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How to transfer money from a card via SMS: tips

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How to transfer money from a card via SMS: tips
How to transfer money from a card via SMS: tips

In our time, smartphones make life much easier and make comfortable not only the possibility of communication, but also other aspects of people's everyday activities. For example, one of the ways of settlements between people is the ability to send funds using the phone. In this article, you will learn how to transfer money from a card via SMS.

Mobile banking
Mobile banking

Methods of payment by cards

A bank card in use is a very convenient tool. You can pay with it in a variety of ways:

  • Payment in trading terminals. Produced by swiping a magnetic strip across the terminal, inserting a card with a chip or applying to it if the card supports NFC technology.
  • Payment on the site by entering card details.
  • Pay or transfer through your personal account and special mobile applications.
  • The ability to carry out transactions via phone, such as transferring money from a card via SMS.

Mobile bank

All major banks have a servicelinking your card to your mobile phone. SMS with card transactions, expenses and income, SMS for card transactions are sent to your phone number. You also get the tools for calculations. Therefore, having a card from one of the Russian banks, it will be useful for you to know how to transfer money to a card via SMS.

Mobile banking card
Mobile banking card

Usually this service is called "Mobile Bank". Its cost differs from the bank. And sometimes on the type of card. For example, in Sberbank this service for classic debit cards costs sixty rubles a month, for credit and gold/platinum cards - for free, and for social cards - thirty rubles.

How to make a mobile transfer

So how to transfer money to a card via SMS? You need to send a message to a short number with a specific text, which will indicate the recipient's card number and the transfer amount. Each bank has its own short number and its own text template, according to which the message is written. Banks do not charge for such SMS, and the mobile operator - depending on the tariff. Unfortunately, at the moment only Sberbank and Alfa-Bank have such a transfer service.

This method of transfers is quite convenient. Most people successfully use online transfers through mobile applications. But there are situations when the Internet does not work well, and SMS is sent normally. Also, this method of sending money is more suitable for older people who find it difficult to master the personal account of the bank and it is easier to send SMS.

Commands for transfers of Sberbank and Alfa-Bank"

How to transfer money via SMS to a Sberbank card? You need to send a message to number 900 with the text "Transfer xxxx..xxxx 1000", where xxxx..xxxx is the recipient's card number (it consists of sixteen or eighteen digits), and 1000 is the transfer amount. The maximum amount of sendings that can be made per day through the Mobile Bank is eight thousand rubles. At the moment, this way you can only transfer to Sberbank cards. Instead of a card number, you can also specify a phone number if it is connected to the Mobile Bank service. However, if the cards of different people are connected to the same phone number, the transfer will not work. You will have to enter exactly the number of a specific card.

Alfa-Bank has a similar transfer method. You need to send an SMS with the same content: "Transfer 7ххххххххх 1000", where 7ххххххххх is the recipient's phone number, and 1000 is the amount in rubles. The only difference is how to transfer money from a card via SMS between him and Sberbank - the request must be sent to 2265.

In both cases, after the SMS is delivered to the bank, you will receive a message from it with the details of the transfer. If you have read them and agree that everything is entered correctly, you send an SMS with a one-time code that comes to you in the message.


You already know how to transfer money to a card by SMS request. It's time to get acquainted with some tips and tricks that not everyone knows about:

  • Carefully read the text of the sent SMS and the message that comes back to you for confirmationtranslation. If you make a mistake in the phone or card number, the bank will not return the money to you. By sending SMS with confirmation, you, as it were, put your signature that all the data is correct, and you agree with the transfer. The only thing left to hope is that if you transferred by phone number, then you will call there, and the recipient will agree to return the money to you.
  • You can transfer between your cards, and not eight, but as much as one hundred thousand rubles a day. To do this, the sent request must be of the form "Transfer 1234 5678 1000", where 1234 is the card from which the transfer is made, and 5678 - to which.
sberbank transfer
sberbank transfer

If your phone has a negative balance and you cannot send SMS or, for example, you have paid SMS and you do not want to spend money, then Sberbank has the possibility of free requests using a mobile phone called USSD:

  • 9009хххххххх100 - pay for someone else's phone number, where 9хххххххх is this number and 100 is the amount;
  • 900100 - pay for your phone number for the specified amount;
  • 900129хххххххх100 - transfer funds to the card of another Sberbank client by phone number. 12 is the team number and remains unchanged.
USSD - Sberbank requests
USSD - Sberbank requests


Naturally, scammers could not ignore such a sphere of human activity as mobile transfers. The malefactors' schemes in such cases are simple and beaten, but unfortunately, they still work on those who are not too knowledgeable orconsiderate people:

Internet scammer
Internet scammer
  • A scammer calls you or writes on a social network, pretending to be your friend, and asks you to enter some code on your phone or make a transfer to his card. As a rule, this happens when pages in Odnoklassniki or VK are hacked. The easiest way to be safe is to ask a "familiar" a question that only he knows the answer to, or call his real phone number and make sure it's him before transferring money from the card via SMS.
  • Viruses. If you have a phone controlled by the Android operating system, then it may be infected with a special virus or rootkit, which itself generates SMS commands on your phone, sending money to its owner, and then deleting all SMS so that you do not immediately miss the loss. For security, it is recommended to install a good antivirus on your phone or use IOS-based equipment.
  • False translation. The fraudster writes you an SMS from a regular phone, disguising it as a message from the number 900, in which he writes that you have been transferred for some amount. Then he calls or writes to you that he mistakenly transferred the money and asks for their return. An inattentive person may not understand that this is not a real transfer, but a simple SMS, and out of the kindness of his soul sends money. Read carefully before transferring money from the card via SMS, and make sure that the messages came from the number 900, and are not disguised as it.

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