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"Papa John's": employee feedback on management, management principles
"Papa John's": employee feedback on management, management principles

Every person has their own tastes and preferences. A wide selection of products in stores, many coffee houses, cafes, fast food outlets, restaurants are designed to satisfy them, focusing on customer needs. But there is a dish whose popularity has not subsided since its inception. This is pizza - food available to everyone today. Thanks to its wide variety, it will satisfy the desires of the most capricious gourmet. Papa John's is a famous chain of cafes for the preparation and delivery of pizza. The secret of its success lies not only in the quality of the product, but also in the respect for the workforce and the correct principles of company management.

The secret of pizza's popularity

The prototype of the dish was a meal consisting of bread and various food placed on top of it. But after the introduction of tomatoes into Europe, the Italians began to bake thin pastry cakes and cover them with tomatoes and cheese. Sopizza appeared. In the 17th century, the creators of these dishes stood out in a separate profile and received the name "pizzaiolo".

The dish gradually spread and became available in America. A significant achievement was the emergence of a semi-finished bread cake with ingredients that even a child could cook by heating in the oven or microwave.

According to the staff of Papa John's in Moscow, pizza is very popular among the population today, because this food is affordable, easy to prepare, inexpensive and satisfying. It is great for a snack, a party with friends, a family dinner, a romantic evening with your significant other.

Traditional Italian dish

From the history of the company

The network of pizzerias "Papa John's" is very wide. It includes more than 5,000 restaurants located in 44 countries. Its founder was John Schnatter. He became intimately familiar with the Italian dish while in college, where he delivered orders to customers. It was then that he had the desire to bake the most delicious pizza. He fulfilled his wish by returning home. Working in a cafe with his father, he creatively approached the technology of cooking and created a quality product, which soon everyone started talking about and began to buy willingly.

In 1984, the baker opened his restaurant, and from that moment begins the history of the development of a network of catering points. "Papa John's", according to employees, is a place where all the components of the organization (menu, employees, managers) are athigh level. The motto of the company: "The best ingredients. The best pizza". The restaurant administration carefully monitors the quality of products. The dough is never frozen and gets to the table of customers directly from the oven. Tomatoes and cheese are also the freshest. And the opportunity given to customers to combine ingredients to make tortillas allows you to create new culinary "masterpieces" and ensure the loy alty of each customer.

Founder of Papa John's

Papa John's in Russia

The first restaurant of the chain was opened in Moscow in 2003. Since then, the number of catering outlets of this brand has increased significantly. Today, almost every large city in the country has several fast food restaurants. Therefore, those who wish can enjoy pizza in the nearest pizzeria. And the presence of online stores and the delivery service allow you to receive an order without leaving your home (this is very convenient in case of a sudden arrival of guests or if there is no way to cook food yourself). It is also a good option for those who want to work. Working at Papa John's, according to employees, is a great opportunity to unleash your potential and make a career.

Why do people choose this pizza chain?

Establishments of this brand are quite popular among people, because they have a number of advantages:

  • availability of restaurants in different localities, i.e. it is possible to order and buy pizza in your city;
  • functioning of the Internetstores;
  • wide range of offers (Papa John's menu includes pizza with meat, seafood, vegetarian, as well as desserts, salads, low-alcohol drinks, light snacks);
  • the ability to independently create culinary "masterpieces": every lover of Italian dishes can make their own, unique pizza if they wish (for this, on the site online, you need to independently compose the ingredients);
  • Benefit: The pizzeria always has some delicious "set dishes" at a low price;
  • Fast delivery of dishes from Papa John's restaurants: feedback from employees (drivers) indicates that orders are taken on time and carried out very quickly, and management always controls the quality of this service;
  • care for customers: the managers of the establishment are online all working hours, so they are ready to answer all the questions that customers have;
  • savings for repeat customers: they are eligible for additional Papa Bonus points to be redeemed on subsequent claims.
pizza lovers

The uniqueness of "Papa John's"

The company has 2 distinctive features that distinguish the network from other manufacturers:

1. Fresh products: for this in restaurants, special control. Management carefully selects suppliers and controls the quality of provisions. According to the opinion of Papa John's employees in St. Petersburg, this ingredient selection criterion is the dominant one.It is thanks to him that it is possible to achieve good taste qualities of dishes and preserve them.

