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Rocketbank: reviews of employees and customers
Rocketbank: reviews of employees and customers

Mobile Internet is among the most dynamically growing segments of the Russian economy. More and more Russians are starting to use the corresponding online services, are actively purchasing gadgets, installing applications for them. Against the backdrop of this trend, entrepreneurs create various startups. Among these are projects based on the concept of using the mobile Internet as a communication channel between banks and their clients. At the same time, the functionality of the corresponding application becomes more significant in terms of meeting the needs of the user than, in fact, the services of a financial institution. An example of such a project is Rocketbank. What are its features?

Rocketbank reviews

General information about the service

"Rocketbank", reviews of which are increasingly appearing on thematic online portals, is a service for organizing payments using mobile applications. The legal entity that owns this brand does not have customer service departments, call centers, or online banking-like interfaces that couldbe used to organize customer access to the account. Many experts and users refer to the Rocketbank concept (reviews on thematic portals confirm this), first of all, as a mobile service. Therefore, it will be useful to consider the functionality of the corresponding application, but a little later. For now, let's study how the unusual Rocketbank service was created.

How the project came about

The project in question was brought to market by entrepreneurs involved in businesses such as Groupon. Businessmen decided to create a service in Russia that would greatly simplify the work of clients with banks, but at the same time would not legally be a financial institution. At the same time, the founders of Rocketbank set themselves the task of launching a service that would be perceived as a bank by customers. In order to solve it, it was necessary, first of all, to find a reliable partner in the environment, in fact, of credit and financial organizations.

As the founders of the startup admit in media interviews, negotiations were held with about 20 Russian banks, and in most cases partnerships could not be established due to a misunderstanding by traditional financial structures of the specifics of the project. Banks, as noted by top managers of Rocketbank, are accustomed to perceiving the client as a consumer, in particular, of credit services. In turn, the startup, based on its concept, did not assume work in such a segment. Rocketbank did not intend to issue credit cards (a photo of the corresponding product from the brand can be seen below).

Rocketbankemployee reviews

The main thing that the founders of the startup tried to get from partners was consent to connect to the internal corporate network infrastructure so that they could manage customer accounts. Many of the employees of financial institutions were not ready, therefore, to support the initiatives of the Rocketbank project, the feedback from security officers of credit institutions regarding the prospects for such cooperation was not the most positive.

However, over time, the founders of the project managed to find a partner. Such was KB Interkommerts. This organization, with which it has an agreement with Rocketbank, occupies a very decent position in the rating among banks. In particular, it is included in the top 70 Russian financial institutions in terms of assets. Through the joint efforts of partners, the startup was thus brought to the market in 2013.

Target customer group

The founders of Rocketbank have identified the target group of project clients as mobile Internet users. The founders of the startup expect the formation of a significant influx of customers from the IT segment - in particular, people who are used to regularly accessing online services can be especially active users of the service. Thus, the Rocketbank project began to actively develop in the mobile segment of the Internet. However, the founders of the startup are also considering the possibility of supplementing mobile services with the traditional Internet banking system as well. But at the same time, they note that a request for such a service in the required volume has not yet been formed.

Rocketbank review and reviews

Now let's move on to exploring the capabilities of the application developed by Rocketbank. An overview of this solution can be done by examining its key features.

Features of the mobile application "Rocketbank"

Among the most noteworthy features of the Rocketbank application, available for users of mobile gadgets, is cost analytics. The application displays these visually. User costs are classified into several categories. They are also displayed as a percentage graph, which allows the user to track the most frequent charges.

The name of the outlet where the goods were purchased is recorded in the payment transactions feed. If necessary, you can find the necessary data using the application's search system, as well as tags. It can be noted that spending statistics of one user can be combined with those of another.

Plastic card

One of the aspects that bring together the activities of "Rocketbank" with traditional credit and financial organizations is the issue of plastic cards. Each client of the service in question receives a plastic card of the VISA payment system. Possession of such means that a person has the right to significant preferences. Among them are discounts in stores, various service programs, personalization of services.

Cards issued by Rocketbank (customer reviews regarding this aspect are the most positive) are connected to accounts on which funds placeduser, increase about 9% per annum. At the same time, the corresponding amounts are not considered a deposit - they can be freely spent or increased by replenishing the account. Interest on funds placed on the card is accrued every day, but is actually paid once a month. The main condition for increasing the amount on the account is the presence of 30 thousand rubles on it. If on any day of the month there is less money, then interest will not be accrued until their amount reaches 30 thousand rubles. The maximum amount on which interest can be charged is 300 thousand rubles.

Rocketbank rating

Another opportunity to increase income for a client of the Rocketbank system (reviews indicate that Russians are also very impressed with this option) is a return to the account of bonus interest on purchases. So, for example, if the user has connected the "All Inclusive" tariff, then he will receive 1.5% of the expenses. Tariff "Light" guarantees a return to the account of 1% of purchases.


"Rocketbank", despite the originality of the format of providing services, is affiliated, as we noted at the beginning of the article, with a full-fledged financial institution - CB "Intercommerce". This organization has been operating in the Russian market for more than 20 years and is included in the deposit insurance system. The institution with which Rocketbank cooperates has a very decent rating according to the NPA - A + level. That is, it can be considered a completely stable and reliable financial institution.

