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Production of olive oil and the cause of bitterness. Wood oil - what is it?

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Production of olive oil and the cause of bitterness. Wood oil - what is it?
Production of olive oil and the cause of bitterness. Wood oil - what is it?

Olive oil is considered one of the he althiest. This is considered due to the high content of various vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The fruits of the European olive are used, first of all, for table purposes. Extra virgin oil is added to various cold dishes. This oil is not applicable in frying or any other heat treatment, because after heat treatment it is no more useful than the most ordinary sunflower oil. It is also applicable in medicine: they often relieve the symptoms of burns. In cosmetology, olive oil is used as a rejuvenating product of natural origin. We will also answer the question: wood oil - what is it?


Extra virgin olive oil is produced from the European olive in Italy, Spain, Greece.

European olive

Italians consume the largest percentage of this product. Approximately every Italian consumes about 12.5 kg per yearoils.

Olive harvest starts around November. The owner of an olive grove makes a difficult decision when choosing a day to harvest. If you start harvesting early, then you will get little oil, and if you start harvesting late, the oil will have time to oxidize and will not have useful properties.

The collection is no longer carried out, as in ancient times. This process is automated. A special grid is spread under the tree and a vibrating machine is adjusted. It is fixed on a tree trunk and vibrates furiously for about 10 seconds.

olive oil harvesting method

Crumbling fruits fall into a spread net, from where they are sent for screening from fallen leaves, twigs, in general, unnecessary garbage. Then the fruits are washed and sent for spinning. This technology is the first cold pressing. This is an extra class oil. Now we have clarified how olive oil is made.

what is wood oil

The subtlety of the production of this product is that no more than 8 hours pass between picking the fruit and pressing. Because olive oil oxidizes pretty quickly. Wellness oils are those that have an acidity of no more than 0.8%.

Wood oil

So, wood oil - what is it? Wood oil is a low-grade olive oil obtained at the end of the pressing. It has a high acidity and practically does not have useful substances. It is called wooden due to the fact that the olive from which it is obtained is a tree. That's what it is - wood oil. appliedit used to be in the lamps. That is why it can also be called lamp oil.

Bitter or bitter taste

Real olive oil has a bitter taste. But why is olive oil bitter? This is due, first of all, to the characteristics of the soil in which olive trees grew. For example, Spanish-made oil will be slightly less bitter than Italian. Yes, what is there. Oil harvested from different parts of the olive grove will taste bitter differently. Therefore, it should be concluded that bitterness indicates that the product is real.

A strong bitter taste indicates that the oil has gone bad. Olive oil spoils due to non-compliance with storage conditions. Store this product in a dark, cool place in a sealed container. Do not rush to pour out spoiled oil. It can be used in cosmetology by applying nourishing masks.

In this article, you learned about the use and manufacture of extra virgin olive oil, what it is - wood oil, and the scope of this product.

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