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Average salary in Norilsk: an overview of the labor market

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Average salary in Norilsk: an overview of the labor market
Average salary in Norilsk: an overview of the labor market

Salary in Norilsk may differ from the national average. Moreover, it may differ within the region depending on the field of activity. Let's find out how much Norilsk residents are paid and what is the situation on the labor market of this northern city.

average salary in norilsk

The backbone of the economy

Industrial production is an area in which almost half of the city works. One of the most significant local enterprises is the country-famous Norilsk Nickel.

Besides industry, Norilsk has developed other areas as well. The leaders are energy, as well as gas and food. That is why the salary in Norilsk depends on the field of activity of this or that employee.

Labor Market Survey

Experts give a rather optimistic assessment of the Norilsk labor market. According to them, the demand for specialists is not decreasing, but, on the contrary, is increasing. The situation, it must be said, differs from the all-Russian market, which was greatly affected by the economic crisis.

In general, the situation is considered stable, and the unemployment rate is one of the lowest interritory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The Norilsk labor market problem is a shortage of qualified personnel, not a lack of jobs.

Another problem of the Norilsk labor market is the outflow of specialists. A large number of specialists leave the city for various reasons. New ones come to take their place, but they are inferior in terms of qualifications and quality of professional training.

norilsk teacher salary

Unemployment rate

According to experts, from year to year there is an increasingly acute shortage of qualified employees. It is curious that at the same time, Norilsk complements the number of regions with the lowest unemployment rate.

Splash of unemployed citizens is observed in the autumn period. This is due to the completion of seasonal work, as well as individual projects designed for a short period. After their completion, able-bodied citizens actually become unemployed again. In addition, the list of unemployed is replenished by university graduates who did not have time to find vacancies and find a job.

The maximum number of unemployed is observed from February to March. During this period, the volume of repair and construction work is significantly reduced.

The labor exchanges may experience the so-called long-term unemployment, in which some citizens do not work for years. This happens for various reasons. Some find a lot of excuses, existing at the expense of relatives. Some are seduced by the status of the unemployed, which allows them to receive small material benefits that people adapt to.exist.

In general, Norilsk residents do not have to be afraid of being left without work. Given the lack of qualified personnel, potential employers are ready to create comfortable conditions for young specialists and provide them with opportunities for professional training.

what are the salaries in norilsk

Demanded majors

If you make a rating of the most relevant vacancies, technical speci alties will be on the top lines. Humanitarian workers, as always, remain less in demand. There is a demand for sellers. The sphere of trade is almost the basis of the all-Russian labor market.

Salary in Norilsk strongly depends on the profession. Engineers, electricians, etc. are most in demand on the labor market. Accordingly, the higher the demand for specialists, the greater the remuneration potential employers are willing to offer.

The lowest chances for employment are observed among managers, specialists in the field of management and taxes. Accordingly, their salary in Norilsk will be lower. That is why, when choosing a profession, young people are often guided by its relevance and prestige.

Average salary in Norilsk

If you believe the statistics, this figure is forty-seven thousand rubles, which even slightly exceeds the national figure. This situation can be called paradoxical. Nevertheless, the majority of Russian citizens, who have a much lower income with full employment, will envy the Norilsk people.

salary innorilsk vacancies

Highest salaries

If we talk about the highest paid professions, then they will be managers and geologists, whose salaries amount to hundreds of thousands of rubles.

If we talk about other offers on the Norilsk labor market, according to statistics, employers offer the most attractive conditions to employees employed in the field of transport and car service. For these vacancies, the salary in Norilsk is about seventy thousand rubles, which can be considered a fairly high figure even for this region.

High remuneration awaits professionals working in real estate. Their work is estimated at an average of more than sixty thousand rubles.

Many working speci alties are well paid in Norilsk. That is why this region is attractive for labor migrants who cannot find decent offers in their place of residence.

The salary of a teacher in Norilsk is from thirty to forty thousand rubles.

salary in norilsk

Youth situation

Knowing what salaries are in Norilsk, many young professionals are counting on a reward of at least fifty thousand rubles. However, you often have to start a career with much smaller amounts.

Experts in the labor market believe that young people have too high expectations. Employers are in no hurry to pay generous compensation to young professionals who are barely able to cope with the duties assigned to them and need additional training.

It is not surprising that among the youth in Norilsk there is a fairly high percentage of unemployment. Almost forty percent of young professionals cannot find a decent job that matches their needs.

Experts at the same time recommend not to despair and try to start with vacancies that offer low pay, but allow you to gain experience. In the future, this will be an advantage in the fight for a vacant seat. After all, there is quite a lot of competition for attractive vacancies.

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