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The profession of a signalman on the railway: duties and job descriptions

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The profession of a signalman on the railway: duties and job descriptions
The profession of a signalman on the railway: duties and job descriptions

The railway operates around the clock. A large number of speci alties are involved in this field of activity. To prevent interruptions in work, its activities provide a huge number of employees, starting with workers and ending with managerial professions. The signalman on the railway, whose duties will be listed, is one of the representatives of the specialists who ensure the full functioning of the transport. Curiously, most applicants are not even aware of the existence of such a vacancy.

railway signalman duties

Who is this?

So, let's get to know this profession better. The signalman is responsible for giving special signals or calls. He must be present on the railway tracks at all times.carrying out repair or maintenance work near moving trains.

The main duties of a signalman on the railway are to install, as well as to ensure the safety of portable signals and special bells, which are designed to protect the area where repair or maintenance work is being carried out.

work signalman

Such an employee is obliged to observe the passing railway transport, as well as to give signals in the form of sounds and gestures to the work manager in a timely manner. Also, this employee performs actions aimed at changing and subsequent cleaning of the brake shoes. In addition, it is important to monitor their serviceability.


Let's list the duties of a railway signalman in more detail, so that potential applicants can get a better idea of ​​this profession.

  • Submission of various signals in case of reception, departure or skipping of trains, as well as shunting operations.
  • Tracking passing trains, as well as timely informing the manager using special signs. The duties of a signalman on the railway do not end at this point.
  • Removal and subsequent cleaning of brake devices, as well as monitoring their serviceability.
  • Remove fencing signals and firecrackers with the permission of the head of track work.
  • Securing the cars on the way with special brake devices. When performing this activity, the employee mustbe guided by the norms that are established by the technical and administrative act of the station.
  • Checking the route in case of receiving, departing, and skipping trains.
  • Installation and subsequent cleaning of the fence and other warning signals in the work area.
  • Checking paths to make sure they are free.
profession signalman on the railway duties

Necessary knowledge

The duties of a signalman on the railway cannot be carried out by a person without prior training. Let's find out what knowledge such a specialist will need to perform activities in accordance with the job description.

  • Features of the translation of arrows on the tracks.
  • The principle of the structure of braking devices, as well as how to use them.
  • The signaling system used in rail traffic.
  • Types of alarm bells, as well as features of their design and operation.

Job Descriptions

You need to understand that the railway is one of the objects that pose an increased danger. That is why each employee must strictly follow the job description. The same goes for signalmen on the railway, you already know the duties. Their job is by no means easy.

The job description for a signalman fixes not only his duties, but also his powers. It contains the main provisions that directly relate to the activities of the employee. That's why soit is important to read this document carefully before taking office.

In particular, the duties and job descriptions of a signalman on the railway prescribe conscientious performance of the tasks and powers assigned to him. In addition, it is necessary to comply with the requirements regarding labor protection.

railway signalman duties and job descriptions

Requirements of employers

Working as a signalman is not easy. The employee in this position must be especially attentive and remain vigilant throughout the entire shift, not being distracted by extraneous matters. That is why not every potential candidate is able to cope with the responsibilities that this position has.

The ability to work in a team is also appreciated. After all, a signalman never works alone, but becomes part of a team that performs repair or maintenance work.

It is also important to be in good he alth. This is due to the fact that the work of the signalman takes place in the open air, regardless of weather conditions. That is why people with poor he alth and any chronic diseases are turning down this job.

Stress resistance is no less important. Since the work of a signalman requires extreme concentration and does not allow distraction from the work performed.

The ideal employee should be responsible.


The duties of a signalman on the railway are not simple. Accordingly, wages should be decent. On average, in the labor market, it isfrom twenty to forty thousand rubles.

Search for vacancies occurs through advertisements or direct contact with a potential employer.

This speci alty may be in demand in construction companies that use rails and trains to build objects. However, such a vacancy is likely to involve a shift schedule, and the employer will offer housing or compensation.

railway signalman duties

Working conditions

Signalists have to work outside even in difficult weather conditions. High noise levels, moving trains, dust, etc. are negatively impacted.

This is why an employee must be physically fit. He won't be able to do it otherwise.

The employer is trying to somewhat reduce the impact of adverse conditions by providing employees with special equipment. Moreover, in the cold period, a warmed kit is provided.

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