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VSK: life insurance rules, CASCO, combined and other types of insurance
VSK: life insurance rules, CASCO, combined and other types of insurance

In the article, we will consider the rules of VSK insurance.

This company started its work in 1992. It is included today in the top five in the market. The abbreviation is deciphered as follows: "All-Russian Insurance Company". It provides universal services to citizens and legal entities.

VSK: life insurance rules

Life insurance is a classic type of service, which includes far more than one variety. This category can be understood as:

voluntary insurance rules
  1. Survival insurance for individuals. Money is paid when clients survive to a certain age or until the end of the contract.
  2. Mixed type. It covers two risks, namely death and surviving to a specific time period.
  3. Children's insurance provides for payments to the age of majority or to some specific event. As a rule, it includes financial protection against certain accidents.
  4. Urgent insurance. This is the simplest, and at the same time the cheapest type, which does not include an accumulation element.

Subjectsinsurance contracts: the insurer, the policyholder, the insured person or several, as well as the beneficiary or several.

Rights of the policyholder:

  • contract can be terminated early;
  • its conditions can be changed in agreement with the insurer;
  • also the insured has the right to receive a duplicate of the agreement (insurance policy) if there has been a loss;
  • you can change the beneficiary with the written consent of the insured person.

Obligations of the policyholder:

  • premiums to be paid;
  • documents confirming the payment of the insurance premium must be kept;
  • in any available way that allows you to objectively record the fact of the appeal, notify the insurer within 50 calendar days of the occurrence of an insured event (death, temporary disability or disability of the insured person);
  • notify the insurer in writing of significant changes in circumstances that may significantly increase the insured risk.

Rights of the insurer:

  • deny an insurance claim if the events occurred as a result of high-risk activities;
  • upon notification of circumstances entailing an increase in insurance risk, demand a change in the terms of the insurance contract or payment of an additional insurance premium.

Obligations of the insurer:

  • the insurance policy must be issued within the prescribed period;
  • Insurance payment must be made within 20 business daysdays from the date of receipt of all necessary documents.

Obligations of the insured person:

  • notifying the insurer within 50 (fifty) calendar days of temporary disability or disability, as well as providing all necessary information and supporting documents as soon as possible;
  • strict adherence to VSK life insurance rules.

Personal insurance can be either compulsory or voluntary. Unlike the first type, the second form is carried out solely on the basis of an agreement between the client and the organization. The most popular in our country are those types of services that are distinguished by a savings option: it implies the protection of children, mixed life insurance, the purchase of a policy for a marriage or other important event in life.

How much does VSK cost life insurance?

According to the rules of VSK insurance, the amount of the premium may directly depend on many different factors:

  1. The age of the person for whom the service is issued (at the time of the contract).
  2. Working conditions of the citizen for whom the policy is issued.
  3. Client's he alth condition. Often, when applying for a policy, a person who takes part in insurance must undergo a medical examination.
  4. Having dependents or children.
  5. The level of financial support of the person for whom insurance is issued.
hull insurance rules

In addition, the cost of the policy may depend on the type of insurance, as well as on the premiums thatthe client is ready to transfer monthly or annually. What else can you learn from the insurance rules of CAO VSK?

Life insurance conditions

The important requirements and rules of the contract of such insurance include:

  1. Information about the person to whom the agreement is drawn up.
  2. Information about the nature of probable insured events (for example, causing harm to he alth, surviving to a certain age).
  3. The size of the amount provided. We are talking about the amount that insurers pay out when the relevant incident occurs.
  4. Term of the contract.
insurance rules

In addition, other conditions are often included in the document. For example, information about the beneficiary in the event of an insured situation (children, spouse, parents), as well as cases that are not recognized as subject to monetary compensation (for example, suicide). Next, we will discuss the rules of Casco insurance at VSK.

Why is it profitable to insure your car under CASCO at VSK?

Due to the rather extensive experience of this enterprise, car owners of foreign cars and vehicles of Russian production today prefer this particular company. Such popularity is explained by the activity of the enterprise, which is based on the following principles:

sun insurance rules
  1. The highest reliability class. In this case, there is an A++ grade.
  2. Expedited claim procedures (up to five days).
  3. Availability of clearancepolicies for those traveling abroad through the online service.
  4. Automatic call processing system makes it possible to more quickly serve a large number of different customers.
  5. The ability to use the services of a tow truck an unlimited number of times during the policy period.
  6. Paying CASCO in installments.
  7. Collecting additional certificates is not required if the damage to the car is not more than 5% of the insurance amount.
  8. The settlement of the case can be carried out at any office of the company, regardless of where the contract was concluded.
  9. Strict adherence to the rules of voluntary insurance in VSK.

Types of insurance

This organization offers its clients the following services:

  1. Providing sickness and accident insurance.
  2. He alth insurance
  3. Protection of means of land, air and rail transport.
  4. Cargo insurance and agricultural provision.
  5. Protection of property of legal entities.
  6. Citizens' property insurance.
  7. Protecting civil liability of motor vehicle owners.

Combined Insurance

The insurance market in our country is only reaching the level of development, when the emphasis in choosing a program is made on its individuality. And this transition became possible due to the popularization of combined insurance products. In Western countries, it is in high demand among corporate clients. Experts say that Russia will soonthe same situation will arise.

Let's consider the rules of VSK combined insurance.

life insurance rules

Features of combined insurance

In international insurance law, a complex type of such services is called Comprehensive Insurance. The essence of this product is to combine different options within one policy:

  1. Several types of insurance (personal, property, and so on).
  2. Different risk groups.
  3. Levels of protection at various stages of application of the insured item.

The most successful examples are CASCO and CARGO programs. In the first case, the monetary coverage covers the car itself, the passengers in it, the driver, as well as the interests of third parties. As a result, comprehensive motor transport insurance may include:

  1. Protection against breakdowns.
  2. Insurance for passengers in case of accidents.
  3. Car driver liability policy.
  4. Insurance for accessories (eg electronics).

Within individual clauses, customers can foresee various threats against which the transport will be insured. For example, the car itself can be protected from minor damage, from fires, accidents or even theft. Electronics in the cabin - respectively, from its theft or breakdown as a result of an accident.

CARGO Features

The second example is CARGO, which is a comprehensive cargo insurance. It no longer includes types of insurance, but takes into account the stages of the subject of the service,which it passes as part of the movement to the recipient. This takes into account:

  1. Risk at the stage of loading and unloading operations.
  2. The threat of damage to products along the road transport (on which it is transported).
  3. Risk factor during the period of storage of goods at the transshipment point.
  4. The CARGO coverage also extends to the stages of installation of the transported equipment.
combined insurance rules

Principles of the combined agreement

The purpose of the development of this product is a comprehensive insurance of property, liability, cargo or vehicles. Thus, all relevant risks are combined into one agreement on three principles: legality, individualization and wholesale prices. In short, such an agreement is easier to draw up, it works better to protect the interests of the client and is much cheaper.

We reviewed the basic rules of VSK insurance.

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