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Zucchini "black handsome": features of the variety and cultivation rules

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Zucchini "black handsome": features of the variety and cultivation rules
Zucchini "black handsome": features of the variety and cultivation rules

It is unlikely that any gardener would plan to plant vegetables without including zucchini in it. Breeders bring out new varieties of this crop every year, which simplifies the task of the farmer. He can choose a plant, taking into account the need for top dressing and the climatic conditions to which the variety he has chosen is located. In addition, there is a selection collection of bush zucchini, which will help to significantly save space on the site. One of them is the “black handsome” zucchini.


This variety of pumpkin culture is classified as a zucchini. It is characterized by a dark green color and a glossy surface. By the way, the color may vary slightly. It depends on the conditions in which the "black handsome" zucchini was placed. This includes its location in the garden plot, and top dressing, and the climatic conditions in which it fell. It is noticed that even on the same bush the fruits come in different shades. The size of the fruit is about 20 cm. The compact bush throws out long cuttings, with beautiful carved leaves, inwhite stains.

zucchini black handsome
zucchini black handsome

Characteristic differences

Unlike classic zucchini, the Black Beauty zucchini tastes more like a pumpkin than its counterparts. In some countries, all types of zucchini are called zucchini. And yet, green-colored fruits have their own distinctive characteristics.

  • They are famous for their delicate flesh and skin, which cannot be said about light-colored zucchini.
  • Zucchini can be eaten fresh. Nutritious salads are prepared from them without heat treatment.
  • Zucchini "black handsome" is noted as one of the highest yielding varieties.
  • Since the culture develops in the form of a bush, it is more convenient to care for it and there is no need to allocate a vast area for planting it.
  • Shrub culture capable of setting 5 fruits at a time.
  • The variety is resistant to powdery mildew and other fungal diseases.
zucchini black handsome reviews
zucchini black handsome reviews


Zucchini "black handsome" love enriched and structured soil. Their seeds are sown both for seedlings and immediately into the ground.

The seedling method promises the gardener additional care for the plant, because zucchini does not tolerate transplanting. On the other hand, it accelerates the process of the appearance of the first fruits, subject to proper care. Seedlings should be planted when 2-3 true leaves appear.

Since all pumpkin crops are unpretentious, the seed method of sowing is considered more convenient. If the seeds are pre-soaked, thengrowth can be greatly accelerated. The seeding depth is 4 cm. It is important to take into account the weather conditions. Zucchini is a thermophilic plant, and at low temperatures, the seeds can rot in the ground.

Experienced farmers sow zucchini seeds in places where legumes, nightshade and root crops used to grow. Where any plants from the pumpkin family previously grew, zucchini cannot be planted.

The distance between the rows is 70-80 cm. It is better to place the plants in a checkerboard pattern. The optimal distance with this method is 60 cm.

zucchini black handsome photo
zucchini black handsome photo

Proper care

This variety was created by foreign breeders, so it is better to cultivate it in temperate and southern regions. Judging by the reviews, the "black handsome" zucchini feels great in the Moscow region. The development of a new type of zucchini was calculated so that after 40 days it would be possible to remove the first zucchini.

The seeds of zucchini "black handsome", as well as other elite varieties, are based on the principle of mutual return. If the zucchini does not receive enough minerals and moisture, then the harvest will be poor.

Feeding and watering are the two main factors in caring for zucchini. Soil loosening is also important.

Typically 3 feedings are done.

  1. Nitrogen fertilizers. It can be both natural organics and minerals, such as urea or s altpeter. For example, 500 g of overcooked chicken manure per bucket of water.
  2. Complex top dressing. Since zucchini squash is very responsive tofertilizers, top dressing is carried out as follows: nitrophoska + potassium humate, or they buy special complex fertilizers. With such procedures, it is important to comply with the doses indicated on the package. Some gardeners use herbal infusion with ash.
  3. Wood ash. It includes the main elements necessary for the formation of fruits, such as phosphorus and potassium. Ash contains much less nitrogen. If necessary, this top dressing can be repeated.

The recommendations listed here are not a pattern. They are designed for impoverished land plots. If a sufficient amount of organic matter was introduced during soil preparation, then perhaps some top dressing will not be needed. Every gardener should learn to intuitively feel the need of their plants.

To get the most out of it, zucchini must be picked on time, otherwise they will pull in nutrients and thus prevent the emergence and development of new fruits.

If you periodically cut off the old leaves on the bushes, you can significantly extend the life of the plant. In addition, this renewal method protects zucchini from diseases.

zucchini zucchini black handsome
zucchini zucchini black handsome

Zucchini squash in the kitchen

Juicy and dense zucchini pulp is an excellent ingredient for cooking various dishes. The delicate skin gives room for fantasy to those who do not expect to be in the kitchen for a long time.

For fresh salads, remove the zucchini squash when the fruits are still milky, about 10 cm.

To conserve black handsome zucchini for the winter, it is important to remember their too tender pulp. If they are subjected to prolonged heat treatment, they will lose their elasticity, the dish will not meet its taste.

Due to its too dark coloration, which distinguishes it from other zucchini, the "black beauty" will do a good service in table decoration.

For baby and diet food, this variety of zucchini is an indispensable product.

zucchini black handsome description
zucchini black handsome description

Favorable quality varieties for those who grow marrows for sale

The uniqueness of the variety lies in the fact that it is early ripe. This is convenient for those who did not have time to plant seeds early. The culture grows very quickly and makes it possible to get an early harvest. Additional feeding prolongs the fruiting period, zucchini will appear on the bushes until autumn.

The next benefit of Black Beauty squash is that it has a long shelf life.

For those who grow vegetables for sale, he will decorate the counter. Combined with other varieties of zucchini, especially those with a bright yellow color, zucchini looks quite tempting. This is noticeable in the provided photo with "black handsome" zucchini.

Besides, zucchini is transportable, not as prone to damage and stains and scratches as ordinary white zucchini. Despite the tender flesh, they retain their shape.

zucchini black handsome
zucchini black handsome


From the description of the "black handsome" zucchini, you canconclude that the variety has many-sided features. Even lovers of other types of this crop would do well to replenish their summer cottage with a few bushes of zucchini zucchini.

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