User fees

Rocketbank business modelinvolves charging customers a commission for servicing the card. Its value depends on the tariff. For example, if one is "All inclusive", then the fee is 290 rubles. For the tariff "Light" - 75 rubles. As we noted above, Rocketbank does not issue credit cards. Therefore, if the client's account runs out of funds, then his account may be blocked if the required amount is not deposited within 6 months.

It can be noted that the use of some services that are provided in other banks, as a rule, on a commercial basis - in Rocketbank is free. Among them - registration of certificates, extracts. In some tariffs - sending SMS notifications.

Cash Out

Among the most notable features of the "Rocketbank" system is the ability to cash out money without commission at any ATM. The main thing is that it supports work with the VISA payment system. Although, of course, it is very difficult to find ATMs that do not meet this criterion.

Rocketbank in the rating of banks

True, the number of free withdrawals is limited. With the All Inclusive tariff, there can be 10 of them during the month. The Lite tariff guarantees 5 free cash withdrawals. It does not matter at all in which country the ATM is located - the main thing is that it supports work with the VISA payment system.


There are several ways to replenish the account to which the Rocketbank client card is linked.

Firstly, you can transfer funds from the account of another creditfinancial institution by using a plastic card linked to it. In order to carry out this procedure, you need to launch the "Rocketbank" application, then select the "Replenishment" option, after which - enter the necessary data about the card from which the funds are supposed to be withdrawn. The main thing is that the bank that issued it supports the Card-2-Card technology. As part of this method of crediting funds to the Rocketbank account, no commission is charged.

Secondly, you can deposit cash through the terminals of the United Settlement System (or ORS) or an MKB ATM. It can be noted that the Rocketbank application (customer reviews confirm this) has a function to display the coordinates of the corresponding points. Depositing funds through an MKB ATM or ORS terminals to the account of a Rocketbank client is also carried out without commission.

Third, you can top up your card balance using a regular bank transfer. This method is not the fastest - when it is used, funds are credited in about 1-2 days.

Another option for replenishing a Rocketbank account is the “Replenishment by request” option. It involves a request to transfer funds to another person via e-mail. Having received a message, opened it and followed the link to the Rocketbank replenishment service, a friend or acquaintance of the user can provide him with financial support in one amount or another. The client of Rocketbank can, in turn, send funds from his account to other users, to a bank card or by details.

How to issue a cardRocketbank?

So, the user is convinced that the project we are considering is interesting to him, and the financial institution with which Rocketbank cooperates takes an acceptable position in the rating of banks - it's up to registering an account in this unusual service. How to solve this problem?

First you need to apply for a plastic card on the brand's website. After some time - about 1 week - a courier will have to meet with the applicant, who will have a Rocketbank card and an agreement in his hands. They must be signed, after which the card will be activated. Access to the application will open during the day.

Rocketbank review about the work of the bank

Rocketbank team and employee reviews

The most important aspect of the stability and competitiveness of any service, especially banking, is the competence and coherence of its team. How are things going with this at Rocketbank? The specificity of this project is that it functions almost entirely online. Among the key structures of Rocketbank operating via the Internet is the marketing department. For a long time, he was represented by one of the founders of the company, who independently blogged, communicated in social networks, and promoted the site. Over time, he got assistants, but the top project manager continues to answer questions from users through social networks.

The bulk of customer requests still come through the application of the Rocketbank system. Feedback from startup employees online is still not so common that it is possible to compilean unambiguous idea of ​​the working conditions in the company, but it can be assumed that communications with the client are accompanied by the solution of both completely routine and very difficult issues. In principle, the top managers of the company also speak about this, also actually participating in solving problems that are the prerogative of the hired specialists.

According to the leaders of the startup in an interview with the media, the main task that is set for the Rocketbank team is to solve the problem in fact, not limited to replies and formal explanations. So, for example, if a technical failure interferes with the operation of the service, then the support staff will not only inform the client about it, but will also offer him to use one or another alternative payment method.

It will be useful to study the specifics of the Rocketbank support service in more detail.

Features of the support service and reviews about it

Despite the fact that the service in question does not have a call center similar in function to banking, the support service of the Rocketbank system (client reviews confirm this) functions at a high level. In particular, the application itself has an option to request help from a service employee. You just need to send a message to the operator with the question. According to users, the service staff respond to requests politely and try to solve the difficulties that have arisen as quickly as possible.

Rocketbank review

It can be noted that the support service of the Rocketbank project (reviews about the work of startup employees confirmit) works seven days a week. Specialists of the relevant division of the company carry out their labor activity in 2 shifts - starting from 8 am and ending at 12 am. As top project managers note in an interview with the media, over time, it is expected to form a staff of specialists working on the night shift. Among the main principles of the functioning of the Rocketbank support service is communication with the client in an accessible language, without excessive use of banking terminology.

Great attention is paid to the comments on the work of the service. Anyone containing a constructive assessment of the Rocketbank project, a review of the bank's work, is considered in detail by the relevant brand services. In general, customers are satisfied with the level of customer support of Rocketbank. This is confirmed by the positive opinions of people, especially in social networks, a large number of "likes" and meaningful comments.

This is our short review, revealing the main facts about the Rocketbank project. Both customer reviews and the service development policy allow us to conclude that this is a very promising project. It has few direct competitors, so the startup's potential growth could be impressive given the dynamic performance of the mobile Internet market in Russia.

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