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Vladimir Voronin: biography. FSK "Leader"
Vladimir Voronin: biography. FSK "Leader"

Voronin Vladimir is the head of the financial and construction structure "Leader". At one time he acted as one of its founders. Currently, it is a large holding that brings together diverse projects in the field of construction and real estate.

Voronin Vladimir


What kind of experience did Vladimir Voronin have before FGC "Leader" started working? The biography of the businessman says that he was born in 1975. Already in 1997 he graduated from the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering named after Kuibyshev with a degree in Industrial Civil Engineering. His father also worked in this industry, which largely influenced Vladimir's choice of profession. In 2000, he wrote a scientific paper on the use of building materials. And in 2011, he defended his dissertation on the methods of managing the integration processes of the investment and construction sector against the background of the modernization of the domestic economy.

vladimir voronin leader

Work experience

Vladimir Voronin began his professional career as a foreman in the Mosstroy-6 trust. He soon became a foreman. Since 1999, he has held the position of Deputy Director for Finance andeconomy at Glavmosstroymonolit. A few years later Voronin Vladimir Alexandrovich became the head of this company. Then he went from vice president to head of the financial and economic complex at Glavmosstroy. Since 2005, together with like-minded people, he founded the company FSK "Leader". Now Voronin is its president.


Currently, the businessman has published almost 30 works on the activities of investment companies in Russia. Vladimir Voronin (FSK "Leader") received gratitude from the Moscow mayor's office, the Patriarch of All Russia and others. He was awarded the sign of the Governor of the Moscow Region for his personal contribution to the development of the construction complex of the region, as well as the Order of Peter the Great, second degree.

Vladimir Voronin fsk

Glavmosstroy period

Vladimir Voronin himself recalls that at one time he created a trust as part of the largest construction company in the capital's market. And the annual volume of work was estimated at billions of rubles. According to him, Glavmossotroymonolit has become the only profitable component of the company. Thanks to this, he became its vice president in 2003.

Many believe that such a rapid jump in the career of 28-year-old Voronin at that time is nothing more than the patronage of his father, the owner of the Razvitie construction company. It was this firm that oversaw the work of Glavmosstroy at that time. Despite the fact that the company's assets were in the hands of Razvitie, they were used inefficiently. And only Voronin Jr. began to optimize this structure, turning it fromfrom unprofitable to profitable.

Change of leadership in SEC "Development"

In 2005, as a result of a raider attack, the company's management changed. Control passed to businessman Suleiman Kerimov, and the structure itself was sold to the Basic Element holding. However, despite the fact that the Voronins complained about the forceful capture, the eldest of them was also previously accused of raiding. It was even said that "Razvitie" at one time took over all the capital's contractors for debts. As a result, the company concentrated controlling stakes in Glavmosstroy and other companies in its assets.

Vladimir Voronin FSK Leader

After "Development"

After Voronin's father and son lost all the company's shares to competitors, they left the ranks of influential developers in Moscow and the region. However, Vladimir Voronin said that during this period, his longtime business partner, Elena Kuznetsova (former head of the Central Mortgage Company at Glavmosstroy), proposed creating a new company together. After all the failures, Vladimir Voronin agreed to this. "Leader" after that became 10 percent owned by Kuznetsova, and the rest - to him and his father. This time they made sure that the company was not taken over by raiders.

How did Leader start?

As Vladimir Voronin himself (FSK Leader, Head) says, at first the company did not have the resources to launch large construction projects. It was only possible to acquire a number of sites and then independently develop them. But the development cycle would have tospend at least 2 years. To ensure the liquidity of the financial part and the possibility of growth of the company, its management has invested in facilities already under construction. And only then it was decided to start their own projects from scratch.

In 2006, housing prices rose sharply. Therefore, "Leader" bought up several objects. The proceeds from the transactions were used to purchase construction sites. Among them is a 46-hectare site on Dmitrovskoye Shosse, where the Vita Verd cottage village, consisting of 220 houses, has now been erected.

Voronin Vladimir Alexandrovich

Successful Projects

Another major project of the company was the construction of the Zodiac residential complex, located next to the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park (Volokolamskoye highway). Also, "Leader" went beyond the capital and the Moscow region. The company has started implementing projects in the South of the country (Sochi and Gelendzhik). Two plots were purchased for the construction of small buildings. Also, according to Voronin, the company has invested in residential real estate in the city of Kaluga. There are investment deals in other localities. The total portfolio of investments in construction is 25 billion rubles. At the same time, 18 of them are accounted for by our own projects.

Inquiry about FGC "Leader"

This structure is a financial and construction corporation. Its office is located in Moscow on Myasnitskaya street. On the company's website you can find all the information you need about it and use the feedback. It states that "Leader" is a development holding operating inseveral directions. He specializes mainly in residential real estate projects. His work is aimed at all segments of this market. It affects the complex development of microdistricts and ends with the construction of housing for individual orders. Financial indicators of FGC "Leader" are steadily growing. For example, in 2013, the volume of housing commissioned by the company amounted to about 275 thousand square meters. Projects include the following:

  • Quarters "New Tushino", "Capital quarter", "Western Kuntsevo".
  • Residential complexes Zodiac, 20 Parkovaya, Parus.
  • Microdistrict "New Izmailovo" and others.
Vladimir Voronin biography

House-Building Plant No. 1

Not so long ago, FGC "Leader" made a deal to buy "House-Building Plant No. 1" (DSK-1). However, according to Vladimir Voronin, the deal became unprofitable for the company. At the same time, "Leader" assumed obligations to regulate credit problems, using contract work in return. For DSK-1, this turned into additional problems. After all, as reported recently, it was decided to reduce the company's staff by more than a quarter.

Voronin himself told reporters about it. The reason for this is the need to optimize the working project. In addition, many people with overlapping functions work in the structure. There are only 180 accountants in DSK. Because of this, the salary fund is almost twice the allowable standards for panel construction of houses. Voronin says that even under the previous leadershipDSK planned staff cuts. But only now we managed to realize it.

Construction market experts, speaking about the work of the Voronins and FGC "Leader", note that these are far from the volumes that once belonged to Glavmosstroy. In their opinion, today it is a mid-level developer, of which there are already so many in the capital region. However, in the "Leader" ambitions are very high. Whether they will be implemented, only time will tell.

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