The saddest thing is that often the refusal comes without explanation, which simply confuses the borrower.

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