2. Unique pastry dough. It is never frozen and goes straight from the oven to customers.

Delivery of food to customers

One of the priority services of this organization is the delivery of pizza to customers at home (in the office). To do this, people form an application on the organization's website (you can pay it in cash to an employee when transferring products, by bank card or on the Internet). And drivers on the provided transport or couriers deliver dishes. Papa John's, according to drivers, strives to ensure that meals are delivered within 30 minutes, so they are partially responsible for the company's image.

Pizza delivery

Staff Opportunities

The organization is trying to achieve high quality not only in the production of products. She spends a lot of time recruiting employees. All newcomers are trained. Potential employees who want to make a career have every opportunity to do so. All you need is desire, diligence and aspiration. The company, in turn, offers training at all stages of restaurant management. At the same time, there is a system for encouraging employees in the form of bonuses. The management of Papa John's, according to the feedback of employees, monitors the creation of a positive atmosphere in the team, consistently pays wages and provides an excellent social package. The management is confident that the key to the success of the organization is a friendly team of knowledgeable employees, therefore, it strives to ensure highprofessional level of each employee.

How to get to the state of the pizzeria?

In order to find a job in a restaurant, you need to fill out a short form on the institution's website, in which you need to specify the name, phone number, desired position, email address, citizenship, age, city, pizzeria number and the nearest station to the house subway so management can suggest a convenient location to work. To increase the chances of getting a vacant position, the applicant can attach his resume to the questionnaire. Feedback from employees of Papa John's (Moscow) indicates that many of them got a job in this way. In addition, you can contact the administration of any pizzeria with a question about employment.

Filling out the questionnaire

Open vacancies

In accordance with the direction of activity and the scale of production, restaurants require drivers, couriers, pizza makers, waiters, managers, office workers, warehouse and production workers.

For all the above vacancies, except for drivers who must have a category B driver's license and driving experience of at least 1 year, and warehouse employees (manager, storekeeper, dough mixer), you can apply without experience for the specified position.

Working at Papa John's, according to employees, is not difficult, but it requires high-quality performance of duties, internal self-organization, and a responsible attitude to work.

Open vacancies

Company offer

The company approves a convenient work schedule for newcomers after prior agreement with them, selects a job near home, and gives beautiful uniforms for free. Employees are required to have a desire to work and earn money, activity, accuracy and attentiveness, as well as a responsible attitude to the performance of their duties.

In the history of the organization there are a lot of cases when a person who came to work as a waiter, courier or loader took a leadership position after a while. This is not surprising, because "Papa John's", according to employees, is aimed at developing its labor force, therefore it provides an opportunity to study and make a career for free.

Main priorities in the development of the organization

The company has been successfully operating for over 30 years (in Russia - 15 years). And it is natural that only high-quality products are not enough for leadership in the field of catering. To expand a business, you need experienced visionary leaders and the right approaches to managing a company. It is known that "Papa John's" adheres to the following principles of restaurant chain management:

