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Inspector for juvenile affairs: what education is needed, where to study, necessary qualifications

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Inspector for juvenile affairs: what education is needed, where to study, necessary qualifications
Inspector for juvenile affairs: what education is needed, where to study, necessary qualifications

The position of juvenile inspector is currently in demand. What kind of education is needed to get it? Together we will seek answers to these questions. How to become a juvenile inspector?

Important points

Currently, the Russian Federation is experiencing a steady increase in juvenile delinquency. This negative trend shows how important such a position as "inspector of juvenile affairs" is. Education for applicants for such vacancies is expected to be both pedagogical and legal.

This is an official of the internal affairs bodies who oversees the degree of juvenile delinquency in a certain territorial area.

juvenile inspector what education is needed

Main responsibilities

What does a juvenile inspector do? The duties and education of the employee are indicated in the job description of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The employee conducts systematic preventive work with children who have committed a crime, as well as with children at risk: from dysfunctional families, with aggressive behavior, homeless.

What should be a juvenile inspector? What kind of education is required for such a profession? It is desirable that he had both pedagogical and legal education. The specialist is obliged to have information about each minor resident of the site that is entrusted to him.

Responsibilities include carrying out organizational and practical activities aimed at preventing delinquency among adolescents. The profession of a PDN inspector involves working both in the office itself and outside it. The employee visits the homes of difficult children and adolescents, collaborates with educational institutions.

What else does a juvenile inspector do? The qualification of such an employee is so high that he can carry out preventive work both with the children themselves and with their parents (legal representatives).

Distinctive features of the profession

Highlight some positive and negative features. Among the main advantages are the absence of monotony in work, high civic responsibility, and the provision of real assistance to the younger generation. What else is attractive about the position of a juvenile inspector? Get an education beforetake up duties, and then it is important to periodically improve your skills by studying at specialized courses.

Many choose the work of a PDN inspector for personal reasons, looking for certain advantages in it. Of course, this is a difficult and responsible profession, which requires the full return of the applicant.

Among the main shortcomings that are characteristic of her, we note the systematic psychological stress, contact with young criminals, the risk of physical injury.

the difficulty of working with difficult children

Professional and personal qualities

What should be a juvenile inspector? What kind of education can a candidate for such a position have? Given that the work is not easy, and, in addition to physical endurance, the profession requires a moral return. The candidate must be aware that regardless of the complexity of the work, he must honor the current legislation.

The profession does not involve stereotypes, because often the methods that work with one juvenile offender are not suitable for another child. The PDN inspector must have wisdom and a flexible mind in order to understand the essence and meaning of the actions committed by adolescents.

Inspector of juvenile affairs duties and education

Requirements for the candidate

Consider the basic requirements that are developed for the position of juvenile inspector. What education is required for the applicant? It is desirable that the candidate has a higher pedagogical and legal education, possesses knowledge inareas of humanitarian disciplines, child psychology. To work as a PDN inspector in the Russian Federation, it is important to meet the following requirements:

  • be a Russian citizen;
  • hold a military ID;
  • not have a criminal record (the relatives of the candidate should not have a criminal record);
  • have good physical he alth, high resistance to stress;
  • be tough and demanding;
  • tactfully treat wards and their parents (legal representatives);
  • be able to make decisions in non-standard situations.

This profession is not suitable for those who are afraid of communicating with people. It has certain medical contraindications: cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system, mental disorders, certain physical disabilities.

juvenile inspector

Career advancement

Can a juvenile inspector count on him? Education is needed - as already mentioned, higher legal or pedagogical, as well as certain personal qualities. An employee can go from an ordinary PDN inspector to the head of a department dealing with cases of minors. Of course, this will require a second higher education or advanced training courses, as well as an impeccable business reputation.

Regarding the military rank, we note that from junior lieutenant you can "grow" to major. The average salary is from 15 to 45 thousand rubles. Additional payments depend on experience,military rank, performance indicators.

juvenile inspector need education

Where to get a speci alty

Let's continue the conversation about where you can get the profession of a juvenile inspector? What kind of education is needed? This question worries many applicants who are faced with a difficult choice of their future. There are several educational institutions where you can learn this profession:

  • Russian New University.
  • Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.
  • Synergy University.
  • Moscow Polytechnic University.
  • Moscow Social-Pedagogical Institute.

Whatever educational institution is chosen, it is important to remember that without full dedication and a desire to help children in difficult situations, it is impossible to succeed in this currently relevant profession.

Inspector action algorithm

ODN inspector who has received information about a specific minor who has suffered from ill-treatment is obliged to immediately transfer it to the duty unit for registration with the KUSP, as well as taking urgent measures.

The head of the Department of Internal Affairs appoints a person who will consider the application on a territorial basis. Within a period not later than three days, the ODN inspector is obliged to visit the family, study the materials characterizing the relationship between its members, conduct a conversation with the minor, his parents, and identify the parent (guardian) that negatively affects the child. In case of hospitalization of a minorperson or the child is in a temporary residence institution, the ODN inspector conducts a survey of the child at the location.

how to raise difficult teenagers

Important points

If a minor needs medical or psychological examination, treatment, observation, the inspector calls for emergency medical assistance. If during the inspection conditions are identified that pose a direct threat to the he alth and life of the child, the ODN inspector, immediately after receiving the information, decide on measures that will ensure his safety. He must:

  • contact parents (legal representatives), discuss the issue of ensuring the safety of the child;
  • take measures to ensure the safety of the minor.

When a neglected and homeless person is delivered to the police department, the inspector finds out the circumstances of the teenager's discovery, collects information about his parents (legal representatives). If there is no threat to the child, in this case, the ODN inspector delivers it to the parents (guardians) or an official of the educational organization.

If there is a danger or it is impossible to identify the parents (guardians), the child is sent to a specialized state institution for children who need social rehabilitation or to a he althcare institution. In the register of persons who are brought to the police department, a note is made about the transfer of a minor to a state institution.

how to deal with minors


Currently, there is a significant increase in crimes committed by teenagers. That is why there is such a position as "ODN inspector". The person occupying such a vacancy must have a higher pedagogical or legal education. The duties of this inspector include identifying problem situations in the family, timely assistance and support for children who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

As part of the registration and preventive work, the ODN inspector conducts a conversation with minors, their parents (legal representatives), explains to them the grounds for registration, puts certain marks on the offenses committed. Thanks to individual preventive work with parents, analysis of the situation of the child, timely assistance, the inspectors manage to solve the problems of juvenile delinquency.

The system of divisions for the suppression and prevention of offenses among minors consists of three links. At the federal level, there is a department that performs the task of coordinating the work and methodological support for the activities of individual units in the regions. It is an integral part of the Main Directorate for the Protection of Order of the Subjects of the Russian Federation of the Federation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The second link operates at the level of the Ministry of Defense - departments for water, rail, air transport.

The third link involves the work of inspectors in individual settlements, administrative districts, as well as in transport. Only with a responsible attitude of inspectors to their work can one count onreduction in juvenile delinquency.

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