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Ismagil Shangareev: biography, business, family

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Ismagil Shangareev: biography, business, family
Ismagil Shangareev: biography, business, family

Our compatriot Ismagil Shangareev is one of those people who managed to build a successful business, buy a beautiful house on the sea coast and, what is very important, create a large, friendly family. How he did it - let's find out in order.

Ismagil Shangareev

Biography of a businessman

And we will start with the biography of Ismagil Shangareev. The place of his birth is the Orenburg region, the city of Buguruslan. Date of birth - November 30, 1956. After some time, the family moved to Rostov-on-Don. The father of the hero of our material served as an imam. The next city where the Shangareevs ended up was Perm. After graduating from school, Ismagil Kalyamovich Shangareev entered the College of Soviet Trade. Subsequently, he graduated from three higher educational institutions. Then there was military service. After returning to Buguruslan in 1978, he created a private recording studio. This was the first business opened by Shangareev. In the 1990s, he took up construction. In the 2000s, the family moved to Moscow.

Ismagil Shangareeev and moving to OAO

2006. A law was published in the OJSC, on the basis of which foreigners had the right to purchasereal estate in this state. Real estate agency - this is the enterprise a successful businessman opened here first. Later, Ismagil Shangareev began to implement the Kazan restaurant project. According to the original idea of ​​the businessman, this institution was to become a place where you can negotiate with business partners in a convenient and comfortable environment. Over time, the restaurant has become popular. It was loved by tourists and locals alike. Gradually, the institution became a successfully functioning network. Here you can taste Russian and Tatar cuisine. Visitors will be served the famous Russian borscht, Tatar noodle soup (made with chicken broth), dumplings and cutlets.

Why was this state chosen as the place of residence? The long-standing dream of Ismagil Shangareev has always been moving to a state with the right structure, a warm climate and a comfortable life in all respects. It was the Emirates that became such a place for him. As before, he refers Moscow and Kazan to his favorite cities, life in which is connected with its own nuances and difficulties. The businessman considers warm climatic conditions, security and the absence of a taxation system to be the advantages of living in the UAE. At the same time, you can get from Dubai to Moscow in four hours by plane, and you can also fly to Kazan without any problems. And these are important points for any successful businessman.

shangareev ismagil kalyamovich

Of course, living in another country involves some difficulties, such as finding a job, obtaining a visa. Passed through them and the hero of ourmaterial. But with a patient and persistent attitude to all the differences from Russian reality, one can become happy here, as Ismagil Kalyamovich believes.

Shangareev's secrets of success

The first component of any success is the appeal to the help of the Almighty. Moreover, there should never be any doubts about his power. The second point is love for one's own work. Since only thanks to this the dream will become a clear goal, and nothing will prevent the opening of roads to it. The third is the support of relatives and friends.

Family and children

Ismagil Shangareev is married. He and his wife have eleven children and seven grandchildren, so the businessman is always surrounded by a large and friendly family. Those troubles that children deliver, Shangareev perceives with joy. Indeed, in his opinion, for any parent, especially if he is rich and successful, the most important thing is to take care of the upbringing of future heirs.

ismagil shangareev biography

Therefore, it is best to demonstrate the right lifestyle on the example of your own family - this is the opinion of a successful entrepreneur Ismagil Kalyamovich Shangareev.

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