  1. Concentration on development prospects. This includes franchising - transferring the right to work under your trademark to other firms, constant work on the pricing policy and the list of dishes, drinks and snacks offered in restaurants, selecting suppliers with the most optimal purchase prices, calculating the effectiveness of funds invested in marketing moves (this allows you to determine what is the way to attract buyersis the most efficient). One of the leading areas is also work on the Internet, because it is quite effective in terms of sales and expanding the interested audience.
  2. Tracking competitors' strategies. This item is mandatory, otherwise the business will cease to be profitable due to the fact that the activities of rivals will be more efficient. A thorough analysis of their functioning allows you to find your own mistakes, determine ways to eliminate them and develop ways to improve the service. It is in order to be one step ahead that the organization conducts online customer surveys, attracts mystery shoppers, explores new trends in the field of catering.
  3. Attention to detail: Together they add up to the overall result. You can coordinate and adjust the work of the organization if you carefully analyze all the little things. In them lies the stable dynamics of the company's development.
  4. Care for the workforce. Many people work online for a long time (5-10 years…). Some of them climbed the career ladder due to learning and the desire to succeed, outcast performance, and the desire to improve the quality of their personal lives and their families. Feedback from employees about Papa John's in Moscow indicates that the management of restaurants respects employees, since, firstly, the level of dedication of the latter depends on the loy alty of managers to their wards, and secondly, each person is individual and with good approach, he will diligently fulfill his duties, thirdly, any employee isa potential manager, and the mission of the authorities is to see his inner resource, reveal it and provide opportunities for career growth. After all, the more qualified responsible personnel in the business, the more productive the work and the more successful the business. Therefore, the company pays for training courses, trips to European countries to learn English and other activities aimed at improving the skills of employees.
  5. Step by step achievement of the goal. Every senior manager understands that it is impossible to achieve success overnight. It is necessary to develop a marketing system and gradually implement it, while analyzing the effectiveness of each step, instantly correcting unsuccessful moves.
  6. Correct conflict resolution. This is one of the essential skills of a manager, because the interests of employees and partners often collide in work, and one must be able to resolve disputes in such a way as to maintain the terms of cooperation. This is possible only with objective approaches to the issues being resolved and a tactful attitude towards opponents.
  7. Make informed decisions. In a difficult situation, it is desirable to weigh everything and only then draw conclusions. This allows you to maintain the company's image, save valuable labor personnel, and prevent business development problems.
  8. Compliance with new trends. Today's world is rapidly developing, and customers are only interested in those companies that keep up with the times, and in their work use the latest industry achievements and technologies that are interesting to people. Therefore, a frequent occurrence in chain restaurants isdevelopment of promotions, various online games to receive bonuses for customers, for which they can then receive a prize - free pizza. Such thoughtful moves allow you to attract an audience with a relatively small investment in advertising.
  9. Open and honest business. If an organization seeks further prosperity, then this principle of work should be one of the main ones, because it is impossible to succeed by resolving issues behind the backs of your partners, hiding taxes, making illegal transactions.
Company management principles

The key to the company's success

Given the main approaches to the management of establishments, the peculiarities of interaction with employees of the organization and the high requirements for products, it can be argued that the fundamental factors for the effectiveness of the Papa Johns restaurant chain are:

  • product and service quality;
  • development of the team of employees;
  • correct approaches to company management.

These principles support the popularity of the brand and encourage the emergence of new food service brand.

Employer through the eyes of labor personnel

Given the fact that we are talking about a chain of restaurants, there are a lot of workers, current and former. They, like no one else, know the "internal cuisine" of institutions. Feedback from employees about the company "Papa John's" testifies, first of all, that interactions with the administration are absolutely transparent: "white salary", all conditions are negotiated immediately. AboutThis organization is said to be ideal for those who are just starting their careers, because here you can go from a simple worker to a senior manager. Online work is also suitable for students as a part-time job, since after the interview the boss offers a schedule that is convenient for a person, which can be combined with study. Almost all employees point to the friendly staff of Papa John's restaurants. Employee reviews also mention that free lunches are a good addition to labor remuneration. The staff likes the fact that everyone can break the hour break as it suits them. Of the minuses, they call congestion during "peak hours". But what job doesn't have stressful moments? This can be considered "cost of production".

Today, all fast food outlets are fighting for "their" customer. And only those who offer consumers high quality and good buying conditions win. Pizza "Papa John's", according to employees, - is the result of the work of a cohesive team, skillful promotion in the market and reasonable management of the company. Therefore, it is rightly in demand among the population, and the restaurant chain of this brand has already taken a significant position in the field of public catering and will continue to develop.

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