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Educator: job description. Responsibilities of a preschool teacher
Educator: job description. Responsibilities of a preschool teacher

The person we trust with our child while busy with work is the kindergarten teacher. It is to him that you can make the highest demands regarding both the level of education and purely human qualities, because he must combine sensitivity, understanding and rigor. A good educator today is worth its weight in gold, because this is a very difficult profession that requires a strong spirit, stamina, the ability to quickly navigate in the most difficult situations, while selflessly loving all the children of the world.

In order to clearly understand who he is - the ideal educator, you should first figure out what kind of profession it is.

Who are caregivers?

Educators are graduates who influence the mental and physical development of children aged 3-7. The teacher is obliged to carefully look after all the children entrusted to him during the period while they are in the preschool educational institution. In addition, during this period, he should be engaged in their preschool education, timely feed and putchildren to sleep, organize interesting activities for children. If the teacher notices any problems in one of the children, he must inform his parents about this and provide recommendations that should help solve the problem.

educator job description

To simplify the work, each teacher should be assigned a small group of children of approximately the same age. And while the children are in preschool, all responsibility for their life, well-being and he alth lies with the educator.

Details of their duties

The job description of the educator should have a list of his duties - both the management and the parents know about this, therefore, if a question arises regarding the responsibilities of the educator, it is enough to carefully study this particular document so that all contradictions are resolved.

The responsibilities of the educator without fail include:

  • Attendance control. The caregiver is obliged to accept the child from the parents, and at the end of the day to give directly to the hands.
  • Conducting specialized classes for the development of children (improving motor skills, logic, etc.). In addition to the fact that children in kindergarten have fun and relax, a good teacher must definitely conduct activities that are interesting for children, in which children will develop.
  • Organization of games, events, holidays. In order for children to be interested, the teacher must know a lot of games that are perfect for the development of children. He is also responsible for the organizationvarious holidays and other events where children will learn to express themselves, not be afraid of the public.
  • Control over children's visits to doctors and getting the necessary vaccinations. It is the educator who is responsible for ensuring that the children remain he althy, and he has the right to insist that the child visit a doctor with his parents.
  • The job description of a kindergarten teacher also confirms that the teacher is obliged to help children change clothes, comb their hair, and go to the toilet. Of course, children should get used to independence, but the teacher is obliged to look after the child, help him and in no case allow him to look sloppy or dirty.
  • The educator is obliged to advise parents on a particular issue that may arise in the process of raising their child.
teacher job description

Where can a caregiver work?

Kindergartens, both public and private, as well as child development centers can look for a person for the position of educator. For each such employee, a job description for a preschool teacher should be developed. GEF (Federal State Educational Standard), which came into force in early 2014, should echo the job descriptions of educators, since it is he who allows you to standardize the process of preschool education so that children have equal starting skills before starting school.

job description of the educator dow fgos

About professionalskills

It is clear that the person who wants to become a good teacher should not only be able to help children or organize a holiday for them. You need to be able to find a common language with completely different children, try to notice the problems and achievements of each kid, even if there are more than two dozen of them in the group.

The job description of the educator says that you need to have the following skills:

  • Knowledge not only of child psychology, but also of the relationship between parents and children. Every child is unique, but still there is some psychological similarity in each of them: every child needs attention and love. You also need to be able to see the problem in the communication between the child and parents, help to solve it, even the job descriptions of the nursery teacher imply this, because understanding should be from the most tender age.
  • The ability to calm and cheer children is a must. A good teacher knows how to interest even the most shy and calm children with the help of a game, or how to make fidgets behave quietly. For example, the job description of a camp teacher is based on the fact that the mentor must be able to create a close-knit team of completely different, unfamiliar children.
  • Who should teach children to follow the correct daily routine, if not a teacher? The job description implies that this is part of his duties. Children need to understand the importance of hygiene standards.
  • kindergarten teacher job description

How to be goodcaregiver?

A good educator should see in himself not a person working by profession, but a person working by vocation. Despite this, even the job description of a night caregiver requires an appropriate education, so if you feel like you want to work with children, you should first get a diploma that will allow you to do what you love.

How to get a position as a teacher in a private kindergarten?

Many teachers who work in public kindergartens dream of higher paying jobs. Higher wages are offered in private institutions, but the requirements there are slightly different. Of course, you can not do without work experience, completed education. When you first apply for a position like this, you may be offered a position as an assistant teacher. Job description pom. educator implies the performance of almost the same duties as the educator, but the payment will be lower. For starters, this is a good option, because very soon you can count on a promotion.

nursery teacher job description

What is a teacher not required to do?

The job description clearly outlines the responsibilities, but sometimes there are some situations in which the interests of parents and the educator intersect, and a conflict situation arises. So, parents can complain to the leadership of the kindergarten, although they themselves do not understand the limits of their rights and obligations. For example, if the parents are late and the work day is over, who is responsible forchild: mother or caregiver? The job description does not imply that the teacher is waiting for non-punctual parents, so you should not take his free time after work.

Mom is obliged to transfer her child directly into the hands of the teacher. If the parent left the child at the gate, and the baby fell or slipped, the mother is to blame, not the teacher. The job description states that parents are required to transfer the child from hand to hand. If the child came on his own, a supporting document must be drawn up with the signatures of the educator, and then one of the parents.

job description pom educator

If the teacher refuses the requirements of the leadership

Sometimes there are situations in which the teacher simply refuses to fulfill the task of the leadership, for example, if he is required to make repairs in the kindergarten at his own expense. In this case, you need to refer only to your job description. If such a clause is not spelled out in it, you have every right to refuse to perform such instructions.

What should a teacher remember?

The job description is not the only document that regulates the activities of the educator. There is also an employment contract, requirements fixed at the state level (for example, sanitary and epidemiological). The educator must clearly know both his rights and obligations, remember that he is entrusted with the most precious thing - children, therefore, there is no place for frivolous and irresponsible people in such a profession.

night caregiver job description

A couple more words about the profession

A good educator is obliged to love children, both his own and those of others, to show the children with his personal example what an adult should be like. You need to be able to discern a personality in a small child with their own requirements, opinions and desires. In no case is a different attitude towards children from the same group allowed: everyone is equal before the teacher, he loves everything, believes in everyone.

If you want to work as an educator, do everything to become only the best specialist who causes delight and a desire to be equal to him. Become that superhero that little kids admire and always protect and support.

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